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  1. Ah, I suspected that it might have been removed since 2017, but I didn't know if it was a feature from the mod. It certainly made it much easier to spot enemy fighters in the sky. In the meantime I also looked at the HMD from the DCS F/A-18C module and it works like in your mod, not like in the video. Nice work!
  2. Hi, I'm trying to figure out if the mods are working properly for me, mainly the HMD function. Is it supposed to mark radar contacts with a square even when they're not on the fighters HUD when HMD is turned on? An example of what I mean is in this video. Even if I set difficulty to Regular like in the video, the enemy isn't marked with a square, only a red halo, but I can target it (T key) if I manage to spot it with the ol' Mark I Eyeball. I'm testing using only Firewill mods. Nevertheless, this is an amazing pack so I want to tank you for all your hard work! Merry Christmas!
  3. bogdanm

    Door Kickers

    The AI certainly isn't the strong point of the game. It does the usual: return fire, run for cover/run away (depending on enemy type), run away from stun grenades, investigate noises(door kicking, gunfire), throw grenades but it doesn't flank, move in pairs, ambush etc. There are also executioners, some will kill the hostage after x seconds, some after hearing noises or after seeing your troopers. The gameplay isn't like a chess game, where you have to outsmart a cunning opponent. You're supposed to apply tactics to resolve a difficult scenario involving a superior (entrenched) enemy force and the levels are well designed so it often that you'll have an enemy pop up behind you if you are not careful. You can pretty much apply any kind of police/military tactic for CQB. The game is difficult because you have to play smart, run into a room without stunning first and a thug with a Mag-10 will kill your entire raid team. You can take a look at these videos to see what can you do in Door Kickers. This guy made ~ 60 levels of making a single plan for the entire level with no micromanaging afterwards. Of course if you pause and adjust you plans you'll be much more effective. Here is my DK playlist (with micromanaging and knowing the levels) but AI in those videos was pretty basic and it has been improved since then.
  4. bogdanm

    Door Kickers

    Door Kickers is being released today but you can still buy it at Early Access price for a few more hours. Here is the launch trailer (I have permission to share the video) I recommend the game to all fans of the genre. Easy to pick up but hard to master, ~ 50 hours of playtime to complete the missions and campaigns, a random mission generator, mission editor and mod support (with 20-30 community levels on Steam Workshop). Keep in mind that game development continues after the official release, with new features, multiplayer and DLCs (Russian special police if I remember correctly) still to come.
  5. bogdanm

    Door Kickers

    Door Kickers updated to Alpha 10. Next update will be Beta and the release date is set for Q4 2014 If you'd like to see other replay videos, here is my .
  6. bogdanm

    Door Kickers

    Door Kickers was recently updated to Alpha 7. This update focuses on cosmetics(skins and animations), AI behaviour and mission replay(WIP). From what I've understood the next update will bring tasers and Arrest options and after that ballistic shields, sniper support + windows, character and squad progression, campaign generator. This is what's being worked on right now and will be implemented in the next months but the devs have a long list of other features in mind. Some videos using the mission replay that show the current version of the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8xLs6Vycsg
  7. bogdanm

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    ARMA2 OA + addons: AI(US DEVGRU) vs AI(Afghan Insurgents) battle. I'll just copy the Youtube video description: "I've recorded this video a long time ago but never got to upload it until now so I don't remember details about the mission or the addons. I've also uninstalled the game since then as I moved to ARMA3. The mission was really simple, no scripts were used only waypoints and triggers. I apologize for the crappy video quality. For some unknown reason (basically I forgot to check the settings) the video was recorded with Fraps set to half-size and the video compression afterwards damaged the video quality quite a lot. I hope you won't get a headache after watching the video."
  8. Hey cobra, I was just messing around with some similar code wrote by you on this thread. Silly question time, I put "_null = [groupname] execVM "groupEject.sqf"" in the waypoint on act. field right? EDIT: I've tried the script, they all get out at the waypoint but the scumbag leader orders them to get back in.
  9. Unfortunately it doesn't work. The sub goes to shore just like when using the Get Out waypoint.
  10. I've started making another mission and I have some AI divers that need to move close to a port inside an SDV but I want to have them disembark the vehicles underwater and swim to shore. The unload/getout waypoints don't work, they always move the sub near to shore to disembark even if the waypoint is in the middle of the sea. I've tried naming the group and put "group1 action ["eject", SDV1]" inside a move waypoint but it gives me an error(for single units it works though). If I use "SDV1 action ["eject", SDV1]" script, only the driver gets out and then he gets back in (probably ordered by the group leader). Any ideas how to make it work?
  11. I've updated to the latest dev build and now I get "Cannot open object a3\roads_f\runway\line_curve_long_f.p3d" when I open Altis map for the first time. No big deal but I thought it's worth mentioning.
  12. I've found the code needed but I can't make it work. Maybe you'll have better luck. One way you can do it is to put in the trigger's condition field a code that counts all the units that are still alive. The easiest way to do it is to assign names to each group of enemies ("group1=group this" in the group leaders init. field) and that make a trigger(don't change anything in it) that is synced. to the Set Task State module and put in the trigger's condition field: "{alive _x} count units group1 == 0 && {alive _x} count units group2 == 0" <- this way you can add all the enemy groups.
  13. It might be some ArmA bug. It's too much of a coincidence that today one of my soldiers also started screaming out of ammo for no reason. It's even stranger that the guy isn't out of ammo if I run the mission with the latest dev. build but if I run the exact same mission with the official game version all his ammo magically disappears.
  14. Yes I did that also. But there I've put a .jpg file not .paa
  15. The image works fine on my pc, I kept the 2:1 ratio. The problem is that the image is not saved inside the pbo when the mission is uploaded on Steam so everyone else who downloads the mission will get an error message because the image is not on their PC also.