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    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    Just watched some of the recorded Stream. Credit where credit is due, it does look like a very interesting game mode and very innovative. Much better than anything I could have predicted. Good job BIS :)
  2. -=seany=-

    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    Looks like a point capturing PVP game mode (basically BF Conquest)...probably called "Something Storm" etc. Lightning looks nice.
  3. Finished the second part. It was better than the first part. The side missions were confusing, I didn't really understand how to activate them. Reading through previous posts here, it seems I just did the main missions. Other major Arma 3 problems the campaign Highlighted were: #1: Terrible sound immersion. The sound samples in Arma3 are good, but they are let down massively by the horrible sound engine that was even better in Arma2. 3d positioning of sound/ distant sounds/ sound effects cutting out when you move only a small distance from them (burning vehicles)/ etc /etc. This area badly needs some work. It's not majorly critical to game play (although it is important to know what direction a threat is coming from), but sound is massively important to immersion and over all polish. #2: It's a pain to rearm you squad mates. There has to be a better way to interact with your Ai to get them to take ammo and weapons from certain locations/dead soliders. At the moment it's an exercise in frustration. #3: Fatigue SFX: With Arma3 I keep noticing that I am changing to 3rd person view, not for a wider view or different perspective..but to get the damn out-of-breath Fatigue wheezing and panting out of my ear. It's extremely annoying. I don't think I could play with 3rd person disabled, it is that annoying. When it comes down to a choice between potentiality irritating realism mechanic and game-play...always choose game play. No one wants to be irritated for the sake of simulating realism..some things just can't be simulated in a game. 1:1 levels of your own real life fatigue is one such example. E.G. I don't take a break and slow down in real life because my breath is too loud and annoying me in my ear. The out of breath samples need to be toned down or made to not come into effect until you a very, very exhausted...Like 95-100% of whatever the BIS fatigue scale is. Or, give us a volume slider for the out of breath sound. #4: You didn't really drive that much..but vehicle physics need a lot more work. I was really looking forward to PhysX, but Both wheeled and tracked vehicles still feel worse than Arma2. I know there must be massive potential here with Physx..and right now it feels like who ever is in charge of that area doesn't really know how to set the vehicles/parameters up and we are only seeing about 10% of the vehicles PhysX potential. I am convinced we can end up with tracked and wheeled vehicles that far surpass the previous physics we have had, but at the moment we feel very far away from this. Any way, I had fun playing the campaign. So thanks BIS and I look forward to the next instalment.
  4. -=seany=-

    Pet Peeves of A3

    Yep, agreed with this one.
  5. "They" as in the AI, I guess? Where you shooting?
  6. I remember in the Evolution mission from Arma1, you could call in various support weapons on an AO. One of them was a big green gas cloud..eg chemical weapon. It was pretty cool, but there was no protection, you just had to keep away from it 'till it cleared. It would have been a nice mechanic to have option to bring a Gas Mask that allowed you to operate in the contaminated zone.
  7. -=seany=-

    VBS3 snow... in ARMA 3?!?!?

    I think this is really cool, I would love to see it in Arma3. Thanks for the thread, as I was not aware of that video or this RV engine ability. The naysayers really crack me up. Why do we need some community member to tell us whether we should be asking for a nice feature from BIS that we saw in their sister companie's (highly compatible) simulator? They have not one clue of BI intentions...and especially their resources... The only people who know if it will ever be in Arma3 are the developers...so what's the harm in letting them know how we feel? And if you can't see the potential of a environment feature like this..maybe you shouldn't post.
  8. -=seany=-

