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  1. Hi guys, Can someone please help me with this one? I'm trying to get a logistics system working. I'm terrible at coding so have been trying to do this in editor, but cant seem to get it to work. Its just a silly little background emersion I think might be cool, to see iDap running supplies around the map or something. I know it can be done, but i dont have the knowledge; 😞 Lets say Heli01 brings in a cargoBox01 from location01, drops it at location02 and fly's back to location01 to get more. (sling load, easy) I then want Truck01 to drive to Location02, load cargoBox01 (cant seem to do this at all!!) Truck01 then drives to Location03, unloads the cargoBox01, then drives back to Location02 and cycles. I can load the truck in editor and he'll even unload, but I cant for the life of me get him to do in game! Helicopter is easy enough via the sling load. Further to that and more advanced I'd like for them to keep doing this whilst there are boxes in a location or when triggered. Then when no boxes or trigger, land the chopper and park the truck (engineoff). Any ideas or tips greatly appreciated guys.
  2. Hello all! Does anyone know if its possible to import old maps from arma3, specifically Malden 2035 to Reforger? Id love to see a new official malden map added but in the meantime do you think it's possible somehow? If so, how? OR has someone done it already?
  3. sorry, created this as a topic, rather than a post. My bad 😞
  4. ..i see now. 😶 I'd butchered another script and merged them. I completely see the issue. Thanks mate.
  5. Huh....ok, cool. Yet it worked on the Huron. Odd. 🤔 anyway... Your gonna regret that! 😉 I have a bunch! of questions, such as "Can i get a medic to drop used 'medical Garbage' when healing?" and a more involved Logistics "Hump and Dump" project im making zero progress on! ( I've had a chat with the the Senedd, and that makes you welsh, butty 😉 ) again, thanks for your help dude. You definitely seem to know your stuff.
  6. So sorry! I only just saw this response! I'll give it a whirl. cheers dude.
  7. DUDE! That is awesome! Thanks so much. Tested and works on the Huron! but..one Welsh guy to another;) ..how would i do this for the ghoshawk? I tried this, but it wont work.. [] spawn { while {alive heli1} do { if (getPosATL heli1#2 < 3) then { ( _this select 0 ) animateDoor ["Door_R", 1, false]; ( _this select 0 ) animateDoor ["Door_L", 1, false]; } else { ( _this select 0 ) animateDoor ["Door_R", 0, false]; ( _this select 0 ) animateDoor ["Door_L", 0, false]; }; sleep 1; } }; I'm guessing its the #2 bit, right? Anyway, i don't want to push it, thanks again mate. I'll figure it out from here hopefully. 🙂 And i'll check out your other links there! thanks.
  8. Pushing my luck i know, but since the thread is active again; Would it be possible to see this if the heli is under say 10 feet of the ground? So the doors open and close as it lands or takes off?
  9. So pleased to see this is a recent thread as I'm just now coming back to AMRA3 (after a LONG time away!) and want to use this function too. I've personally got it working in the most basic fashion; Triger activates. Hunters go looking for Hunted. Hunters kill hunted. Hunters stay put(!) I cant make them 'return' home though. Not even when they kill Hunted! My main question is; can I send them home if the trigger turns false? So, if Hunted leaves the trigger area, Hunter goes back to base. If Hunted goes back in to the trigger, Hunter comes out again. and so on. Any help anyone could offer would be much appreciated.
  10. Hi guys. I'm back after a VERY LONG time away, and find out that i still can not code to save my life! Can someone help me please? I'm sure this exists elsewhere and I'm sorry, I have searched but came up blank. I'm trying to write a little script to drop me and my AI (or player) team out of a BlackFoot. I 'could' give each unit a parachute backpack and force them to 'eject' as the plane goes through a trigger right? But I don’t want to do that, as the units will loose their default backpacks (medic, ammo bearers, explosive guys, etc). So what I’m doing is spawning a 'steerable_parachute' behind the plane and moving each unit in turn using movindriver. The problem is that they will not move to the chutes if they are in the plane. If they start on the ground, they'll instantly move to the chute. If i put them in the plane first at the start of the mission, they will not lose their association with the plane. UnassignVehicle doesn’t work. Can anyone please help me sort this stupid little issue please, it's driving me nuts! (I could share the script if you wish, but it's so rudimentary (and doesn't work!) there's no real point.
  11. stegman

    Para drop scripting issues.

    Cheers mate. I'm pretty sure i tried this already, but i'll give it another go. :D
  12. stegman

    Para drop scripting issues.

    My bad, I think this should have been logged under https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/forum/154-arma-3-mission-editing-scripting/ ARMA 3 - MISSION EDITING & SCRIPTING Please move if able/required.
  13. As well as my above question. How do we change the factions used in SecOps? I cant figure it out. Please help.
  14. Sorry i forget, how do i specify what chopper comes? Im playing combined ops, and only the USMC UH1 comes. I know its something to do with forcing the module to produce only US related items, but cant for the life of me remember how. (same goes for the Ambiant Combat module too).
  15. Amazing find sir! Thanks! :D
  16. stegman

    ArmA won't work on W7 64bit :(

    Further to my above message, the radio is really muffled... :( The game runs perfectly, but the radio sound is really far away. Real shame.
  17. stegman

    ArmA won't work on W7 64bit :(

    fantastic! just bought a brand new pc and thought its time to put arma1 on only find it wont work. I'll try the patch out right now :) ...oh, one more thing; will this work on the standard 'not gold' edition? (it does) [uPDATE] Fixed. Patch works a treat! :) Now to finally max out armedassault!!
  18. Hi all, sorry, im sure this is in the wrong area, but i couldnt find a thread that suited the query. I have recently downloaded "SJB SAS Addon" (British Spec ops) to plug the hole in the otherwise awesome BAF DLC. But to my dismay they have US voices. How do i set the voices to use the BAf ones? I guess it could be done with the 'description' file, but what are the names of the British voices?
  19. so would this work for custom maps? How do you set random locations in a custom map?? [EDIT] Never mind! Found this; http://sandbox.darrenbrant.com/arma_ii/creating-arma-ii-warfare-starting-locations All working now.
  20. stegman

    Warfare Module

    What about setting up warfare on custom maps? I know how to sync the players with the module, and create the towns and camps etc. but how do you create random spawn points?? [EDIT] Never mind! Found this; http://sandbox.darrenbrant.com/arma_ii/creating-arma-ii-warfare-starting-locations All working now.
  21. nope. didnt work for me anyway. :(
  22. I'd like to know this too. I'm not sure how to do it...maybe you could change the actiual profile file?? i'll give it ago tonight.
  23. I still cant get PMC to run by clicking on it. I have to start ARMA2 with a launcher app now. Its actually a good tool, i get to decide what addons and if i want splash screen etc, but i'd still rather the game launcher as intended.
  24. Could this be a hint at the next DLC maybe..? The PLA maybe? If so we could create this realy awesome campain and call it something like "Lifting Dragon" (ok, could use some work). Yeah, and the PLA could be invading this little island for the oil, right? How about this one? http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=1&cat=islands&id=136http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=1&cat=islands&id=136 Then, the USMC could interviene by landing on the West side of the island and push the Chinese off the island! But of corse we wont use the volcano or the entire East half of the island at all....:j: ..Dont like that? ok, then we could create the exct same story in a desert environment...:p