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  1. bigshot


    seriously?..how long would it take on average for 1 player to play through to the end of the mission then?
  2. Your assumption couldn't be more wrong. 50 years? heh, in that amount of time we will be much further along than you think, as far as AI tech is concerned. There are MANY high tech companies all over the world today investing billions into this technology. As far as gaming is concerned, it's no different...those who failed to invest years ago will be very sorry even 5-10 years from now when AI tech in games will start coming back into fashion. Eventually AI tech will be a dominant force in entertainment. It is here to stay and a huge part of humanity's future, not just in the real world but also in gaming. Even today's younger generation PvP'ers will be more interested in AI soon enough (as they age...and that won't take all too long). Serious game companies ARE investing in it, already...and have been for awhile now. Here's a huge game company we all know that has been hard at work investing in AI tech for their games just as an example: https://www.ea.com/en-gb/news/teaching-ai-agents-battlefield-1 I think it's only a matter of time before people wake up one day to understand that violent type PvP games will have a very negative connotation associated with it in our society. AI will provide a more socially acceptable vehicle for teenage entertainment.
  3. ^this^ ...it's been apparent that the core of what used to be this franchise's claim to fame (it's AI/Coop) has been all but left for dead. The new kids on the block who now run the franchise seem to think PvP is the way forward and it hasn't gone unnoticed how they have been edging towards that in recent years. It's the end of an era for me, personally. Arma4 is dead to me now. If they decided to invest millions in new AI code and new engine as well, then I'd stay with them, but I believe according to their actions that it's just a pipe-dream.
  4. bigshot

    Standalone JTAC Script

    Just a quick reminder that when it comes to testing any sort of "timed" restrictions that you should test that in real time conditions in a real mission and not just at an open area like an airport. You just want to feel certain that whatever times you choose for the "lost lock" are actually doable and fair under actual in-game fighting conditions where it wont be as easy to maintain a visual lock since there are trees, bushes, rocks, buildings everywhere... not to mention bullets flying and vehicles moving much faster in a panic state. ...looking really cool by the way, can't wait to implement this new version into my Duws Modified :-)
  5. Thank you for understanding what im trying to get at here. In fact, I just tested it again by using some code I modified from george's script (thanks again George)... which perfectly shows me pointing at opfor tanks and other vehicles with my cursor so it shows their skill settings including aimingaccuracy...and it clearly proves what im saying. Their skill are showing set correctly (ranging from 0.05 - 0.10) but they are ignoring the setting and acting almost as if they are on superAI setting. I've been trying to get vehicled AI to calm down for a long time but I never really put time into it and tested more fully until now to understand just how really broken it IS. Have they any intentions on fixing this?
  6. @damsous - thanks but either im misunderstanding you or you're not listening to what I said (typed). Warcom is just a variable name thats been in the mission for 5 years now :-) (has nothing to do with an addon/mod). I gave an example to use in the editor (you can change the variable names if you wish) to show that this isnt related to the mission or bad coding. It just doesn't work as its supposed to. Test it in the editor and youll see. @George - thank you for the link, what is that exactly...is it just the setskill commands in a function? (if so then it doesnt work on tanked AI). test it.
  7. thanks, but tried that days ago..and as I said...the code is fine..itll set the numbers as you ask...but the AI simply seems to ignore it. You can verify this in the editor with no mission necessary: Go into editor at an airport and place a trigger, make it 50x50, name it trigger1, make the activation for bluefor NOT PRESENT, and in the onAcitvation box place the following code: WARCOM_opf_patrol_type = (configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "Armored" >> "OIA_TankSection"); group1= [getpos trigger1, EAST, WARCOM_opf_patrol_type,[],[],[0.1,0.1]] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; {_x setskill ["aimingaccuracy", 0.10]} forEach units group1; Plce yourself about 250-300m away from the trigger area. Now, play it...let them see you and start shooting at them to provoke them...see how long it takes before they hit you and you die. Takes 1 or 2 sprays for me...and this is with my in-game difficulty sliders all the way down to .5 for skill and .1 for precision...AND their accuracy skill set inside the editor at 0.1. They are ignoring the setting as compared to ground troops, obviously something is wrong. Seems to me that there's something about the vehicles thats blocking the AI skill settings from actually being used by the AI. If you set ground troops at 0.1 they cant hit you at all pretty much...but put the vehicled AI at 0.1 and well, you may as well have left it at 0.5 or even higher because it has little to no effect by lowering it. They must have broken it.
  8. Been spending quite some time trying to figure out why it seems that the shooting accuracy of arma3's vehicled AI (normal ground/foot troops aren't effected) seems to be ignoring the actual setting for it. I have spent days writing and rewriting script in my Duws Modified mission in an attempt to find a way of setting the AI so that they will not be able to shoot my nipples off through a keyhole at 300m, but to no avail. I have searched high and low scouring the forums and trying to different snippets of spawning and setskill codes...and while I have found a few different ways of getting the skills set for gunners and commanders...it all never seems to make any difference because even though the skill number is setting correctly the AI inside the vehicle is still shooting with an accuracy that simply does not equate to its accuracy setting (and other sub skill settings). It's as if the AI, once inside a vehicle is simply ignoring the accuracy settings altogether (no matter how I spawn it makes no different...ive tried with creating units first then crewing it up, ive tried spawnGroup with vehicleCFG's and a few other ways). Now I know the scripts are working as they should, and I know that I can set accuracy all day long for ground troops without issue and i can get them to have trouble hitting the side of a barn if I wanted to ... so im summizing here that there is something different effecting AI behavior in vehicles that goes beyond what their skill setting numbers are at. Does anyone know what can be causing this? (I have no config addons that effect AI in anyway). I do have cba installed. Or..is it known that they broke the AI again? (well the VEHICLED AI anyway).
  9. here you go, try this: _camo = [_veh,["Indep_Olive",1],["showCamonetHull",1,"showTools",1,"showBags",1,"showSLATHull",0]] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; //add this new code after the vehicle spawn code I have it as this (I use a different spawn method which I added to duws years ago so its not so close to building though): _vehic = "I_LT_01_AT_F" createVehicle _spawnPos; _camo = [_vehic,["Indep_Olive",1],["showCamonetHull",1,"showTools",1,"showBags",1,"showSLATHull",0]] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; ...still work on my original Duws Modified from year to year keeping it updated and fresh, typically now as we come into the fall season and until the holidays I usually add new features and make some adjustments :-)
  10. bigshot