    new stuff for aaf - nice bis love it ^^

    The new AAF tank's cross hair is not aligned properly. Also, surprised by lack of ammo in the re-skinned ( :rolleyes: I guess this is the "free DLC" to make up for the copy and pasted items in the initial release ..lol..irony) warrior.
  9. I agree. The 6 DoF, the way it's implemented at the moment, is pretty weak.
  10. I discovered that JSRS sound mod was causing this problem for me.
  11. I play on TAW's Domination server and I have had a problem where performance is degrading over time, but if I disconnect and exit Arma then rejoin, I regain my FPS again. For example; I'll join the server with 35 players on and my FPS will be at about 30. Then after a couple of AO's my FPS will be around 15 or so and running really "stuttery" (it feels like I am very low on memory). If I exit the game and rejoin my FPS will be back to around 30 for another couple of AO's (40 minutes or so), then the FPS will drop again. I used to put this kind of degrading performance problem down to the server not being able to cope with the amount of players, as the problem seems to be less apparent when there are 20 players or less on the server. It does seems to happen much quicker when the server is nearly full (40 players). Anyone else get this or know how to help it?
  12. -=seany=-

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    It was probably mucking up the next campaign chapter.
  13. I think the OP's idea is a good one. As long as there is a player controlled AI in the driver position, as they also mentioned. With that clause, I see no reason why any one should complain about realism. It would be exactly the same as now...except..your tank would actually go where you want it to..Amazing! You should make a ticket for the tracker, if there inst one yet.
  14. The points that Polygon made are all true. But, it didn't really detract from the campaign for me. Some of the points did cross my mind during the mission but most did not. Still, it would be worth taking into consideration for the next part of the campaign.
  15. -=seany=-

    The Gau-19 is made by General Dynamics.

    I am far more interested as to why the F it is using an Apache's cockpit...from Arma2....? Creative freedom I suppose.... "creative freedom"? From what I am seeing it's also a carte blanche for being a lazy developer. Copy paste Freedom more like. I still expect BIS to rectify some of the extreme cases of this. Vehicle turrets/ UVs etc.
  16. -=seany=-

    5.1 / Surround sound not working

    Same ^. It is affecting the campaign for me. I am playing in Headphones mode.
  17. Probably been reported but I don't want to read the whole thread because of spoilers. Problem is I missed parts of the dialogue on the first few missions. It was too quite. It sounds like a surround sound bug. I am playing with head phones with my audio console (creative XFI) set to headphones mode. I hope this an be fixed soon (on stable branch). Eg Hot fix, it's pretty annoying.
  18. -=seany=-

    Altis map - planned changes

    Two very interesting locations. Thanks, can't wait to have a look around them! :)
  19. -=seany=-

    Buildings devoid of life....

    My guess is because of performance. And I actually don't mind. Arma's buildings always hit the CPU very hard, A3 is no exception. The outside of the buildings look very nice so maybe they decided to go with very detailed exteriors and not much detail interiors. Another constant complaint for Arma2 (Chernarus) was that so many buildings where un-enterable. Pretty much every building on Altis seems to be enterable, so maybe this is the compromise we have to have. Dev's can't win: Lots enterable buildings that have a detailed exterior and no objects inside:- people complain that there is no objects in buildings Lots of objects in buildings, but not many enterable buildings:- people complain because they can't enter most buildings. Choose your poison :)
  20. -=seany=-

    Dedicating a GPU to PhysX

    Good to know neokika, thanks for replying :) Thank's too DMarkwick, that does sound familiar.
  21. -=seany=-

    Dedicating a GPU to PhysX

    I would really hope that the reason that Arma3 does not have the ability to use GPU based PhysX processing is not beacuse 50% of the people might feel left out...I also doubt it would be that hard to enable. I'll just hope that there is an actual legitimate reason.
  22. I tired that before, doesn't work for me though. :(
  23. -=seany=-

    Lets face it BI didn't deliver

    No they are worse, they are newly introduced...
  24. -=seany=-

    Lets face it BI didn't deliver

    My main gripe in Bold ^ Arma3 is good and has many nice improvements, but you do manage to pretty much sum up the major problems that BIS really needs to look at. Unfortunately we have actually even seen the Devs use the above as an excuse for not including glaringly obvious features that modders had done in the previous versions of Arma...eg FCS for tanks etc etc etc. This is something I don't see mentioned too often, but bloody hell, Arma 3 must have one of the most confusing sound scapes I have ever heard in a video game, especially with headphones on. You can't tell where the heck anything is coming from or what distance it is.
  25. -=seany=-

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Thanks for the new light effects, they look very cool!