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  1. Love your work.

  2. honchoblack

    looking for team players

    I am hosting a small server for a friend of mine and me (8 player max). Only COOP missions from the community and I am happy when people drop by for some teamwork action. Randomly weekdays and weekend from 20h to late hours CET on a server called KATER. I am also applying JW Customs Rule Nr.1 regarding restarts. ;)
  3. honchoblack

    Avgani and Afghan Village

    The Afghan Village map is really a great map, it has a very natural feeling to it and is great fun to play/fight on. Â Along with Avgani I consider it the best maps made for ARMA yet. Â
  4. Thank you ACE-team for a complete new feeling to ARMA. Â This is an awesome piece of work, well worth the name. Â
  5. honchoblack

    Mapfact releases DAC 2.0 for ArmA

    Thank you  for this early christmas present, combined with the 1.09 patch this will make some interesting holidays.  I will need the time to work myself into the endless possibilities this will provide me with. I can only try to imagine how much work you must have invested into this, Silola.  So thanks again to you and all that where involved in the making.
  6. honchoblack

    Mapfact Discussion Thread

    Here you go Silola, should be good enough for a couple of pages this weekend. Â
  7. honchoblack

    SJB Weapons Pack

    The Mercs look very good, looking forward to them. Â I am also delighted that you will be using the default "osobnost" heads, since it will make them more universal useable. Â
  8. honchoblack

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    Opteryx your update on the Sakarah map looks fabulous, looking forward to play on it. Â Good to see that you finally got your hands on QG. The new added vegetation looks very good and the new building block layouts looks very realistic. Â And judging by the pictures it seems you also reworked road systems and intersections, good job on that too.Â
  9. honchoblack

    Lowplants v1.1

    Thanks alot for this usefull addon, it offers much better framerates at a very low cost (almost no difference from the looks). Kegetys is truly a trademark you can rely on for excellent enhancements, very nice to see you are still active in ARMA. Â
  10. honchoblack

    Virtual TrainingSpace 2

    Thanks alot, I already had alot of fun with the first version, but with the new features this will be even better. Â
  11. honchoblack

    Mapfact Discussion Thread

    Hi Silola Good to hear that your DAC conversion to ARMA is almost done. Â I really loved you DAC for OFP, and I will like DAC2 even better. Looking forward to build my personal wars with all the gadgets you are offering in your next version. Â The pictures on the Mapfact site look excellent, and its good to see that it will be well documented again. Â
  12. honchoblack

    Sakakah Al Jawf OPEN BETA

    I have to disagree with the people that want the city to be filled with alot of objects fixing it to a certain scenario. Â From a mission maker standpoint it is always better to have an open theme to work with. This includes the placing of wrecked cars, and even more so with the placing of IEDs. Â This kind of detail really should be up to the mission maker. Â Just imagine driving by the same IED in every mission made for the map. To keep a map open to any kind of mission it is better to stick to architectual and vegetation objects. Â I would even watch with the amount of garbage and liter (objects) you place. Â Rather fill the open spaces with small walls, and large wall structures surrounding special places like TV station and mosques. Regarding the placement of Queens Gambit object, I can only strongly hope that you will use them. Â I think so for two reasons: Â first of all they fit your map wonderfull (cant wait to climb the large minarett tower for some overwatch, as well as a raid on the TV station and the light grass from Porto map looks exactly like the desert grass shown on one of the example fotos from the region). Â And second the QG objects have alot of buildings which roofs are accessable through ladders or stairs which will make fighting in the city even more interesting. Anyway, whichever way this map goes, I guess I will love it anyway, so best of luck with it.
  13. honchoblack

    Sakakah Al Jawf OPEN BETA

    Thanks alot, was looking forward to the release. Â Downloading now.
  14. honchoblack

    Sakakah Al Jawf

    Looks very good, I have been looking forward to a big city project for ARMA, as well as a middle eastern themed map. Â You offer both in a map, making it even more interesting. It already has the VBS terrain pack feel to it due to the size. Â Looking foward to further progress.
  15. honchoblack

    Projekt Gardinas Island

    He already released them, you can find them on the page of his Visitor 3 manual page, just scroll down to the ASMAPvisitorfiles.rar. http://deadeye.pytalhost.com/manual/index.php?topic=241.0