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  1. i'm running windows and it shows the server yellow with a questionmark. However, i don't know if that's down to the missing files or down to patch 1.60 as i read a few people have complained that their servers after the patch have gone yellow with questionmark. Yet again i might be wrong...but i needed something simple and quick...:)
  2. tomcat_

    Revive Script

    this thread is a bit old now, but is there an option in this script for someone that disconnects and reconnects to join with the same number of lives that was left when quit the server? So if a person has 1 or 0 lives left or even if it is dead, if he disconnects and reconnects he joins again as dead or with 0 lives?
  3. an old thread but maybe it would help a new admin... in order to get rid of the stock missions i'm just removing from the folders the mission files. You need to remove from arma2\addons, arma2\common and arma2\expansion\addons all the mission pbos, the warfare ones and the mp_armory inside expansion\addons. The last one is getting rid the armory missions and the CTIs.
  4. ok so it looks like i have to unistall both games and install them again with the above order. btw i did get it to work but only with the .bat download at the beginning of this thread. but feels a bit messy with the command window etc...
  5. tomcat_

    Server set up

    I'm having trouble starting the dedicated server for arma2 oa and arma2. I have two separate downloads which i have installed. 2 folders for each game within BIS folder Do i need to move the arma2oa into the arma2 or vice versa and run one as a mod in order to get the combined? thanks for your help
  6. well that didn't solve my problem. I had Arma2oa and BAF installed on my pc, patched with 1.60. I have installed Arma2 and patched it up to 1.05. Then i applied the 1.60 patch again so Arma2 was patched up to 1.11. However i cannot see the shortcut anywhere....
  7. thanks for the feedback guys.. Did you have your Q6600 o/c @ 3ghz or stock speeds? I imagine that a quad cpu @ 3ghz is not a bad cpu for Arma2?
  8. i've read a few things on this thread but i'm a bit confused..... I have 3 original downloads with their keys from sproket (i believe now it's BIS store) Arma2 Arma2 OA BAF I have installed Arma2 OA then BAF and then applied the 1.6 patch. Now if i want to install the Arma2 and combine both together what are the steps i need to follow please? Do i need to unistall everything and then install Arma2-->Arma2 OA-->BAF-->1.60 patch? thanks
  9. I'm gaming on a 22'' 1680x1050 monitor. my rig is pretty old with intel Q6600 @ 3.0ghz and Nvidia 8800GT gfx card I want to upgrade the gfx card to an HD 6870 or GTX 560. Since i don't want to do a full upgrade, do you think that it's worth the money and will a see a noticeable performance gain? thanks for your help
  10. tomcat_

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 84580

    just a quick question: does this patch have to be installed server side, client wide or both to notice the improved MP?
  11. tomcat_

    Revive Script

    hey m8...with the above settings will the JIP players be joining at the start of the mission?
  12. This is an excellent tool that makes life easier for server admins...thanks a lot... just a bug that i came across. When i adjust the enemy skill and the enemy precision on the difficulties, on the actual file it replicates the value of the skill into the precision as well. In other words although in the tool the skill and precision are different values, on the actual file the value is the same as the skill. thanks
  13. tomcat_

    Revive Script

    really looking forward to number 3 of your future plans...since i thought that is the only thing that spoils the good teamwork in public servers....
  14. tomcat_

    Revive Script

    hi m8....thanks for your effort and hard work on this....arma was very enjoyable with your revive script. Just to let you know that i'm willing to start another database of revive missions for Arma2 and of course plenty of testing.. just two requests and one question: 1. Is it possible on the revive script to have the option to disable respawn and also to disable JIP if you quit and join again...or with a number of rejoins? 2. Is the script for JIP next to the leader could be working better in Arma2? I have seen from the campaign that the leader is switching to another person if the leader is unconscious. 3. Arma2 on its engine has some sort of revive, drag, carry etc...and some nice effects when someone is unconscious....would that hardcoding will make the revive script work better in arma2? Thanks...and please keep those revive missions going...:)
  15. tomcat_

    Autokick for Teamkillers

    if you notice features like autokick, observations on warping etc...are made by new players mostly... this is by no accident. Those things are sorted out in other games, and although worse or better (subjective to each person) they cannot go without notice... admined servers and special settings and lots of knowledge and scripts and mods sure they can change things.... but that doesn't stop for giving a negative impression to new players and eventually put them off.... don't get me wrong i'm not complaining or moaning since i have made my choice...but if BIS wants arma to appeal to a wider fan base...those features are must..... again..there is no server that is 24/7 admined...purely because admins are not getting paid to do that...also what is more difficult with Arma1/2 is that you don't have a remote admin out of the box...i.e. i have to be in the actual game to see who is teamkilling and who is complaining etc...there is no tool out of the box that i can have a remote admin to watch the chats and the score of each player so i know what's going on.... of course tools will be developed and scripts etc...but again would that be enough and on time?