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  1. deady

    Scrap the AI System

    Squad AI isn't that bad, but you have to manage them well. Driving has always been bad in every OpFlash + Arma :) They over react to objects and people and will try to get around them but just encounter more obstacles, eventually getting stuck.
  2. deady

    Door opening and closing

    To be fair, when they designed Arma3 I expect opening and closing doors was not high on their priority list. Arma 3 was designed to be a military sim, so the focus is on the outside. Hence why most houses are empty, and why the AI struggles with interiors. The popularity of doors has only really come about due to mods :P
  3. Grass is the killer in Arma. Can't there be an option to have low quality grass, that doesn't give an advantage in MP? It can still block vision and provide cover, it just needs to be less CPU intensive. It almost feels like the CPU is being asked to simulate every single strand of grass in accordance with the wind and so on. Nice if you have a super computer and nice for showing off in videos, but really not good when peoples FPS is dropping below 30 for it.
  4. deady

    Happy 15th anniversary

    Wow 15 years...thats gone quick. Keep it up BI :D
  5. AI skill still has to be set in the mission scripts to actually change, especially on a dedicated server.
  6. Bug fixing, AI improvements (they still can't drive in a convoy and AI drivers still drive into things and blow up), more vehicles (Bus, Motorbike, Cargo plane etc), female characters (civs, soldiers, voices)
  7. The respawn tickets are working ok for me but I have noticed something. When I use [blufor,3] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets; in init.sqf, it is ran for every MP client and the tickets multiply. So if three people begin the mission, blufor ends up with 9 tickets. If I put the command in an (isServer) block, we have unlimited tickets (as if the line was never ran).
  8. deady

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    Hello BIS, Although everyone on the forum will hate me for saying this, you might want to make sure that assets the player shouldnt be able to use (helicopters, planes, guns) are NOT included in the alpha game files. Because if they are included, it will take us about 1 week to make some "modifications" that let us drive everything and unlock the entire game :p
  9. deady

    Thank you Arma 2

    I held off buying both Arma 2 and OFP:DR to see which was ultimately triumphant. I must say so far, it seems Arma 2 may be winning and will soon get my money.
  10. deady

    How is the final patch for ArmA ???

    I imagine they're waiting, so that they can implement some Arma 2 fixes into Arma 1.
  11. Anyone can make a new thread in the arma 1 news forum. Check permissions.
  12. deady

    Arma 1 abandoned?

    Every developer has to meet deadlines really. But they manage to put out a product at version 1.00 that is of a quality that BIS games only reach by about 1.06. Where BIS does do well though, is in it's long term support of a game. Arma 1.16 is really quite good now. Joining online games is very smooth. It's just a shame 1.16 has been beta for so long and also a shame that even when it does go final, the Arma playerbase will be split between Arma and Arma 2.
  13. deady

    Arma 1 abandoned?

    Arma 2 is Arma 1 1.17 :P You must buy this latest "patch".
  14. deady

    ArmA 2 Demo feedback

    I'm dissapointed that yet again the developers have chosen to handicap people with less powerful computers by including fancy waving, highly detailed grass. This grass kills my framerate, it did in Arma 1. But in Arma 1 I could at least run Kegetys low detail plant mod which lowered the polys on the grass. Unfortunately, thanks to the hackers of Arma 1, Sig checks eventually came into force which meant I couldn't use the mod anymore. From then on I could only play on servers whos owners were clever enough to figure out how to set terraingrid to 50 on both the server and mission (not many). Now the stupid grass is back, and it's enough to make me pass on Arma 2. I really don't feel like running the game on super low detail JUST to make up for wavey grass that I don't want, when I know full well I could run the game on high detail if the grass wasn't there or could be set in the options to have less polys. Thats all I want, Suma - an option in the graphics menu to have low, medium or high grass detail. You'd make the game playable for thousands of people who don't have the latest hardware. FYI I have an Nvidia 8600GT and an Intel E2180 processor - yeah not cutting edge but i can run other, modern games at medium or high detail just fine. Arma is the only game that becomes unplayable, and its simply because of the grass and its unalterable level of detail.
  15. deady

    Fade protection Double edged sword?

    Fade allows you to see if you like it. Your aim might go crazy...and you might die randomly and turn into a seagull....but if you're only trying it to see if you like the game, thats more than enough to check it out. If you want to play it properly...you have to buy it ;)
  16. This is the kind of question you shouldve asked the community before going ahead and releasing the game really. But anyway, personally I like the compass direction idea.
  17. Dunno if it effects anything but remove the space under class Domination and then check the mission name is exactly right and in the right place on the server.
  18. deady

    Is ArmA better than OFP?

    Debatable :P JIP caused horrendous lag right up until 1.15
  19. deady

    Just make sure it works...

    Well you can't really blame the AI for assuming someone will be using the smoke as a cover and shooting into it :)
  20. All you need is a central server that validates your cdkey before letting you join. Its the most effective method of piracy control. This is why games such as the battlefield series, which are years old continue to be unplayable online unless you have a legitamate copy.
  21. deady

    New BattlEye Features

    So could those IDs that were visible until 1.09 be reversed into your cdkey? That was what the hackers claimed. They claimed that since the install program generated the ID from your CDkey, that it was possible to reverse it back.
  22. deady

    New BattlEye Features

    Its nice to see you're serious about making Arma secure, although I fear this arrived too late to stop the hackers in their prime. Stil, better late than never for this kind of thing, and I can only hope you'll carry on your efforts into Arma2 and make it hacker resistant from day 1.
  23. deady

    Dedicated Server basic.cfg

    Yeah 256 is default. Remember the defaults are pretty much setup for hosting on your home connection, so they're incredibly conservative. If you have a proper hosted server at a datacentre you can be quite drastic, although really i've never noticed much difference whatever the settings are. Up until 1.14 the server has never used more than 2 megabits regardless of if theres 10 people or 60 people on a server, which seems to be a software limitation in the arma server. The red chain when new players connect is certainly a limitation of the software and nothing to do with your basic.cfg - although I believe Suma found the problem and its fixed in 1.15 and above. I'll be interested in your findings however :)
  24. deady

    Dedicated Server basic.cfg

    You missed an N :)
  25. deady

    New beta patch 1.16

    This is likely the last patch Arma will see, so its worth waiting to make sure its completely bug free.