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  1. .COMmunist

    Cold War Rearmed v0.36 released

    IS THAT A DEAD RUSSIAN BOY UNDER YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE??? Man, I find it so incredibly insulting to see this on Christmas. Way to go asshole...
  2. .COMmunist

    Xam 1.4 released

    For those of us who don't know what is XAM, can someone tell in 2-3 sentenses please? Everyone is shitting bricks about it for the last 8 pages, but not much intel on the project itself. Sorry if I sound like an idiot here, but I really don't know what XAM is and why I should even try it. Thanks.
  3. .COMmunist

    Basic waypoint script help

    Did you try to syncronize the waypoint and the trigger by syncronize option in the editor?
  4. .COMmunist

    New g-36k pack

    I am glad to see no kiss-ass coments on this forum for a change. It is not harsh because it is coming from another addon-maker. She knows what she is talking about. If it was somebody like me, who only knows how to use addons, than it would be harsh and inappropriate, but she can say these things. It's nice to see a woman who says what she thinks Rare quality at least in the women that I meet in the US!
  5. .COMmunist

    Cold War Rearmed Discussion

    Will you guys have a usual one-sided campaign or will you also have a Russian campaign too?
  6. .COMmunist


    I also remember that this plane had an issue with landing on small airports that we had in OFP (or was it Tu-22M?). Will it be the same in Arma? the problem with all this off-top are not the off-toppers, me thinks. It is actually all these fucking forum nazis who love to tell people what to do on this forum. Isn't what the moderators do? That's their job, so let THEM do it. If you see people going off-top, wait for the moderator to tell them to stop. We are ALL guilty of off-toping here and there (look at me now!, so stop being mini-moderators guys, that's what really starts the flaming. Sorry for off-top  Manzilla, you bastard, are you gonna answer my PM or not?  Sorry for more off-top
  7. .COMmunist

    Serb paramilitary fighters v1.0

    Judging by the EUROFIGHTERX British flag in his name, he must be a westerner. So, here is your answer. Typical western hypocrasy here, when the Soviets attack Nagova, the locals fighting for their home are called Resistance. When NATO attacks Serbia, Serbian resistance fighters are off corse terrorists. That's all to it. So stop bickering about it. That's just the way it is, what's the big deal here?
  8. .COMmunist

    RHS T-64 MBT pack v.0.9 ( Preview )

    Compatability of the BEST addons in this game is a big deal. Do you remember how in OFP everyone was making great tanks, like T-80's and M1's pack from Sigma-6, RHS packs, Timmamas T-90. And then King Hommer made an excellent M1 pack. But it was useless with all other addons. His tanks were SO uber and almost invulnerable, I couldn't use them in any of the missions! It's armor was way too much for any opposing addons in OFP. He got carries away in his national pride there. Those M1A2 tanks looked fantastic, but were useless. I hope we are not going to make the same mistake in Arma now. Besides making good addons, could you guys also make BALANCED addons with each? Is there some sort of common armor value established for Arma addons yet? Without it, we will have East and West King Hommers everywhere. I hope that these new RHS tank addons will be balanced with the best Western addons (like NWD for now) so that we can enjoy both sides in the game.
  9. .COMmunist

    Rh aks pack 1.0

    Very nice, thanks for all the hard work! Did you guys noticed something funny? I swear, when you shoot the Ak-74SU, the echo sounds like "threesome" Awesome! CURSOR, it is probably not a good idea to ask guys who make AK's to just drop it and star making MP5's. Ask those who make something that is close to MP5's, you might get your wish there. The AK's are great and so are the sounds for them. I thought that the Abakan was a little too black. Maybe brighten it up a little would show more texture and rivets and all that, it should look a little better that way. But that's just imo. Overall, this is a great pack!
  10. .COMmunist

    Don't go area

    Well I was thinking about this today and decided that deleting mines might not be what I want. Indeed it should do the trick, but doesn't correspond to reality. Most likely the friendly tank platoon will receive order not to go to grid 3462 blah, blah, blah... So, perhaps there is a command that restricts movement of OPFOR or BLUFOR or Civilians to one particuler area (designated by a marker, trigger, etc.). Is there such thing?
  11. .COMmunist

    Force to teamswitch

    Very interesting... I'll check it out. Sounds like what I need. Thanks Denz.
  12. .COMmunist

    Force to teamswitch

    thanks Fasad, I'll try it out
  13. .COMmunist

    Don't go area

    Didn't think of that. I guess I can name each mine and than by trigger delete them. Thanks a million!
  14. My mission has two parts to it. The sniper clears the area and than 3 paratrooper platoons attack the town. I start as a sniper, but than when sniper's task is complete, I want it to automaticaly switch me to Team Leader of one of the paratrooper platoons. Is it even possible?