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  1. namman2

    MRAP Cougar

    Yes , we are still working on this , expect some updates in a couple of weeks ;)
  2. the new D9 model is ingame now still WIP , it was made by Jakednb here
  3. namman2

    Tracks not working

    yes , and thanks for the help i've already found the problem , it was in the materials some how , i copied the t72 tracks material file and it worked , thnx everyone ;)
  4. namman2

    Tracks not working

    yes they are they have all the selections as the bis tracks , i copied bis tracks to the models (from the m113) and they worked but the D9 tracks didn't
  5. namman2

    Tracks not working

    yes and yes i don't know what's causing them not to work , i copied the tracks from a bis vehicle and they worked although they have the same selections and stuff
  6. I have a D9 model everything works great except for the tracks , do they need some specific settings or smth? the tracks are uvmapped vertically as BIS tracks , it never happened to me before
  7. dontpKanic yes they will be in the mod , right now we have the MK3D Baz and the MK4 in game , we have an MK3 model ready just need some config work , and the MK2,MK1, and the Magach with all it's variants are still in the making
  8. namman2

    MRAP Cougar

    well no that was just bad texture XD , the textures on the tire are not even close to being called textures
  9. namman2

    MRAP Cougar

    more WIP showing one variant of the 4x4 version
  10. namman2


    I'm really sorry for not answering for a long a time , I'm very busy with school and stuff , but sure you can edit them as much as you want as long as they don't conflict with the base addon (although i doubt i'll ever update it )
  11. namman2

    MRAP Cougar

    ingame WIP picutres :
  12. namman2

    MRAP Cougar

    6x6 WIP ingame
  13. namman2

    MRAP Cougar

    Pictures of the older version of the cougar