    Standalone JTAC Script

    well it might be because in his mission he has the jtac init file being pre-processed before he makes the jtac variable true (which you think would work correctly (but it doesnt i guess). If you make sure to make the variable true BEFORE you run or preprocess the jtac init file then it works I think. This is how ive set it up in my mission. I made it so that I have to buy/unlock JTAC as an ability from a menu...when the player unlocks it from the menu (acts like a trigger of sorts), then I make JTAC=true, and THEN i have it run the jtac init file. Try it that way and see if it helps.
  11. bigshot

    Winter 2035

    hey, thanks so much for the link!
  12. bigshot

    Winter 2035

    Is there anywhere to directly download this texture pack without the Steam subscription thing?
  13. bigshot

    Standalone JTAC Script

    Perhaps somehow the variable set true because you have this line of code in the missions init file? Either that or maybe you have another JTAC variable being true within the mission somehow. I don't believe there's a way for the script to actually run/init without that variable being true. Although maybe it has something to do with it being a public variable?
  14. bigshot

    Standalone JTAC Script

    Hi...I've added this script to my mission...it's wonderful for stationary targets, nice job! I was wondering...is there anyway to get the missiles to track & destroy a MOVING target that im locked onto or lasing (using drone or designator)?
  15. bigshot

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Heh, yea... such a shame that BIS left for dead the previous Warfare/CTI missions from their franchise. Those were the days <sigh>. I still keep my DUWS coop mission up to date... and in fact these days it contains a bunch of new features including camps on the outskirts of enemy territories which can be captured and used as armories and respawn points (as long as the enemy AI doesn't capture them back :-)). Sort of how it used to be in the Warfare/CTI missions back in the day.