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  1. charliereddog

    Change faction allegience

    This doesn't appear to work for me on a dedi server. Changed the allegiances fine, but the waypoints were not copied.
  2. I usually use server only for task synced triggers but in fairness they are usually simple !alive tank type stuff and they seem to work without needing to be on individual clients. AFAIK tasks are not local. True. Because it is synced to the task status being completed. As I noted originally, this set up works when I host the mission myself. True. I will add some code to the trigger to check it is not triggering silently. I'm not sure about the locality issue. If I add water tanks to the required area via Zeus when using the dedicated server and use the expanded debug for the server, I can see the result of the count is the same for the server, the HC and my client machine.
  3. I'm having some issues with a trigger I have set up on a task which works perfectly on my local machine when hosting a mission, but does not work on a dedicated server. The task is to take 4 water tanks to a village, and the trigger simply detects whether they are within 30m of the point required. I have checked that the count command is correctly picking up the objects on the dedicated server via server debug and it is. I am tearing my hair out with this. As I said, this works flawlessly on my machine when I host and test, but on the dedicated server it does not work. Please point out my obvious mistake.
  4. charliereddog

    3CB BAF Weapons

    As I'm sure they'll be looking forward to an apology for suggesting they have done anything without the requisite permission...
  5. Ok. Update. I'm a clown. DAC works fine in my mission without a HC, (albeit fps is around 5 but who needs frames right). Turns out I was spawning DAC on the server despite thinking I wasn't , and the HC migration was changing the locality and therefore units were stopping moving later on as the locality changed. Once I'd sorted my code out to do what I thought it was doing in the first place, DAC ran successfully on a 24hr soak test last night. Of course all the AI vehicles and helicopters ran out of fuel but baby steps. I think I can sort that via config_events, but having seen a couple of references to the same problem in DAC3 for ARMA2 I don't see a posted solution. I'm still getting an odd marker error thrown at the end of the DAC initialisation, I say odd because I've got markers set to off...
  6. Lol. The documentation is more a user guide. It's not documentation of the code. Sadly :( We've just set the same mission running without a HC and will check to see if DAC has stalled when I get home. If so then it points to a problem with the way our HC works. If not, well I guess we are back to square one.
  7. Do you mean on an engine level? I've not changed any of the scripts except to add a couple of corrections and to spawn my own compositions for camps. Nothing which touches the scheduled environment.
  8. We are using a HC because we are using a lot of units. (200+ east groups and 100+independent groups.) The code for migrating to HC is our own clan specific so I can't comment on other set ups etc. It's entirely possible that the issue is down to what you say, however I'm not convinced it is because DAC functions perfectly for a while before falling over. However there is nothing in the rpts to indicate any errors (except a DAC marker error which seems meaningless) nor any obvious link. Sad to say but I suspect I'm going to have to write my own basic DAC. I can't wade through 160 odd uncommented and undocumented sqf to try to work out what the problems could be. I'm just not that competent.
  9. And it's just happened again. Mission was running for about an hour and then boom. Everything stopped moving. I deleted most of the units and some respawned at camps, but it crapped out again shortly thereafter and even deleting those didn't respawn again. Looks like DAC is no longer stable enough to do what I want it to do which is a massive shame as I used to love it back in the day and I'm desperate to move away from ALiVE.
  10. charliereddog

    Terrain : G.O.S Leskovets

    Any chance of adding the roads to the sat image so they don't fade out in Zeus and from the air?
  11. Lots. But the units themselves were RHS.
  12. Code changes still need a bit of tweaking. Some of the original code is not great and camps are being generated on top of each other... However, I ran a large scale test yesterday with 30 odd players and while everything started fine, after about an hour of playing the AI stopped moving and building back up when players got in range. Anyone else encountered this before?
  13. Hi guys. Sure. I'm just trying to finish up my code changes. Sadly DAC camps tend to spawn in what personally I consider unsuitable places at the moment so I'm likely going to have to tamper with that routine too. Will hope to get it finished up this weekend.
  14. After a bit of messing about, I've managed to get DAC to spawn a composition as a camp, along with a mortar and consider that unit as part of DAC for the purposes of calling in Arty support. This means being able to do away with the god awful camp config entirely and just use normal compositions which for me is a hugely useful change.
  15. Oh pants. That's a shame. I was hoping to mod it to use compositions instead of the god awful camp config... :( Guess I'll have to do more drastic modifications to the code than I'd anticipated.