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  1. bigshot

    Looking for DUWS Players Age 40+

    Will be playing some DUWS this holiday weekend! If anyone out here remembers this mission and would like to join me to play it together, give me a shout over on Steam voice & my Discord channel. STEAM FRIEND CODE: 33261597 DISCORD CHANNEL: https://discord.gg/yp7yJuu9T6 Casual gameplay is perfect, no serious mil-sim stuff here. See you!
  2. Will be playing some DUWS this holiday weekend! If anyone out here remembers this mission and would like to join me to play it together, give me a shout over on Steam voice & my Discord channel. STEAM FRIEND CODE: 33261597 DISCORD CHANNEL: https://discord.gg/yp7yJuu9T6 Casual gameplay is perfect, no serious mil-sim stuff here. See you!
  3. lol, Im guessing that the written English language is not your native one 🙂 You posted the exact thing I had already mentioned that I had found myself and was not looking for. That version is old and It is not compatible with the new SOG DLC as many things are not properly functioning. I was hoping there was a recent update but, apparently, there isn't any update as of yet. Thanks anyway
  4. bigshot

    Prarie Fire discussion

    Yep...I know, I know...but honestly, If anyone's seen my posts/questions about this terrain before it's release it becomes apparent that my expectations were already quite subdued because I inherently understood that if the terrain was released without enough AI pathways then those AI will not properly traverse. It's up to the map makers to create those pathways if the AI had any chance at dynamic thought and movement upon the terrain. What I don't understand is...since they provided a way for users to create invisible pathways through certain sections then this means that the map makers could have done this themselves and in doing so could have provided us with a more AI friendly environment to begin with. I ended up buying this DLC only because of the half dozen or so folks in my Discord channel who were hyped by all the attention and they wanted to try it, regardless of my warnings...so I threw $20 at it even though I was afraid I'd only end up with what I'd consider to be a PvP map...which in the end it truly is, unless you are into shooting at sitting ducks in red zones. Where exactly the fun in doing that is, I do not know, I mean other than some brief shooting practice of course...you know, which is fine for some short lived entertainment. It's difficult as a mission maker to be so easily entertained by the the AI behavior in this DLC when one understands what is actually possible and how much better it can be when playing against enemy bots which aren't always just hanging around within a 100m circle inside of a town. It's like going to a commercial trout pond to go trout fishing...you know exactly what to expect. Great for kids, but there's only so much fun to be had after awhile. Back in 2001 I can remember that it was the dynamically oriented CTI missions that were extremely helpful in getting the franchise to grow and become popular. It took a LONG time for people to accept Flashpoint and to learn how to enjoy it, and the CTI missions were the first large missions which actually contained DYNAMIC Ai (AI which traversed the entire map with patrols found in between the red zones). It was this dynamic type of play where you and your friends were up against an "always on the move" enemy that sparked a revolution for this franchise and really helped to turn it around inside the retail consumer market. People started having so much fun with it that Flashpoint finally started catching on in the consumer market. Once Arma 1 eventually released many years later there was a new CTI released very shortly to go with it. As time passed, dynamic AI became more and more prevalent in missions and more sought out by players...and here's the KEY.... they worked reasonably well only because, for the most part, the terrains had enough pathways for them to traverse it. Yes, maybe 20 out of every 100 units would still get stuck or lose their way around the maps and people complained (hence the term arma'ism) but now instead of only 20% of the AI screwing up, on this vietnam map, it's more like the other way around where 80% of the AI is getting hung up because they cant detect a pathway to a distant waypoint and perhaps only 20% of them will actually move well enough to reach it. Operation Flashpoint, Arma 1 and Arma 2 (at least in part) and Arma 3 (also in part) have default maps which provide the AI with enough pathways (whether the paths be invisible or visible) to traverse it. IMO, if anyone knows how to provide invisible pathways for this terrain it would go a long way to helping this DLC have true longevity and even help to bring some of the old players back to the franchise.
  5. bigshot

