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  1. Hostilian


    OK. Figured it out. It's disabled by default and you've to add/change a couple of files. Added a line to the description.ext (points to the copy of the file in the root of the mission folder) #include "cfgMissionParams.inc" Added these two files from the official missions folder to my mission folder. cfgMissionParams.inc and cfgMissionParams_subclasses.inc Modified the cfgMissionParams_subclasses.inc file to just have the few classes I needed (class BIS_WLVotingResetEnabled - I changed the default to "1"). Modified the cfgmissionparams.inc file to point to the newly modified cfgMissionParams_subclasses.inc in the root of the mission folder (rather than the default, which is buried in the standard ARMA files). ie. #include "cfgMissionParams_subclasses.inc" ...and now it works! I'll probably just tidy it up and put these params in the description.ext file. However, it's messed up my 'Custom' Difficulty. Any thoughts on how to get my custom difficulty options working again please? edit.. Solved. It was something to do with the server start comand and the order of the commands - oddly. Custom difficulty now working and tidied it up into the description.ext and in the Profile.
  2. Hostilian


    Anyone able to assist with a mission editing problem I'm having please? Not sure if it's because I don't have enough people on the server (when testing), or it's something else. Basically, the "reset sector voting" option looks to be 'disabled'. I've checked the init file in Eden and it shows that it should be allowed. However, running the mission (in the parameters and when the mission has loaded in the LOG in the map screen) it shows that reset sector voting is Disabled. The option to vote to reset the sector on the in-game strategy menu is not present.. No idea what's going on with it. I've enough CP, the option is just not there! Testing mission on a dedicated server. In the mission.sqm, the property="ModuleWLInit_F_VotingResetEnabled"; looks to be set to value=1; (If that's the attribute I'm after?) Any thoughts please?
  3. Hostilian


    Yes, I did do it in the editor. No, I did not suggest deleting 'spaces at the end of lines' (plural). I was trying to help - and stated what I tried and what worked for me. No need for you to be a dick about it. OK!
  4. Hostilian


    Or try pasting it into notepad first - rather than directly from the webpage? I tried it and had to delete whatever was at the end of the last line - then it worked. Whatever was there before, the editor didn't like it.
  5. Hostilian


    Believe it or not, there's probably a space at the end.. Go to the last line of the code and delete anything after the semicolon, then delete and re-add the semi-colon - just to be sure.
  6. Anyone any experience running Arma3 server on the above type of platform? Say Ryzen 5700g and in a VM? Probably Windows server. Any recommendations or performance issues to be aware of? Many thanks!
  7. Well, obviously the newer 13900k CPU would run faster, but I suggest you just give it a try with what you have. Get it up and running, monitor performance and only then (if it doesn't work well) spend some cash on an upgrade. Whilst ARMA does rely heavily on a single core, it is actually partially multi-threaded (some things are offloaded to different cores). I think the recommendation is you give it 4 cores.
  8. Hostilian


    It's been this way for a while now, but no fix? When attacking enemy base in Malden2035, there is like a small zone (within both Opfor/Blufor bases) where you can't damage the enemy (maybe 20m square around center of the zone). Very frustrating. Bullets/Shells seem to go nowhere when fired at anything in the zone..
  9. Hostilian

    I grew "old" playing the series

    I still remember running around a forest on 'Everon' (OFP) being searched for by a Russian Hind. The noise alone, above me, gave me the f***ing chills. Think that was one of the original campaign missions.
  10. Hostilian


    Hey all Quick query about modding this mission. managed to get everything working - just a small query about the respawn. For some reason, when the respawn 'countdown' normally appears, it does not show on the screen. Repawn works fine otherwise (after the 'hidden' countdown timer is complete). Any idea how to fix this please? #H
  11. Hostilian

    SOG Prairie Fire Map (without loading DLC)

    Apparently it's not possible and they've no plans to allow this for the maps.. I've requested a Steam refund (as I've not much time played and this is a deal breaker for me). If they ever fix this, I may re-purchase. This integration issue should be simple to resolve, but if they don't want to, that's up to them!
  12. Hostilian

    SOG Prairie Fire Map (without loading DLC)

    Been trying - but, so far, many of the files seem to request each other. I 'hope' that the devs can give us a workaround soon - if not in the current version, then in following versions. This is a bit of a deal breaker for me.. (I've managed to get it to load and have the normal Arma3 interface. Few moans about missing files, but I can open the PF terrains in the Editor. Can't join MP games using the Cam_Lao map though)
  13. Hey all I've recently purchased Prairie Fire DLC and wonder how to use the terrain/map in the editor without actually loading the DLC mod? 'Contact' DLC has the Livonia map (and I assume any necessary resources) available to use/edit in Arma3 - even without loading the DLC. Can the same be done for Prairie Fire please? Failing that, is there a way to load the map/resources without the rest of the mod? Cheers #H
  14. It's long been known that Nvidia performed better than AMD in Arma3 (plently of articles online about it). I replaced my old RX480 with a GTX 1080 because of this (at least in part). To be honest, I only noticed the performance increase in YAAB, not actually in-game. I'd be very surprised they'll be willing (or able) to do anything about this.
  15. What resolution? You should really consider overclocking that CPU. ARMA3 is CPU (and memory) bound, so every 100MHz helps. I have my 8700k at 5GHz on all cores and get decent framerates (about twice yours) - at 3440x1440 - on 'very high' preset. 30 FPS - you must have your view distance at insane distances. Use the presets - High, Very High - and dont touch view distances/object etc. I would experiment with individual settings on Ultra (rather than using the full preset).