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  1. Hostilian

    SOG Prairie Fire Map (without loading DLC)

    Apparently it's not possible and they've no plans to allow this for the maps.. I've requested a Steam refund (as I've not much time played and this is a deal breaker for me). If they ever fix this, I may re-purchase. This integration issue should be simple to resolve, but if they don't want to, that's up to them!
  2. Hostilian

    SOG Prairie Fire Map (without loading DLC)

    Been trying - but, so far, many of the files seem to request each other. I 'hope' that the devs can give us a workaround soon - if not in the current version, then in following versions. This is a bit of a deal breaker for me.. (I've managed to get it to load and have the normal Arma3 interface. Few moans about missing files, but I can open the PF terrains in the Editor. Can't join MP games using the Cam_Lao map though)
  3. Hey all I've recently purchased Prairie Fire DLC and wonder how to use the terrain/map in the editor without actually loading the DLC mod? 'Contact' DLC has the Livonia map (and I assume any necessary resources) available to use/edit in Arma3 - even without loading the DLC. Can the same be done for Prairie Fire please? Failing that, is there a way to load the map/resources without the rest of the mod? Cheers #H
  4. It's long been known that Nvidia performed better than AMD in Arma3 (plently of articles online about it). I replaced my old RX480 with a GTX 1080 because of this (at least in part). To be honest, I only noticed the performance increase in YAAB, not actually in-game. I'd be very surprised they'll be willing (or able) to do anything about this.
  5. What resolution? You should really consider overclocking that CPU. ARMA3 is CPU (and memory) bound, so every 100MHz helps. I have my 8700k at 5GHz on all cores and get decent framerates (about twice yours) - at 3440x1440 - on 'very high' preset. 30 FPS - you must have your view distance at insane distances. Use the presets - High, Very High - and dont touch view distances/object etc. I would experiment with individual settings on Ultra (rather than using the full preset).
  6. I had my old 3770k running at a stable 4.7GHz. I'd say the 4770k could go a good bit higher. I'd also consider delidding it to lower the temperature. My previous board didn't have an NVMe adapter on board, but I was able to get a PCIE NVME adapter (relatively cheap) and - with a suitable NVMe drive (Samsung Evo in my case) - was getting up to 3000MB/sec (read) on that. A big improvement over SSD. Yep, RAM overclocking is definitely worthwhile. I overclocked mine to 2400 (or so, can't remember) and noticed an improvement. The biggest gain is from upgrading to a DDR4 based platform though (I went to a 8700k a couple of years back, which I have at 5GHz all cores). I needed to as I'm running a 3440x1440 monitor - it needs the extra grunt. #H
  7. Just a few pointers to playing Warlords - Malden 2035... Some also apply to other maps, but you can figure it out. 🙂 1.. Always carry AT. Always, always carry an Anti Tank weapon. Doesn't matter what it is as long as you carry it. If you're a sniper, at least carry an explosive charge. 2.. Map strategy. I've seen so many BluFor teams going for Military island and forgetting about the shortest route to their base. By the time Blufor has Military Island, Opfor can already be attacking Arudy - and it's only 2 hops to Blufor base from there (and game over). As Blufor, you've either got to go for the direct route to OpFor's base OR ensure you have enough captured sectors on the shortest route to Opfor's base befpore going for Mil Island. At least capture Arudy before heading to Mil Island and WATCH OPFOR.. I blame a poor map layout for this one. Blufor's base should be on or near the South coast. It also doesn't help that Opfor have their own airfield within a few hops and Blufor have nothing except Mil Island's choppers. As Opfor, don't go for Mil Base first as it's too easy to get pinned down by APCs. Radio Tower first, so you have enough cash (and a good position to fire from). Radio tower is a good location to get both Mil Base and Airport from. Whooosh Boom.. It's 'mostly' a daft idea to choose a sector for attack that you've already previously captured and can simply drive to capture it instead. Exceptions are if you've no choice or it's very important to get it quickly. 3.. Use the Arsenal when you can afford it. Use the arsenal to customise your loadout and camo. When you die, use the menu option to recover your last loadout (from base or any captured town) as soon as you respawn. This will save you having to repurchase your equipment. Oh and if you go back to where you died, rearm from your body - if it's safe. 4.. Don't use tanks too early (unless you're just up against the AI and disable/repair a Gorgon/Mora etc). Tanks (and especially APCs) are simply too easy to kill in this game. Save your cash when in contact with human opposition - until your team is ahead. Use AT to take out any enemy that is daft enough to buy it early game. Of course, if the AI buys some Armor and leaves it sitting there, feel free! 😉 Watch out for Snipers and AT campers on the top of mountains. Thermal vision helps with that.. The exception to early purchases, IMHO, are the HMG Hunter/Ifrit. They're relatively cheap, FAST and maneuverable and can quickly take towns. Yes, they're vulnerable to all AT, but stay off the main roads (in contested sectors - and use trees for cover) and your survivability will improve. 5.. Choppers are too easy to kill. I've lost count of my chopper kills - even ones I've killed after I've died. Save your money (unless you know what you're doing). Planes have better survivability - but only Opfor gets them (at least early game). If Opfor is raping you with planes, wait near their airport for the inevitable rearm and Boom.. I'll let you work out what NOT to do when flying a chopper.. 😉 6.. Defend the choke points. 'Arudy' (not really a choke point) and especially 'St Louis' are Blufor and Opfor's most important towns (with the current daft layout anyway). Defend them! If Opfor defends St Louis (and keeps doing so), Blufor simply can't win. Blufor doesn't have a sector that protects their base, and connected sectors, in this way. The closest is Arudy, but Opfor can bypass it and get to BluFor base via the South coast. 7.. Use defenses, mines etc. Automated defenses - whilst a bit less useful since you can no longer put them inside buildings - can still help defend sectors. MG tripods (make sure you assign an AI) do too.. 8.. Know how to play Arma3 and read the Warlords guide.. Should go without saying but it helps if you know how to play AND know the controls and rules of Warlords. You should know how to control AI and order them around (they can even capture sectors for you) and especially how to get them to crew for you. The single player campaign should help. Know where you can purchase vehicles from (any captured sector); you don't need to purchase and drive all the way from your base. Also, use 'fast travel', it will save you a lot of walking. It can even get you out of bother, assuming the enemy isn't too close to stop it. I'm sure there are plenty more, but there are off the top of my head! 🙂
  8. Hostilian


