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  1. If they could add or tank PL-01 its a prototype and not sure is it really good or just a crap but its look like this Also i can give my helli project to BiS if they are interested, i did not finished it cause my experience and amount of free time are running low
  2. Chill out a little, there are different barrels and also a short barrel can shot a frag12 accurately to range of 75m, did i said anything about blast indoor, and about MX mags yes its working fine had to do something wrong last night.
  3. The MX SW mag cant be ussed by any other MX weapon that was my main point, and i want it to be able with Vanilla game without anny mods Length has nothing to do in that case, also six12 comes with different length variants, and there is standalone variant, and main reason that military could use Six12 + Frag12 is that it is causing less damage than 40mm and its more accurate.
  4. And About FBR MSBS Bullpup Grot (Promet) Case1 with is with The top one is prototype and lower one is Factory release Case 2 the shortie And finaly Polish DMR created in Fabryka Broni Tarnów .308 And .338 We also got Bullpup KWK Wilk with has 3 dffrent Wariations Bor .308, Alex .338, Tor .50 but they are crap
  5. Finally in RC branch something is working as suppose, an AK12 GL can use 75 round magazines of RPK12 And that is Cool, actually i am hoping for MX SW mags will be shared with all other 6.5 guns, if someone don't like this, please tell that to company that created a 50rnd 7.62x51 mags for SR-25/m110 also we need Frag12 for the shotguns, this ammo is not exclusive to AA-12 it can be fired by any shotgun that is chambered for 12 gauge round length of 70, and have no choke, so basically for military use of Six12 shotgun mounted under barrel will be with 3 types of ammo with are: Door Breaches rounds, Frag12, and Rubber rounds, there might be use of pellet rounds but only for snipers to have additional power when close encountered, please consider this in next update.
  6. Hi i want to bring to ArmA 3 my SR-25 Pri Front variants, plus Six12 Shotgun variants, i'm not an expert in 3d editing, and texturing is a pain for me, however i already tried to do something my self so i will share my work if it will be useful. In the links you will find my stuff i want to bring to ArmA. https://airsoftphotos.net/album/show/529985 https://airsoftphotos.net/album/show/514784 https://airsoftphotos.net/album/show/534186 https://airsoftphotos.net/album/show/533606 Please see also http://six12.com/military-le/
  7. ArmA1 has an option to switch audio device for voice chat, it would be great to see it back in ArmA3, also it would be great if it would work with internal radio commands.
  8. Please Add to editor attribute manager options to add skills like Medic, Engineer, Detect Mines etc. and some easy way to make them unlock in a mission, this game also needs a flashbang grenades after all those years.
  9. Azrael000

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hi Guys, Could any one create an CryePrecision Six12 Shotgun? This revolver Shotgun has exchangeable 6 round magazines which can hold almost any type of rounds including Frag-12 and if you could it would be great to have the under barrel version with M110K1 Another proposition is to create a full Family mod For Knight's Armament weapons such as SR-16, SR-25/M110 and PDW
  10. I once had the same problem with ArmA2 DLC, i found a solution but its require a second PC with Win XP, but it will definitely work, all you need to do is to install TOH and Hinds on an computer that has Windows XP, (computer can be old and do not need to handle the game) just remember to install it with the same serial numbers that you want to run on your computer, its important, now after instaled Hinds DLC, you need to copy hinds folder from TOH and its registry entries installed on pc with XP to your destination pc, don't forget to clarify directory patch in registry.
  11. Solution to launch ToH rearmed correctly is here http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Take_On_Helicopters_-_Rearmed
  12. Azrael000

    OFP Addon request thread

    Indeed the file works but not on firefox, i downloaded it with Internet explorer :p DanAK47 thanks for Guerrilla pack il download it to, however for flashpoint purposes i more like AR-10 Here is nice video I am a fan of M110 i play it all the time in ArmA II and AR-10 is its precursor. If anyone interested here is my custom made M110 SPR AEG-Replica Pictures
  13. Azrael000

    OFP Addon request thread

    Unfortunately there is problem with downloading file its 0b. But thanks, il search for it elsewhere.
  14. Azrael000

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hi is there any addon witch AR-10? Maybe some one could make it? http://www.gunpics.net/usa/ar10/ar10.html
  15. It would be nice to be able to attach or detach grenade launcher or masterkey, on this year shot show Knight's Armament showed a fast attach/detach masterkey and m203 with will fit even SR-25, that would be great.