    Prarie Fire discussion

    But what are all the externally scripted mission makers supposed to do? These pathways need to be added all over the map by the map makers so that clear AI pathways are not something that is "editor only" access...most large missions are externally scripted. I cannot get Duws working with this terrain because of all the AI related bottlenecks. Duws depends upon both friendly and enemy AI being able to traverse the entire map by themselves with dynamically generated waypoints...this is for dynamic patrols on both sides. When playing Duws the enemy actually hunts you down from kilometers away and keeps moving all over the map, unlike what we're seeing now in every mission that is AI based which is where enemy are simply dumped in 1 spot and pretty much just wait there to be annihilated. Missions like this are just target practice, IMO and get old fast. We need to be able to use DYNAMIC moving AI. It's very nice to have a plausibly realistic terrain, I understand this idea. But when it gets in the way of itself by drastically limiting the gameplay itself, then it actually becomes a hinderance. The AI (both foot soldiers and vehicle'd) needs to be able to quickly get around all sections of this map, otherwise the map either gets relegated to PvP, or you will only have static targets for PvE missions. My friends and I have yet to find 1 single mission we like playing where you are working at taking over areas and running into dynamic enemy patrols (that don't just spawn nearby wherever you, for effect). This is because this map does not support such missions. The question for me then is....will it ever? Are the authors aware of the issue and plan an update that will correct this? I'm really asking because I have no idea.
  6. bigshot

    KP Support Missions

    is there a direct download for the most recent version of this mission for the cam lao nam map? Thanks!
  7. Is there a direct download link to the newest version of this mission for the cam lao nam map?...all i can find posted around github is something from Sept 2020.
  8. bigshot

    Questions: SOG Prairie Fire

    Without too much testing yet, it seems that open world type missions where you depend upon enemy AI to traverse large sections of the map and hunt you down and patrol large areas are going to be problematic. I can see a mission type such as Evolution working here, since it requires very limited movement of the enemy AI since they tend to stay in small locals and you go hunt them down yourself anyway. For that type of mission where you're just dumping some enemy groups and searching for them on foot its ok I guess. But to get something like Duws to work on this terrain will likely never happen, not in it's current scope anyway. Something like it might be possible with infantry only and on a smaller scale though...but it would take alot of work and rewriting to do it justice.
  9. bigshot

    Running Mike Force on a dedicated server

    Ah well, its such a shame really...doesn't seem to be anything out there anymore that's based upon how this franchise was originally intended to be played...a human w/team of friendly troops. I guess the next version of Arma will be much more geared towards PvP I have a feeling as it will be much cheaper to do that, and lord knows that Bohemia has never had the gumption to reinvest any profits into the game's AI. End of an era really, a pretty sad end for those of us who used to appreciate the original intent of the game from back in 2001.
  10. bigshot

    Prarie Fire discussion

    Understood...what about that Mike Force mission? Sort of like a CTI with an AI commander on your team? Wonder if this is good for one person to play with?
  11. bigshot

    Running Mike Force on a dedicated server

    I read that it's ok to play it on LAN with only a few players...but can this actually be played by yourself on LAN, where there are blufor AI going about helping (like in a CTI mission with AI controlled commander)?
  12. bigshot

    Prarie Fire discussion

    Right, so I'm just wondering if there's anything for me to do with this dlc to enjoy playing it alone, out of the box without more 3rd party mods mods attached to it.
  13. bigshot

    Prarie Fire discussion

    I do...i ONLY play coop (never PvP)...but most of the time I end up needing to play the Coop missions alone so Im mostly interested in playing coop mission where you can recruit friendly AI to play alongside and are not too difficult to complete for 1 person and a small team of dumb AI 🙂 If it had this sort of a dynamic AI mission out of the box I think Id be more interested. The campaign sounds like it's half way to being like this except that it doesnt offer AI team mates and is likely too difficult for 1 player...doesnt sound like theres much to do by yourself in the dlc.
  14. bigshot

    Prarie Fire discussion

    @Private Evans Hi... thanks for the info. I understand that there are other 3rd party missions that will be or have already been ported over to use the SOG assets and terrain...I have my own mission which I can do the same with (D.U.W.S. Modified). But what I'd really like to better understand is what exact MP coop mission/s which can be played alone (other than the SP campaign which from what ive been reading is not fun for one player) is included "out of the box"? Also, has anyone played a large island-wide dynamic AI based mission yet (like Duws for example or any other)..and if so how the well or not does the AI traverse the terrain during long distance treks in vehicles? Can they get around the map on their own accord pretty well while in armored vehicles for example, or are they inconsistent at best? Considering the expansive amount of mountains and trees I would think there are too many things to slow them down or trap them making long distance treks in vehicles too slow and not very reliable in such missions where this is a requirement? Thanks!
  15. bigshot

    Prarie Fire discussion

    Coop = PvE, How much Coop then is actually in this dlc? Which MP modes can be played where its human vs AI (w/ no PvP at all), and can you play some of this alone on an in-game hosted LAN or is it too difficult? I want to know if this is only good for when there are lots of players online, or can you play the mp coop modes just as well alone?