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  1. here you go, try this: _camo = [_veh,["Indep_Olive",1],["showCamonetHull",1,"showTools",1,"showBags",1,"showSLATHull",0]] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; //add this new code after the vehicle spawn code I have it as this (I use a different spawn method which I added to duws years ago so its not so close to building though): _vehic = "I_LT_01_AT_F" createVehicle _spawnPos; _camo = [_vehic,["Indep_Olive",1],["showCamonetHull",1,"showTools",1,"showBags",1,"showSLATHull",0]] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; ...still work on my original Duws Modified from year to year keeping it updated and fresh, typically now as we come into the fall season and until the holidays I usually add new features and make some adjustments :-)
  2. Standalone JTAC Script

    well it might be because in his mission he has the jtac init file being pre-processed before he makes the jtac variable true (which you think would work correctly (but it doesnt i guess). If you make sure to make the variable true BEFORE you run or preprocess the jtac init file then it works I think. This is how ive set it up in my mission. I made it so that I have to buy/unlock JTAC as an ability from a menu...when the player unlocks it from the menu (acts like a trigger of sorts), then I make JTAC=true, and THEN i have it run the jtac init file. Try it that way and see if it helps.
  3. Winter 2035

    hey, thanks so much for the link!
  4. Winter 2035

    Is there anywhere to directly download this texture pack without the Steam subscription thing?
  5. Standalone JTAC Script

    Perhaps somehow the variable set true because you have this line of code in the missions init file? Either that or maybe you have another JTAC variable being true within the mission somehow. I don't believe there's a way for the script to actually run/init without that variable being true. Although maybe it has something to do with it being a public variable?
  6. Standalone JTAC Script

    Hi...I've added this script to my mission...it's wonderful for stationary targets, nice job! I was wondering...is there anyway to get the missiles to track & destroy a MOVING target that im locked onto or lasing (using drone or designator)?
  7. [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Heh, yea... such a shame that BIS left for dead the previous Warfare/CTI missions from their franchise. Those were the days <sigh>. I still keep my DUWS coop mission up to date... and in fact these days it contains a bunch of new features including camps on the outskirts of enemy territories which can be captured and used as armories and respawn points (as long as the enemy AI doesn't capture them back :-)). Sort of how it used to be in the Warfare/CTI missions back in the day.
  8. [MP][CTI-COOP] EvorA

    ^That was also my experience^ They fell off the ship into the drink...I ended mission :-)
  9. [MP][CTI-COOP] EvorA

    Thank you for the links, will be trying this solo, over the weekend!
  10. [MP][CTI-COOP] EvorA

    Has everything been tested to re-initialize properly after saving/resuming? Also, please provide a download link for the pbo itself instead of just steam workshop sub. Thanks for this!

    Same question as kremator... can you play this solo with friendly AI commander & recruits? Also... why advert here if you don't want to share the file here?
  12. Ok, tried the beta (440 beta 20)... and Arma does seem to work with that....haven't tested in a full session but it does startup without crashing now. Thank you, much obliged!
  13. I already am running the latest version (non beta). With Afterburner running Arma will not even make it to it's splash screen before it crashes to desktop 100% of the time. Once I close down Afterburner all is fine again. Arma starts up normally. I have an older 770 card and, Of course, I do NOT run the latest Nvidia drivers since that has always been a toxic thing to do for older cards. The drivers I run however aren't more than a year old anyway. I will not upgrade them anymore at this point...the newer the driver, the worse they make your old cards perform...has always been that way, regardless of what the card manufacturers claim :-) My Afterburner, however is officially up to date and makes no difference. I have no idea if the latest beta fixes it or not, though.
  14. If you are running the MSI Afterburner Monitor, this now causes Arma to crash with this error (never used to before the update though).
  15. Sometimes while using the BIS_fnc_SpawnGroup in my mission it throws this error ( I use it in many places at many different times throughout the mission but it doesn't always throw this error...it only happens sometimes and I cant figure out why): Here's the error: 20:19:00 Error in expression <"_charsType", "_types"]; _chars = _this param [2, [], [[], 0, configFile]]; _cha> 20:19:00 Error position: <param [2, [], [[], 0, configFile]]; _cha> 20:19:00 Error Type String, expected Number,Array,Config entry 20:19:00 File A3\functions_f\spawning\fn_spawnGroup.sqf [BIS_fnc_spawnGroup], line 42 This never used to happen before the last patch (not todays patch, but the patch before it). Has something intentionally been changed to alter the way that spawngroup.sqf works now, or is this a bug? **EDIT - Well, I found the exact issue. Apparently, you cannot use an empty string to temporarily define a variable (globalvariable = "") which will later be used/defined as a config group. Something must have recently changed in Arma3 since the last patch or 2 (somewhere around or after v1.70) because I was doing it that way for a long time before with no errors thrown at all.