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  1. I'm aware I don't have a power PC by any means but here are my specs: ATI 5670 2GB DDR3 Q8200 @ 2.3 GHZ (Quad) 8GB RAM Now...I know for a fact, the last time I played ArmA, probably a year ago I played with a 9800gt on the same PC and it looked great and played great. My old card died and I have heard that the 5670 is about even with the 9800 so I picked it up, yet ArmA II runs much worse on it, at least as much as I remember. This is also a fresh install of ArmA II so I have no idea what kind of tweaks were running on my old install and all that but I'm just curious what kind of settings/tweaks you guys would recommend
  2. Thats the thing. While I don't get much vegetation LOD switching I get a lot of vehicle LOD switching...especially the humvees. Player model LOD issues seem improved same with buildings but the humvees in my game keep LOD switching.
  3. Well, for me it runs worse. But I guess it is really varying.
  4. No, he's right. I get insane texture pop in and the vegetation looks hideous. And in Takistan walking into any of those areas near that main road makes my FPS turn to shit.
  5. Seriously, just walking into those tiny little town areas next to the road makes my FPS drop when I get better FPS in the massive towns in Chernarus. I have to agree about the vegetation it looks horrible. Reminds me of OFP:DR
  6. usmc123

    3d resolution or AA

    Like others have said increasing 3d Res kills my framerate. While I can jack AA to medium or so and get great visuals.
  7. ugh. PeterGames has a horrible policy not to mention the extra cost your paying. Just know that after I think 48 hours or so after you've installed the game you can't download again. Back that shit up or buy insurance.
  8. Oh my god. I love you, didn't see that epic song coming. All we need is a Yusuf Amir model and a golden Little Bird :D
  9. usmc123

    Where/how/when to buy ARMA2:OA?

    I think I'm going to get the retail version. Seems like a safer bet with mod compatibility plus I like the idea of having a physical copy much more. But I never found a US store selling copies, hopefully my Gamestop is carrying OA on day 1.
  10. A whole lot of people have it in case you haven't noticed.
  11. Is OA standalone patched to 1.05? I'm wondering if maybe ArmA II patched to 1.07 combined with OA thus makes OA 1.07. What I'm saying doesn't really make sense but I'm sure someone understands what I mean.
  12. Really? I've heard differently, not saying your wrong or anything but I've gotten the notion that performance has improved.
  13. usmc123

    1.07 Stop using -winxp tag now

    Does anyone use Maxmem command anymore? I have 8 gigs of RAM but I don't know if the engine is optimized for greater RAM now or not.
  14. usmc123

    Tactile Vest

    Wow...a vest to mimic being shot...When I play a video game I don't want to experience pain or discomfort.
  15. usmc123

    Did Anyone Buy Arma 2 From Nexway?

    I have a dvd burner. It still didn't seem necessary for me to be unable to download a product that I legally own again.