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  1. HI there unable to use AT missiles on attack helicopters missiles not selectable anyone else has this problem
  2. ricmaughn


  3. ricmaughn

    Advanced Rappelling

    the problem with infantry stuck in rappell animation seems to be related to the Dev build only on trouble shooting only started happening after update this weekend reverted to non Dev and problem was solved can anyone suggest a fix for the dev build Thanks
  4. ricmaughn

    Advanced Rappelling

    hi anyone else having probs with infantry stuck in rappel animation at start of game if you do can anyone suggest a fix i am using the dev build thanks
  5. ricmaughn

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    hi anyone else having this prob nosewheel falling through ground???
  6. ricmaughn

    War Sim Studios

    hi whats up just checking to see how progress is going looking forward to release
  7. OK found problem it was a file called fir_f16_cfg_pilotreplacement.pbo all well now great addon you made here
  8. I have a major prob all my F16 skins have a big red fist on wings and tails anyone else has this problem this is with no additional mods help please
  9. ricmaughn

    3den Enhanced

    hi Love this mod, its just beautiful and saves alot of time In the copy loadout tool it would be wonderful to just save one or several aspects of the loadout and be able to copy across example just uniforms or weapons , items or vest. this I think would save so much time and allow for more options instead of having to go into arsenal just asking, but as it is now this mod is a must have Keep the good work up cant wait to see what you add next
  10. hey is there an update to this with the recent update to the vtn mod unable to zoom in 3rd person thanks
  11. hi how do you load the static machine guns whats the name of the magazines thanks
  12. ricmaughn

    War Sim Studios

    hi any recent news looking forward to this mod thanks
  13. ricmaughn

    Marine Expeditionary Force Mod

    love the uniforms in this mod but have major probs with other mods units loading with only hand guns and Rh units loading without optic what can i do to resolve this thanks
  14. ricmaughn

    [Release] TOH Cargo Ships

    ships not showing up in apex I checked under structures seaport no luck help please thanks
  15. Bug report Cannot seem to load any gun optics to apex weapons with this mod guns not accepting standard optics any solution to fix this thanks love your mod