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    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Selecting any FSAA options causes game to crash out now.
  2. moosenoodles

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    The paa errors are still present, integrity check did nothing to remove those, but it dont matter anyhow at that time in checking because the rain still works, Ill take a guess they altered the rain gfx and gave new files but forgot to remove the old ones.
  3. moosenoodles


    thanks for replying,, not many do these days regarding things like this.. Now that command is all fine right if you can get debug console up? but its primarily an issue in player made missions where its all locked down and fatigue system is on. Dunno I guess for single player rated missions, there could be an option in the main menu that becomes "ungreyed" out for use only when sp mode is detected.. that would help work around all these mission makers that are coming out the woodwork but dont seem to worry by looks of it about that setting :D But all in all its a system that is far from perfect and anyone who's done it will say you can run for a ton further with much more weight as fit as one becomes as a member of the armed services and not become a delapitating old chrone that is on his last legs and cant even get off his knees.
  4. moosenoodles


    I dont see too many people mentioning it, cant even to begin why not there should be plenty of military personel here I would of thought.. Anyhow, the whole downtime when aiming in higher than crouched stance is not exactly welcoming in arma 3, there is nothing wrong with having it in, but heck tone it down please. when one brings up the sight to the eyeline and holds to steady for a shot, the steady is gone in no time, it allows one proper shot off of true aiming before its all over the place. Lets not go there with the whole you should be crouching to steady oneself, I am well aware of the positions one needs to relax and get a proper shot but I am just saying here that its unrealistic the time it takes to get sights all wobbly and you start breathing like you just run 10km with 60lbs on ones back. I dont even mind that effect in arma 3 as long as I am carrying a full kit of weight.. but even with the american camel pack types you will still run and run out of breath like you have been diagnosed mnths before with lung dissease. If there is a thread for this pls do point me to it I could not find it. I would like to hear others views on this and rather it be people who have actually been in a position to comment. Even under pressure the drenalin funny enough can make your aim count, the focus of ones brain goes up ten fold.
  5. moosenoodles

