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  1. Thx for your answer Blackheart. Since the tank patch, it seems to be a bug when you try to treat a wounded. He can be treated, but when he stand his vision is all blurry, he can't use anything. Do you have some info about that? Sorry for my English I'm on a game. ^^
  2. Hello, I have some questions about your mission How to group with other players in patrol ops 4? I'd like to use Shacktac addon, but we have to be grouped for it to work. How to active the missions who appear on the intel screen after gathering intel? The central button is grey and not usable. "Command actions" or something like that. I tried to take the Squad leader slot for that but that doesn't work. THx for the mission. ;)
  3. I did modify the CSAT units instead of changing sides, It works. Thank you Blackheart_Six
  4. Here's what I changed so far, but still no tasks: Also I used some Apex units for inependent, might be the problem
  5. Hello, me again. I tried to put the AAF as the AI enemy faction on a Patrol ops Nato In patrol ops configuration.hpp I changed; PO3_side_1 = [ west, "BLU_F", "NATO" ]; // Player Side PO3_side_2 = [ east, "OPF_F", "CSAT" ]; // Player Side 2 (TvT) PO3_side_3 = [ guer, "IND_F", "AAF" ]; // AI Side (Tasks and Ambient) But it doesn't work. Error undefined variable for guer, no task is launching. I tried also independent and resistance on the first entry instead of guer
  6. Hi all, Hi Blackheart_Six, I'm working on a dedicated server intended to pass public in a few days with Patrol ops 3.1 on it. I expect some problems with the visitors so I'd like to only give the admin the power to assign players as pilots, and not each squad leader. (if it's possible) I looked in fn_setaspilot which refers to PO3_fnc_setAsPilot But that type of scripting is way above my head. Thank you in advance.
  7. Nikopol


    L'organisation PMC Phalanx recrute des joueurs passionnés par Star Citizen, notre gameplay passera par tous les aspects du jeu, dans un emballage Militaire. IRL First: La vie réelle passe avant les activités IG, tant que nous sommes prévenus pour les longues absences, ce principe est primordial chez nous. LEAD: Chacun aura la possibilité, après une instruction dédiée, et s'il le souhaite, de diriger une escouade, une escadrille, un vaisseau capital. Nous formons nos membres afin qu'ils soient prêts à toutes situation. MILSIM: Certaines soirées seront signalées "sérieuses", on vous demandera alors de respecter le briefing initial, respecter votre lead, communiquer en suivant la procédure radio. Il y aura également un code vestimentaire à respecter durant les Missions et Opérations. JEU EN GROUPE: Nous cherchons à créer un esprit de corps et à favoriser le jeu en groupe. Vous aurez la possibilité de vaquer à vos occupations, mais certains soir, on demandera une participation de tous aux Missions et Opérations de l'organisation. Nous sommes joignables en chat ou en vocal sur notre serveur DISCORD Ce que nous avons à offrir: - Une organisation mature - Une organisation structurée - Un suivi personnalisé de tous nos membres. Nous formons un groupe soudé, on ne laissera jamais quelqu'un dans son coin - Des évènements et une activité régulière dans et autour de Star Citizen: Star Marine Dogfight Racing Univers Persistant Soirées Lore Instructions de pilotages de différents niveaux Instructions Marines Entraînement de l'équipe Racing Entraînement autour des instructions Soirées Missions Soirées Quartier libre Exemple de Mission:
  8. Nikopol

    Bush's "Strange New Worlds"

    +42 Had Patrol ops running on your map, with added POI, for my Star Citizen Org trainings. If you have some time and information about the bug one day, it would be cool if you could update it. :) See you in the verse. [NIKOPOL - PHALANX FRENCH ORG] N. https://youtu.be/ktjmYbMJtAA
  9. Hey Mates, I'm using Patrol Ops 3 on my server. Is there a way to deactivate the possibility to use 3D and 2D markers in settings menu, or deactivate settings menu entirely. Thanks.
  10. Nikopol

    Satellite Image Overlap Issue

    do you have a clean map screen with yout terrain? This is my problem, the map, the terrain itself In game is ok with:
  11. Nikopol

    Satellite Image Overlap Issue

    Anyone else with 20480x20480 terrain working? (ingame and map screen) I cannot reproduce your settings 1PARA{God-Father}, (thank you again for your help), as Tiles size 1024x1024 produce "default satellite file does not exist", even after restarting from scratch with a 4096x4096/5m horizontal xyz terrain from L3DT (tried it last night). I guess i have to settle with the puzzled map screen, but i'm a perfectionnist, I cannot do that. :p
  12. Nikopol

    Satellite Image Overlap Issue

    Yeah i've edited my post last night, i figured out to change the horizontal scale of the heightmap to 5m in L3DT after first try.
  13. Nikopol

    Satellite Image Overlap Issue

    I'm maybe dumbnumb but what do you mean by 4096 x5? -> cell size 5m, ok got it! I'll try to resize to 4096x4096, fortunately i bought the pro version. Thank you for your help 1PARA{God-Father} ---------- Post added at 21:42 ---------- Previous post was at 21:24 ---------- Nope, "Layers generation - default satellite file doesn't exist" error again For the records, i resized the heightmap in L3DT to 4096x4096, exported it as terrain.xyz, In terrain builder, imported, was 40960x40960 in properties windows (?), modified size in properties to 20480x20480 Then -> mapframe, rebuild terrain, Generate Layers (cold sweat), bam error. Edit: Changed Horizontal scale also to 5 in L3DT, this make the xyz import in terrain builder in the right size 20480x20480, but can't manage to generate layers either. I'll try tomorow to restart from scratch (import sat, mask and terrain from 0 and see what happend)
  14. Nikopol

    Satellite Image Overlap Issue

    Yes, they are, i just checked to be sure. Sat and mask 20480x20480 Heigthfield is not, based upon a L3DT 2048*2048 .xyz resized in terrain builder.
  15. Nikopol

    Satellite Image Overlap Issue

    hmmkay, do you think of something you made in other tabs? 1st Tab Easting: 200000 Northing: 0 2st tab: Did you put something in the advanced mode? 3rd: Did you use create a config and internal MCE buttons? :) it's so boring to loose time on that. :/