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    iam very interesting in getting my ARMA2-cant-play-at-nighttime-CTD issue away!
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    backup my comrates and bring 'em back to safe house.

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    quick and fast thinking and movin' soldier. never afraid of getting bullets around his head.
  1. seelix

    Which version will you be buying?

    So,i heard ARMA3 will ONLY be released on STEAM platform. Is that right ? If thats true,i must say,this is the worst day ever for me. I will definitly not use STEAM ,so that means no ARMA 3 in the future for me or what ? This can't be !
  2. Racist....lol ! :icon_eek: But back to topic. Works like a charme. Thanks
  3. You are german right ? This should explain everything. If you ask something in the net and you get answers you dont like,you always have to attack everyone and everything. So get it cristal clear : Iam not in here atm,to let me bully by some agressive stranger. Your language sucks,like your attitude ! You may buy a Nintendo with some nice shiny gootchy-goo games. War simulation are obviously not the best freetime solution for you. :pet2:
  4. Why you post a problem , if you are not willing to listen to people who knows it better than you ?:annoy:
  5. seelix

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Hell,you cant imagine how badly i wanna play a THE PACIFIC (HBO) campaign ! Someone has really alot of work to do. :D
  6. There is really no need to ask for a fixed version of a full working .exe ! Just can repeat it : If you have problems installing patches for ARMA2, reinstall the whole game. And you will see,everything works. Btw.,thanks for the patch BIS ! Lets keep the show running. :)
  7. seelix

    Devs time for a 64BIT version???

    Will the 64Bit discussion start again some day ?
  8. seelix

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Sorry for language,but i kinda jizzed in my stinky dirty pants. :oops:
  9. seelix


    At first i have to say iam still playing v1.2,not 1.21. Another report i like to tell is that side mission after FOB got attacked by vehicles from montain top. You have to destroy an enemy convoy.So far so good,but before you get in the chopper and move to extraction,you have to rearm the whole squad. Noone of the units got any AT equiped. The point now is you just only can let the squad join you after you accept the side mission. And while rearming my boys with some nice AT's, the convoy allready is on their way. So it was pretty hairy to get into position within the timelimit. After some runs i was glad to solve the mission,but like i said.....pretty hairy to get in position in that short time. So my idea would be, a)the convoy start a bit more far away, b) the squad can join you before you go to the laptop to contact CIA for missions, or c) the squad should have been allready armed with AT's after the FOB defend scenario. Would this be an option for you ? Btw. there is no briefing info or mission infos available while in map modus before mission "seek and destroy" starts. (like before recommended loadout etc.) Its only available after the mission started.
  10. seelix


    Thanks for this update. Forgot to tell about it. :D
  11. seelix


    Of course !;) But it was much easier for me to keep an overview for every mission i played.
  12. seelix


    I hope my saves will still work after the patch.:butbut: Well,to come back to some bug reports. I played yesterday another hours,but overall everything was fine. Mission Halo Jump : An enemy who already got killed,respawn a couple seconds later at the same place but dont do anything.You can stand right in front of him and nothing happens. This happened to me two times now in this mission and at two different places. In both situations an enemy soldier were standing at a fireplace , got shot. But iam sure this is very BIS related. :rolleyes: Visit searchboard and seizure (Side Mission) : Everything just went fine.And i really like that helo transport script ! A new war (Seals in Iraq) : This mission was frakking awesome ! CAS was unbelievable fun. :D A frogmans best friend : Was kinda movie feeling.I really enjoy'd it. Thanks. So 'til now no more reports from me. I will move on in the campaign later that day,and hopefully will find nothing more. :o
  13. seelix


    At first i would like to say ,that this campaign is hell of awesome shit. I give this a 10/10 ! I really enjoyed all of the missions. I stopped the first run after 1.1 were uploaded,so i began a secon run. While playing the first time i noticed some bugs here and there,and i thought it would be a great idea to write em all down and post them in here. :deal: 1. Before first mission,you land with the chopper and drive to the JSOC. The voice of the driver who brings you up there is much to quiet. 2. First Mission : When you take a car,gunner doesn't shoot until you disembark the vehicle. Also hostage dont follow as long as in crouch position. She have to stand up. 3. Voice of the Commander in the JSOC is pretty low and slowing down a bit in briefing to "overwhelming firepower". Sounds like his batteries are empty. :D 4. First side Mission "overwhelming firepower" were fine. I just took a boat and arty'd the compound with the boatlauncher from the distance.:rolleyes: 5. Mission "Friend in need". When you are in the chopper at the beginning and you order your squad a new formation before jumping off, the camera like freeze. Mission goes on,but the camera doesnt move anymore. Nor when switching to external view. This happen also in other missions when sitting in a helo and changing the squad formation. Another thing is,sometimes,like this time in this mission a player/AI doesn't follow any orders anymore. Also loosing the action menu via mouse wheel. It happened to me two times now,and in both situations i had a autosave splitseconds before. Situation here was,a squad member got hit.I draft him to a secure corner and had the options menu activated to drag him down. In that moment i had a autosave and after that he was unable to stand up or anything.Even after i switched manually.Also the action menu was gone. The fix here was to shoot the AI in the leg with an sidearm,so he didnt die.So i was able to revive him again. Everything was back to normal after that. Oh,and on grid 054976, in the middle of nowhere is a US rocket/ammo box on the ground. Between "take out helipads" and "secure base" markers. Why exactly ? 6. Mission Seal Sniper (Side mission) Got 8 recruitments with me and all were fine. At the moment i will start "Halo Jump". More reports coming up,if i can sort some out.
  14. seelix


    This sounds like pure awesomeness. Will try out later today. Thanks guys.
  15. seelix

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Thanks Private. Will give it a chance. :-) Edit: Lots of sparks now. ;) ty