    [SP] Infantry

    will be trying this a.s.a.p But I must say regarding the steamworks workshop and all these "missions" and i say that lightly for a fair few of them, standards are low regarding information on the mission, and the worse thing of all in my eyes, what release is it for... people leave out true descriptions wether sp/mp aspects and the killer .... dev or release build. drives me insane... ;) not sure about others or rather those with some education lol :P looking at the workshop release pages almost makes a mockery out of the game. ---------- Post added at 11:14 ---------- Previous post was at 11:07 ---------- got this on loading the mission before seeing anything on screen. http://gyazo.com/6aba13578e22f49745c00095de2f7ec2 ---------- Post added at 11:16 ---------- Previous post was at 11:14 ---------- The "here" button on the exection & ROE does not move to the "fireteam colleciton point" ---------- Post added at 11:21 ---------- Previous post was at 11:16 ---------- Dialogue is extremely quiet audio is dipping in and out of levels ---------- Post added at 11:23 ---------- Previous post was at 11:21 ---------- get to the first alpha point he stops and waits... so I get out he then runs me over :D not once but twice to make sure lol ---------- Post added at 11:26 ---------- Previous post was at 11:23 ---------- K some more testing here, seems its armstrongs audio possibly only that has the level issue, soon as the squad alpha (in blue text) starts to do audio dialogue its nice and loud and clear.
  6. Is there anyway to make sure things ( object items ) stay level (locked) on the surface of water, its fine initially, you save it then its dominated by the seabed and dips below the water line on loading the map back in. this setVectorUp [0,0,+0.1] this setpos [getpos this select 0, getpos this select 1,((getpos this select 2) + 2)]; this setVectorUp [0,0,+0.1] setVectorUp dont seem to help.... tried locking it in properties and changed it to flying etc.
  7. Ive not noticed a reply in this thread yet regarding the old facts from the other armas of "the water is rendered even under the island map even though you dont get to see it" .. Is this still true with arma 3 I wonder?
  8. Ace mods have always been pretty much awesome, but I also understand the fragmenting of the playerbase. It is rather simple to use the addon managers to play these different mods we get with Arma, but sometimes I guess the more casual player type might come home after a hard days work feeling a bit under the weather, would like a bit of Arma fun with some decent mods and then feel tired looking at what must be done to get playing.. I know once setup/favourites etc you dont need to do alot more but update ur mods and run a shortcut, but there are plenty of people out there that shy away from Arma because of constant changing mod files... I myself might switch to yomma's application its a nice gui with lots of info, but on a second note is there a standard "english language mod" we can get going with Ace 2 Sickboy? This is highly been a pain in the ass for me as I originaly got the german version many moons ago.. If the Ace 2 mod is here to stay and im sure it is, why not incorporate said mod then when I join servers I wont keep having to look for various variants of Language mod files with diff keys all these servers are using.. There used to be someone trying to get this done I think but looks like it was never made into a sticky post (shame) or people just assumed you would go out and buy the game all over again.. (no that shouldnt be needed).. Anyhow any info about that appreciated.. ..
  9. Id really like to know the cause of peoples mouse lag, Im running a G7 logitech in windows 7, I even have the "more accurate mouse" option whatever its called in the OS settings checked (which seems to be some kind of smoothing) and yet before beta and after things are no diff, its all fine and dandy, the beta version is if I dare say it alot more fluid and smoother for me.. This increment pixelfest mouse moving issue I read about for those that have it is very very odd indeed, and constitutes in my gaming/pc build and technical knowledge over the years screams system issues not game ones.. I dont mean as in people have crap systems, I mean as in they dont really know whats going on under the hood be it gfx/os/bios/tricks of the trade background settings... etc... Albeit Arma has its issues and that does not help in detecting real issues elsewhere as one can not be sure if its "me", or "the game" type syndrome lol. Its hell for some but, how many I wonder who were ok before beta patch testing were working fine now is not? Shame its not easier for those that had mouse issues and now dont compared to those that didnt and now do, can not discuss mouse hardware types and settings to see if there are any obvious standing out settings they all use or dont.
  10. moosenoodles

    ArmaHolic ArmA 2 Optimization

    I can tell you now, if you go altering that and other settings with the ATT application eventually you could be removing ATT and resetting your arma profile... I found in testing with ATT and FQS, that there was marginal if any diff. The issues are driver/game locked down with vsynch, even using the work around for vsynch can work temporarily, but if your a fiddler to get maximum all the time from playing various scenarios etc then my experience is the game shaders/cache or anything else for profile and running wise of said game seems to spit it all back at you after a while.. Of course if your up for messing about with it then its no biggie...
  11. Thoughtless post, seeing as enabling the option to use OD does NOT overclock your card, its just unlocking the slider to allow you to do so.. :j:
  12. moosenoodles

    NEW! Ati Drivers 9.8

    Regarding the fuzzy text issue.... I had this with warhammer online after changing drivers, it was most odd, all the text was like i needed glasses, I couldnt work out if it was me or the game lol as everything else seemed fine.. Anyhow soon as i deleted all the cache for the shaders and the games profiles and put it back to basics it all corrected itself.. Never had that happen before but thats what fixed that game at that time for me regarding 9.8 cats...
  13. moosenoodles

    (SP)HellFish Day 01

    Great will grab it then. cheers for reply.
  14. Someone should mention the issues with sometimes vista and win7 where installing ATT does not work correctly due to driver signing? If I remember there was a hack/workaround to stop the OS ballsing up the install and running of such tool.. Enlighten me if this has changed.
  15. Thrott :) your ccc overdrive can clock down to 600/450 or that is the case with my 4870.. you just move the slider backwards from where u see it as defaulted... so anything less is underclocked..