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  1. Phenomenal work on In Our Time, and Bell Tolls is very good as well. Have yet to complete the latter. Two questions: Mod support for Bell Tolls, is that dependent on running all of those mods together or will the campaign select from the installed mods in any combination and run what is available accordingly? I've been running HLC/RH but not the RHS mods - not that RHS isn't brilliant, it is, I just didn't want the additional overhead loading when I went to play the campaigns and having two varieties of AR15 pack was enough without adding the RHS ones. At the moment, the campaign features RH optics but not the weapons.
  2. ANTHROPOID: Those links still work. It's possible you had a connection hiccup that broke the download, which has happened to me before. If there is a torrent option for the latest beta I would recommend you take that as it is the most break-resistant means of downloading, though some hosts will let you pause/resume downloads on browsers that support that such as Mozilla Firefox. Sidebar, do you take your username from the operation that killed Reinhard Heydrich during WWII? If so, well done.
  3. Marseille77, these are pretty solid addons. Thanks for your work! I look forward to when you get around to (seems to me like you're making your way in that direction) some 1980s era BW units. It'll be good to roll with them in CWR2, for instance.
  4. Good to see the release, congrats, "bratok."
  5. It seems from what I have seen that Afghanistan just rips the shit out of uniforms quickly. The amount of fade on CADPAT uniforms for instance can't be explained away by lighting differences between Arma-world and real-world, given the visible differences in real world photographs. Possibly, if StalkerGB really wanted to put in the effort for that authentic 'bit extra,' it would be possible to manipulate the new texture into a "Woodland" and "Arid" version, and you could cap it off by adding more mud and temperate debris onto the temperate variant, more dust and assorted shite onto the arid. Kinda defeats the purpose, since MTP was supposed to be universal but one could also have a different arrangement of kit, possibly gearing the temperate guys up for colder climates and thus filling a gap in the BAF DLC: no rolled up sleeves and short sleeves in autumn Chernarus, for instance. 'Course, that's twice as much work for him and I don't have the skills to offer to help.
  6. Reinstall fixed it. I have absolutely no idea what was broken but it works now.
  7. hcpookie: No joy for me, it's an error that's exclusively mine. Have checked it out in MP and I can sit there and physically watch it happen in front of me with other guys assembling the weapon (yes, tripod + weapon), but can't seem to do it myself. Weirdest thing: going to try for a reinstall later and see what happens. If GIMP will let you work with layers, save your existing texture and then layer over it weathering effects (loose brush, play with the opacity some, greys, browns, metals etc type of colours) and a 'dirt layer', which has your mud and so on. If you'd like you can get in contact with RHS and see what kind of pointers our texture artists could provide (already pimped your innovative work on the team forums), but you're already on the same route that one of our new guys is: his first work looked worse than yours, but now he's a god. Give it a bit more, skills will improve. Looking forward to v1.3.
  8. Konkurs and Malyutka are the two I've tried, in SP only so far. Try breaking down a static ATGM launcher and picking up the packs - you can pick them up, but they're not part of the inventory and thus you can't do anything with them. If that doesn't work then you experienced the same thing I did; try then with the backpack item and a OA unit that can use packs, I had the same error: can pick it up, doesn't display or sometimes does display, but regardless the item cannot be used. Sorry, I thought I'd mentioned the names of the ATGMs in question earlier, apparently not. It may be an incompatibility with CBA. I have to run CBA to run an HDR fix or I can't play ArmA 2, the HDR simply blooms out everything to the point that my screen is blindingly white and nothing is visible. If I could test without CBA I would to confirm this.
  9. Having issues with manportable ATGM systems. They break down correctly, but when you pick up the item there seems to be a variable chance - sometimes works, sometimes does not - of it displaying on your back. Regardless of whether or not it displays, it does not work: you cannot reassemble it once it is broken down for transport. From backpack state, they can't be assembled.
  10. Yes, Vilman is quite correct regarding the minimum-arm distance of PTRKs. I believe it can be modeled, reference the M433 HEDP/M203 Grenade round; those clearly have some sort of minimum arm distance since you can't kill yourself with them firing them into a wall directly in front of you, or into the ground at your feet. It may be possible to adjust this for your ATGMs. I think that your reticules don't quite have the correct aspect ratio. On my 16:10 screen they look somewhat 'squashed' horizontally which may be causing the vertical error. Check that, it may correct the issue and may also be a problem for all sights. I noticed the 2x PKT turret variation was having some zeroing issues as well, but not severe enough for me to notice them. If at all possible I suggest you implement the two-step magnification. I've never heard anything about any Soviet or Russian combat vehicle having a sliding magnification.
  11. Which has nothing to do with them falling short of the point of aim when zoomed in on the sight. I've just been advised that all SACLOS missiles in ArmA 2 apparently do this [ricochet off the target at 1000m+]. Somehow I'd never run into it before now. Probably nothing you can do about it, hcpookie.
  12. Having some issues with the ATGM variations. Missiles sometimes drop short from 1000-1500m when firing using magnification on the sight. Without magnification they don't drop short. More disconcertingly, the ATGM often seems to ricochet off the target vehicle and explode some distance away, in the air, from ranges of 1000-1200m and more. Under 1000m the missile seems to function as advertised. Irritatingly, when magnified the missile does not fall short of target when it is on a trajectory to hit the target, allowing you to see the missile ricochet from the target vehicle. Running default OA.
  13. Mjolnir66: Yellow like the Wehrmacht painted their vehicles on the Eastern Front or is it more of a faded khaki? Is this accurate? I couldn't tell you when that photo was taken - entirely possible its from ages ago and they're just recycling it. Wouldn't be the first time media's done that.
  14. The Luchs looks great. Last of the 8-rad recce cars, an interesting vehicle. Looking forward to having more gear to flesh out the Germans with in ArmA 2 - well done on all vehicles.
  15. Looking at a lot of (compared to NATO standards) poorly maintained vehicles for RHS, it doesn't seem that paint lines blur into each other too much under weathering effect. All the other textures look pretty sharp, so it's an intentional thing. Almost looks like someone had at the BIBAK with spraypaint to try and camouflage it a bit better. MoD probably didn't want to splurge on two colours of paint for the vehicle. ;)