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  1. millerhighlife

    X spot is like trying to find G spot

    Im having a major game breaking issue were I can not loot boxes of players I have killed. It wont open the box even trying to spam x and let it register the input. But nothing is working. I have had to let two air drops that I could of got off people I killed. But it would not lot me access there loot. :( I have no issues opening anything else... except as the described manor above.
  2. WIll you make a ace version and what about RHS?
  3. Installed, does this require modules to be placed to work in missions? and the Ace Menu is blank for me?
  4. I'm part of the 2nd Mef clan and while our alive server is tied with the war room, Im conected to it but everybody elses stats are saved but mine are not listed. My name is tied to the war room and I can pull up my stats page, but I have no records or anything. No one else has this problem. Can someone please look into fixing it for me. This is our server information http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ and this is my profile page. http://alivemod.com/war-room/showpersonnel/Nik0
  5. I have had MCC forever but never really got to use it much, But I like to mess around it in singleplayer as my clan how their own way about missions and stuff (mostly alive). I have always sucked at making missions in fact I can't at all, even with alive I'm clueless just too many modules and syncing etc... I was messing with mcc for a couple hours just trying to get the player or groups I spawned under my command. I mean I could give them way point orders in such though the control pannel but I cant add any AI to my squad, in fact I was trying to use zeus as a workaround but my player is not even visible in the squads. So is this possible? I have been playing since OFP the day it came out but have never been able to make missions at all. It sucks. and your add on is awesome I just hope this is possible....
  6. millerhighlife

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    I guess you guys havenet seen whats coming up in the next big update for agm
  7. Do you have to run lpm efore you start the game each time, or just follow the instructions ad set it and forget it?
  8. millerhighlife

    JSRS: DragonFyre -- WIP Thread

    I disagree, I say release it, People will always have something to complain about. If it's only spawned explosions I see no huge deal. Yes people will complain but as you said it's out of your hands. If you don't want to release it then don't. But I honestly believe this is something that should not stop a release as it's a engine limitation that can not be supported until fixed. No need for all of us to suffer to wait for this implementation... who knows how long that would take?
  9. millerhighlife

    A-164 Wipeout HUD MOD

    I just really miss it from ace.... It's just so awesome, what is the other calculation for guds called?
  10. millerhighlife

    A-164 Wipeout HUD MOD

    Please CCIP!
  11. millerhighlife

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I thought the new update came out today with the launch of the Chopper DLC?
  12. millerhighlife

    [OPEN BETA] [SP] bCombat infantry AI Mod

    Please put this on PWS. I would of expected it to be included by now.
  13. Is there any way you could make a interface for alive that could e used with zeus or a user friendly interface that can e used in real time that explains in detail what each module does and the correct way to place them and sync and so on. When it comes to just usinging the editor. I get confused by just looking at the modules and having to use sciprts to change faction sides etc. It would be nice to just have a nice clean interface like mcc. I just have a hard time using this even with te tutorials because I suck with the putting it all together. or reading manuals for this. Im just not a editor expert by no means.