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  1. Hi, anyone noticed lack of insurgents and SU25 in P'85? -Few classes don't have names: VDV Sniper and Spetsnaz in one-color uniform (as far i remember). -Soviet Regular army officer (not camo) uses Marksman model. -Spetsnaz Sniper Team - Sniper and saboteur? -Theres also strange shadow bug in Spetsnaz Spotter/ Scout (I dont remember). -US Marines are voiceless (or they are such professionals they dont need words to communicate). Thats all
  2. Type 72Z is modernized version of T55 with reactive armor. You should ask rygugu, LoBo mod using his model.
  3. Any chances for Type 72Z? I love this little thing :D. http://www.armyrecognition.com/iran_iranian_army_heavy_armoured_main_battle_tank/safir-74_t-72z_type_72z_main_battle_tank_technical_data_sheet_specifications_description_pictures.html
  4. Hi, i noticed npc's in PMC are immortal, what command doing that? Regards.
  5. Takistani Army 4th Infantry Regiment soldiers on the rooftop. 89' Persian Hammer reference. A: P'85, LoBo Iraqi Republican Guard Egyptian reskin.
  6. maza94

    OA desert mercs

    Thats what i was talkin' about! OPFOR looks more than sweet!!
  7. maza94

    OA desert mercs

    Are You using OA Taki facepack in your OPFORs? It would be nice to have them with AK105 someone could reskin them for desert camo. And some without masks and scarfs on faces but with berets and helmets. They would be similar to regular military forces not like regular terrorists etc. With some vehicle pack (T90, BMP3, VODNIK, URAL, MI24, SU25 and MI17), even most simple desert camo pack they would be even greater!
  8. maza94

    OA desert mercs

    Those OPFORS are awesome! Reminds me a COD4 Units! Please make more! With and without helmets, with berets and stuff :D http://dog.fpsbanana.com/ss/skins/50354.jpg ;) PS: If you change uniforms for olive, scarfs for grey, rifles for M16A4/ FALs they would be best NTA addon so far ;)
  9. exactly, i thought about same thing :D
  10. It would be better if you use takistani milita (that good ones) facepack, there's more younger faces and it would be more realistic, NTA could be made from resistance soldiers and some ex TA soldiers.
  11. You should give them M16A2 or M4A1, and DCU uniforms
  12. How about opossition for Soviets? I thought about soldiers in olive BDU's (just like orginal TK army) with black berets/caps/M1 helmets/shemaghs , belts with pouches and AKs/FALs rifles. And of course for some SU25 missions, takistani Mig15's as opposition. Armor: T55s, T34s and BRDMs (that militia ones) Trucks and Cars would stay same as OA ones (exept landrovers). Air: Mig15s, Antonovs (same as OA) PS: poor Takistan... Soviets, Americans (first time, Persian Hammer :D), Americans again, who's next aliens? :D
  13. Saudi Arabia Peace keepers in Takistan A: Aeneas2020 Marines (with my config) and some AUG's
  14. My Iraqi helmet reskin after some changes. What do You think?
  15. Any news? Are you planning any BMP1s or any iraqi weapons (pistols, rifles, sniper rifles)? Reference pictures: http://www.adamsguns.com/tariq.htm http://www.dragunov.net/iraq_alkadesiah.html could be a camo version ;) http://www.dragunov.net/iraq_tabuk.html