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  1. sektor

    Improvements compilation by Shadow

    Indeed, not many people play. Anyways, thanks for the effort.
  2. sektor

    Improvements compilation by Shadow

    Ease of use and reaching more people would be the point, IMO. Fwatch makes using mods and playing on modern systems and resolutions super easy. Other big mods like ECP have default islands with different vegetation, but maybe your's are not made the same.
  3. sektor

    Improvements compilation by Shadow

    Hey, did you consider making your mod downloadable trough Faguss' Fwatch launcher? https://ofp-faguss.com/fwatch/modmanager
  4. The game works much better with this, better colors, great performance, it took only 20 years 🙂
  5. sektor

    FFUR'85 (2008 edition)

    Hey, where i can download 1.37 patch, and how to get vehicles to explode? Tnx. Ok i found it https://m.facebook.com/notes/seth-barcello/ofp-arma-cwa-addons-mods-etc/1451977395075620/
  6. Bravo na trudu, samo nastavi.
  7. Has anyone found fix for this? I'm having the same problem in vanilla.
  8. Since there are lot of ways to play the game, lots of roles, maybe BIS could make small campaign of 10-15 missions for a specific role like heli pilot, jet pilot, tank crew, sniper/spotter/laser designator and others. To have a story about cocky young pilot who is arriving to Altis on a plane, where he meets a grunt that he later fails to rescue, also on the plane is veteran pilot that doesn't like him in the beginning. Missions start form troop/cargo drop, rescuing surrounded infantry, reconnaissance, support and end with action against ground and air targets, maybe a mission where you refuse to blow up hospital and stuff like that. Now repeat all this with tracked vehicles, snipers, and whatever would be interesting.
  9. sektor

    What game features would you pay money for?

    Like someone said, 70s south america scenario (predator mod to follow :) would make me buy it. I would chip in for better wounds and general reaction to being shot, for helis that don't explode when give them a harsh look and possibility to aim the bombs with the jet. For the rivers that flow, i wouldn't even look at the price.
  10. sektor

    Jet DLC?

    Just a way to drop bombs accurately, like would be nice.
  11. I always fought against West, maybe you could try that for a change.
  12. I'm no naive english speaker, but i think "generic" is not the word you should be using for Arma2 stuff. Authentic would be more appropriate.
  13. If they just add rivers and lakes, it would satisfy me for a long time.
  14. sektor

    Arma Neither This Or That Nor One Or The Other

    I wander if they could ad advanced features for currently dumbed down features that you can switch on or off, like the new flight model. Are there any obvious disadvantages that i don't see with the ability to switch advanced armor, injuries, planes and other features?
  15. Thanks for your work, have fun with your extra time.