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    Dabbled in ArmA (1st version) but wasn't a fan... Recently moved to ArmA3..
  1. Hostilian


    Some welcome changes upcoming.. Nice one. Can I request considering a change to the Blufor base location on the Malden 2035 scenario please? Currently, Blufor seems to ignore the fact that the shortest route to Opfor's base is via La Pessagne, Arudy and then either Goisse/Dourdan etc. They almost always concentrate on the South of the island - leaving Opfor only 2 hops to get to Blufor's base when they get Arudy (when Blufor is almost always 'stuck' on the long process of capping Military island). It's almost always game over. It might be better moving the Blufor Base round to the South of the island - South or Near Cancun (closer to Military island too) to "even out" the the two routes to the North of the island.. A spawn ON military island - rather than travelling via boat - would also be very useful, given that Opfor can seize an airfield in 2 moves.... Maybe with a slight reduction in CP for the island..
  2. Hostilian


    The real issue is a lack of Admins on the offical servers (I've never seen one anyway). Any chance of some Admins on the offical Warlords servers please? There are way too many griefers about that people just can't get rid of.. Not everyone votes and it's never enough.. We also needs some lengthy - or permanent - bans...
  3. Hostilian


    Can you restrict the uniforms available to each side, in Warlords, please? We have people deliberately taking uniforms from the other side (to confuse people, I guess) - sometimes a half-second is all you need..
  4. Hostilian


    Yeah, that's what I do currently - but it would be nice to have a private locker.. I've seen it on other CTI style missions.. Or just give OpFor some 7.62x20 round ammo in their ammo crates - like in the earlier version of warlords - and I won't need to! 😄 I'm sure you've got bigger fish to fry - with griefers etc - so it's more of a 'nice to have'.. #H
  5. Hostilian


    Unfortunately, some people have little else to do but troll - and get a kick out of it. Can Players/PlayerIDs be reported - for lengthy bans from the offical servers? edit.. Oh, and I was previously able to leave kit (ammo) in base and it stayed there until I (or someone else) used it. Now it gets cleared up.. If there's such an agressive ground cleanup, can we please have some sort of private 'locker' or box, where we can store stuff in the main base? Or make us able to place ammo boxes where we want them.. Defo a nice-to-have..
  6. Hostilian


    It seems that nothing can be done about teamkillers and hackers.. Just left a server that had a guy sitting in base TK'ing spawners - he's been doing it for about 30 mins.. Votekick has too high a threshold - if it even works at all... Unless your own base is targetted by the enemy, it might be worth making players invulnerable within a certain radius of spawn.. Also.. Much prefer a map size something in between 16 and 32 player.. 16 is decent size but a bit too short.. 64 - well I just have time to sit through these missions to the end, so why play?? Also, when when your attack point gets locked somewhere behind enemy lines and it's a nightmare to get to and capture.. It's a bit daft - the point of attack should be movable, by new vote, once it's been cut off for (say) 20 minutes or so.. Ammo trucks need a CP cost for re-arm.. To stop Rhino spamming.. Oh and give OpFor 7.62x20 clips in the ammo drops please... Other than that.. Great mission - just needs a few tweaks!
  7. I had crashes when boarding tanks - but fixed it.. My parameters have video ram at 4GB and 10GB system RAM.. No issues.. I wouldn't even consider using 32bit now.. Have you overclocked your CPU or RAM? See..
  8. Hostilian

    Can't play game

    Have you overclocked your RAM or CPU? See.. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/221348-game-crash-errors-and-fix/ Also.. I've noticed that the LG USB drivers might cause problems with ARMA3 (not massively tested it but ARMA3 was crashing with it installed. I uninstalled and no more crashes)..
  9. Hostilian


    I'm liking what I see so far.. Nice work! If not already coming in 1.90 I'd like to suggest the following additions/changes.. - A 24 Player map with a size somewhere between existing 16 and 32 player maps. - A bit extra cash for slightly late joiners that miss out of the 500CP start bonus.. If you run into any Armor at the first contested sector spawn, you're screwed.. Or just up the amount to 300CP for all players.. - I usually purchase a 7.62mm 20round weapon as OPFOR (in Armory) and it's a right pain to get ammo for it. Your ammo bearer doesn't stock it and it's not in any of your supply crates.. - Can't find the nightstalker in any of the crates as BLUFOR (not sure about this one, might just have missed it). You can get it in Armory though. - Ability to move the contested sector spawn point - if it's being camped OR in water (seen a couple of times) OR in a Death Zone (also seen a couple of times at La Pessagne/Vigny). - Would prefer if the Veteran mode showed yourself on the map.. I mean, it shows all the other friendly players, so why not? - Fix... Issues with AI mounting tanks have nearly lost me a tank a couple of times.. - Increase in sector scan cost - after a certain amount of play time. - Make it easier to kick a griefer/troll.
  10. Morning all Just thought I'd share a fix to an issue I was having.. Basically, during multiplayer gameplay (no mods) I was getting random crashes to desktop. Whether; 0xC0000005 - ACCESS_VIOLATION 0xC0000022 - STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED .....and a few others related to RAM.. It usually happened when getting into a vehicle - for some reason.. Yes, my CPU and RAM are overclocked. 8700k to 5GHz and RAM (3200) to 3866. CPU has always been fine, but RAM was overclocked relatively recently. Stress tests showed no errors in the RAM overclock. Anyway, the fix was to give my RAM some more volts on the motherboard.. Just 0.01v (1.375 to 1.385) was enough to sort all crashes. For me anyway! My case is very well ventilated.. Other tips.. Create a batch file to stop any running background programs that aren't absolutely necessary before starting ARMA3. Make sure you have a large page file (I was getting errors related to this when I forgot to apply the page file when moving it to another drive, whoops - but it was spotted and fixed quickly).. Good luck, #H
  11. Wondered if anyone had any Arma3 benchmarks at 3440x1440 resolution - Ultra preset please? I'm keen to see how Ryzen 2700x (or 2600x) compares with the Intel chips - 6700k and above... I want to buy a new rig to replace my 3770k @4.7 but I'm in two minds about what the hell to do.. Rhetorical questions.. Don't bother answering.. :) -Will AMD release a 2800x chip soon? -Is a new Intel chip and the Z390 platform due out anytime soon?
  12. Hostilian

    Keys - Enhanced Interaction System

    Ok.. Quickly trying to get up to speed on ArmA3.. Basically, I love this mod.. Really helps with the awkward menu system (I much prefer to have a key for a specific action). However, it seems that most servers I try to join have 'issues' with the Signature of the files.. Anyone else having this issue and is there a fix? Is it just that the servers need to be set to accept the mod? If so, that's a pain - and makes the mod, pretty much, useless for the majority of public servers.
  13. Hostilian

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    Nice work.. Finally making the move from OFP to ArmA3 (after testing Arma1 cti a few years ago, which I thought was rubbish). New daughter has delayed things by a couple of years but that's life! Only the one (minor) thing for now (only some limited testing with a dedicated server - built using SteamCMD - and running server on a client). - Text is very small on the equipment loadout screen. I know this was reported earlier in the thread but wondering if there are plans for a 'fix'? Cheers, #H
  14. Hostilian

    Arma: Cold War Assault

    Thought I would breeze by Ofp.info and I found something I thought I would never see again. A new patch for OFP (or should I call it ArmA:CWA). Thank you and a Happy (belated) birthday.. :bounce3: Downloading it now.. Do you think we'll see any more patches? ;) #Cakes
  15. Hostilian

    Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis under Win 7?

    Works absolutely fine in Win 7 x64. Been using it since the RC's! :)