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  1. A "free to play" game is up there in platinum revenue earners :/
  2. dmarkwick

    You've played to much Arma when:

    You're so used to TrackIR, that every other first-person shooter you play you flap your head around uselessly.
  3. dmarkwick


    It's not the map scale that's the thing - we'd all like bigger maps if they came with the same quality of denseness and detail as hand-made maps, but that's not going to be the case :/ a map of a planet-wide scale will be a procedurally populated map and they just won't have the same game experience IMO. Yet.
  4. dmarkwick


    Well the tech looks initially promising, but as has already been mentioned - billboard 2D trees. What are you going to do as a soldier, hide behind a billboard tree? It's all well & good to have a worldwide map, but if it's procedurally populated it won't have the lived-in look that ArmA maps have, or the authentic details that indicate man-made towns. This product seems to be aimed at military training, not gameplay. If you think gameplay springs out of scale then you'll be disappointed :)
  5. I thought it was generally accepted WHY ArmA is "performance-limited", it's a non-player-centric game with huge areas and non-scripted AI that has to navigate & combat in it. Plus, nearly everyone plays some sort of mod, which immediately adds to the issue. I thought it was generally accpted and we play it anyway because, for probably those reasons, no-one else is really doing it. *edit* Oh wait I guess this thread is necro'd :/
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    Squad (PR:BF2 Devs)

    The internet.
  7. dmarkwick

    USA election 2016

    One outcome is absolutely certain: butthurt.
  8. dmarkwick

    Tanoa Buildings Indestructable?

    Well, I agree, but I was talking about the furniture discussion specifically ;)
  9. dmarkwick

    Tanoa Buildings Indestructable?

    The furniture discussion again :D honestly, of all the concerns ;)
  10. dmarkwick

    Why are we still running ArmA 3?

    One of those strange vague posts that seem to mean nothing. IMO. :/ "Huge limitation" simply is not true. Unless you can enlighten....? "Annoying" means nothing, what is annoying? The simple fact of a 32 bit "limitation"? And, of course, "broken as broke game that is as limited as a person in a straight jacket". It seems clear you don't have any idea what broken as broke means (if it even means anything :)), I have to guess there is some action you tried to do that you cannot do, and therefore it's all broke? That's generally the pattern of these kinds of posts, so that's an assumption. As the post is vague as all vague with NO DETAIL I think I'm permitted some amount of assumption. Otherwise I'd need to be psychic in order to get anything at all out of this thread..
  11. dmarkwick

    How to Fix no entry errors

    Use the Split Half technique. It may sound obvious once explained, but it's amazing how often it's not used :) Take HALF your mods and disable them, test. If the error is still there, take away half of what you still have enabled & test again. If the error is NOT there, disable ALL those mods and enable HALF of the other mods. Test, repeat the above behavior. Continue this until you've narrowed it right down and can uncompress one, or at least very few addons.
  12. If you're looking through optics then I guess it's reasonable that you can accidentally shoot your cover. When unscoped, your aiming pipette cursor will help replace your missing 3D component and will identify that you're pointing your barrel at your cover. It's a pretty good reason to enable it ingame IMO as you don't have the visceral kinesthetic sense of your weapon.. It's not a "cheat" (it's pretty useless for accurate aiming) it's an appropriate replacement for an ability you have lost.
  13. Easier to simulate, but a rather boring game :)
  14. dmarkwick

    Architects & Firefighters about 9/11

    I guess if you really wanted to delve into it, the charges also don't have to go off all at the same time. Just one at a time until the structure is weakened enough to collapse on its own :) Would also match up to witness accounts of hearing several explosions?
  15. dmarkwick

    Architects & Firefighters about 9/11

    I don't know about the probability of a number of people keeping such a secret. After all, if there were precedent for it, by definition we would not know about it.
  16. dmarkwick

    Steel Beasts Pro PE

    I agree. I have a low-level interest in SB (having played the 1st iteration) and am always disappointed to see gossip replacing actual SB information.
  17. dmarkwick

    Architects & Firefighters about 9/11

    Well first of all: everything is already a conspiracy. A conspiracy is a plan involving a group of people. However, the word has been commandeered to mean a different thing now. Second, is an idea I had. If I were some shady government department who's job it is to deflect attention from information that points to the truth, I would simply join in. If genuine, or at least on-the-right-track videos started coming out on the topic of high-level assassinations, government frauds, terrorist false flag operations etc, I would add to the list by making thousands of versions myself. Some would be true, some would be false, some would contain mixtures of truth & false in variable proportions, all would be low-cost amateur investigation, all would help to obscure and cheapen the genuine efforts. I would create the culture of "conspiracy nut" so that it wold be easy to dismiss, and even simply ignore, any investigation that seemed to be closing in on the truth. I think that if some information DID emerge that was convincing and damning, that it simply would not get any attention, and if it did, it would be from an insignificant number unable to act on it. After all, if you own the truth, but everyone else ignores you, what can you do? A sufficiently throttled news media would only "prove" to your audience that you have no credibility. All IMO natch :)
  18. dmarkwick

    Overlooked Attention To Detail

    With volumetric fog, the AI gradually lose their visual awareness the deeper you go into it.
  19. dmarkwick

    How to reinstall

    Also, even if you have your hard copy, you can activate it on Steam. I recently found this out with ArmA2. Actually, it wasn't even a hard copy (although you can apparently activate hard copies) I used my Sprocket activation codes. I found the codes on BIS's store, under my account :)
  20. dmarkwick

    DNC Leaks

    By now I think it's more-or-less a damage limitation thing. Republicans really don't want Hilary, and so they're compelled to vote for Trump instead of someone they really like, to ensure maximum chance. Democrats really don't want Trump, and so they're compelled to vote for Hilary instead of someone they really like, to ensure maximum chance. Everyone (well most :)) wants neither Trump nor Hilary, but fear of their opposite drives their choice :) It's been like this for a long while. People strive to elect the second worst ;)
  21. dmarkwick

    AH64D Helicopters being shot down by BMP every time -ArmA3

    Yep I agree. Strip all addons away & try the problem in vanilla. Otherwise everything you hear will be a guess. Fatigue - as far as I've seen it, it depends on what you carry. Enable the fatigue HUD bar and you will see the relationship between your loadout and your fatigue. It will make more sense then.
  22. dmarkwick

    VBS3.7 new maritime features possible in ARMA3?

    I should say it has the same gaming value as other weather effects, in that it's another element for the player to overcome. Unstable weapon platforms, slower travelling speeds, etc.
  23. dmarkwick

    VBS3.7 new maritime features possible in ARMA3?

    Just to be clear: are you trying to describe the method for the stern trail on the video in the first post, at 00:40 seconds to 00:46 seconds, or the bow wave at 00:10 seconds? I can absolutely assure you it is not achieved by particles. :) only the bow splash and the propeller splash (which you can only just make out) are pfx.
  24. dmarkwick

    VBS3.7 new maritime features possible in ARMA3?

    No pfx, it's a continually generated track that can widen over time, and fade. It conforms to the surface of the ocean.
  25. dmarkwick

    VBS3.7 new maritime features possible in ARMA3?

    Very sure :) There is bow wake, and stern wake. That video doesn't make it very clear but both are simulated.