    I am well aware of that. I also know the difference between when I get shot with something and when the vehicle ''disappears' and I die. This seems to be only in Warlords. I haven't experienced it in KOTH.
  9. Hostilian


    Definitely wasn't shot at. Wasn't anywhere near any enemies - and there are usually indications that you've been shot or shot at (bullet noises, shellfire etc). So it looks like a bug or the afforementioned hack.. possibly.
  10. Hostilian


    Not sure if this is a Warlords only issue, but it's happening a lot recently that I can be driving around in whatever vehicle and all of a sudden - Dead.. No explosion, no bullets - not under fire. I am not sure if the vehicle disappears or not but it's happened in vehicles I own (and have purchased) and vehicles that may have been purchased by the AI... I've heard (in game) that others are experiencing the same issue but didn't know whether this was a Warlords issue or wider Arma3...
  11. Hostilian

    you need supercomputer to play this game

    Elephant in the room here being the resolution - which noone has mentioned. What resolution are you running at? Try reducing it. Also, the gfx card is quite old. That CPU can get a lot more than 4.1.. Look into Overclocking it - I had mine (same chip) running stable at 4.7GHz (though I delidded it). You get a very good speed boost over stock. Consider overclocking the RAM or try to get some DDR2400 RAM. It will make a difference. However, don't spend too much on improving your current PC. If you have the cash, an upgrade to a newer platform will give you the best returns. This game is all about CPU (and fast RAM). Graphics cards; not so much, though NVidia seems to be a better choice for ArmA.
  12. Hostilian


    Would be good for a 30 min cooldown - but will we see it? Doubt it. They'd have to change the way rearmament trucks etc work (maybe there should also be a CP cost)..
  13. Hostilian


    Others are saying the same thing - and I bet, given the choice, a majority of players would support toning down the dominance of airpower in Warlords. When they increase the power of ground based SAM's, it might improve - something that is massively underpowered in the game. I've said before that pilots SHOULD be shit scared of ground based missiles but they aren't because they can take the vehicles out so easily.. If you want to sit in planes and one click kill everything made of metal - whilst players are actually working as a team on the ground and taking the objectives, fair enough; but there should be other Warlords game-modes (or options) so we at least have a choice.
  14. Hostilian


    Seriously? You think warlords is about being able to fly planes rather than helping your team capture linked sectors? I think they'll adapt. Hopefully they're realise it's a team game - and not just about geting more kills than everyone else. It's a minority that regularly uses planes in Warlords anyway; and others (myself included) stay away from the larger Warlords maps DUE TO PLANE SPAM (you simply can't use vehicles for long before they're destroyed by some wannabe TopGun from 2km+ away). Warlords is on a downward spiral anyway - due, in part, of the lack of new official missions and fixes/updates.
  15. Hostilian


    Yep. It's been a problem for as long as I can remember. CapainDawson was replying to me on this.. As Warlords is something of a framework, I'd say it would be fairly easy to introduce this to Warlords missions. Just remove the purchase of planes. Leave Heli's and add the airstrike scripts with a CP cost. Problem is, we need servers to be able to do this. Many people ignore everything other than official BIS servers. I don't suppose BIS could donate one or two of their official servers to the community, so we can try out custom missions - Warlords tweaks etc. The easier option, without any modifications required, is just to play on smaller maps.. That's what I do. 🙂 Altis Warlords is just too damn big - and I prefer to finish a game in one session.