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  1. hardrock

    IAWS standard definition

    Just by the way: The ACES project for OFP tried to achieve pretty much the same. You can find it for OFP bundled together with the Eurofigher Addon. I think it also has been ported to ArmA. Maybe you can find some script code in there that's of any use to you. Especially all the proxy handling system has been worked out pretty well, I guess.
  2. hardrock

    Extremely poor performance?

    @iLoctus: I appreciate your answer. I guess I'll wait a while, maybe put in some more RAM and see whether it improves anything. I can still upgrade my GFX card in a few months. It's disappointing to see that even the recommended system configuration does not really work out.
  3. hardrock

    Extremely poor performance?

    Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I just bought this card one year ago and it's pretty much unused, so I'm not really a fan of replacing it. Would adding a second card (SLI) be an option? Is there any chance to improve my performance at all with that rig (more RAM?)?
  4. hardrock

    Extremely poor performance?

    I have the same problem. I have the recommended system requirements, but I can barely play the game (the Demo, to be correct) on the lowest settings. I have set the resolution to 1920x1050, resolution to 100%, AA lowest setting and postprocessing off. All the rest is on mostly low and some normal, with those settings Arma2 isn't looking particularly nice, but at least I get 25FPS in the benchmark. My system specifications: Windows XP SP 2 Athlon64 X2 6000+ Nvidia 8800GT 512MB 2GB RAM Asus M2N32-SLI Mainboard Does anyone have any tips (apart from the above-mentioned) to improve my system's performance?
  5. hardrock

    ArmA 2 Demo feedback

    Just played the demo for two hours and I basically like it. It's like OFP! The athmosphere, the style, the graphics... Honestly, is it normal that I have to play it on mostly everything off or low with an Athlon64 6000+, Nvidia 8800GT and 2GB RAM under Win XP SP2? And I still have texture loading issues. I already got the newest Nvidia driver, but that didn't change much. So my feed back to the demo is: So-so. The athmosphere is nice, but the performance not so.
  6. hardrock

    CiA co-op night

    Hey all, I wonder about that too. I haven't got Arma2 yet, but it sounds like a worthy successor to OFP! Gotta drop in once my exams are over. @Albert: Nice picture!
  7. I think that the contest idea is a very good one. I'd like to also throw in the suggestion to open-source the submissions (or only the winner) once the voting is over. I think this could serve as a good resource to learn from existing addons. Additionally, I'd like to propose that the technical quality of the addon should influence the voting. This could stimulate participants to improve their technical skills and raise discussions about best practices etc.
  8. Ok, I apologize if I may have been rude. I know this behaviour from OFP, I suppose it was the same in Armed Assault. I remember that in OFP it took a while until your formation direction changed to where the leader is facing after the leader changed the direction. I don't think this is bad though, otherwise all your units would reformate even if you only change direction for a few seconds. Of course, it was always very tricky finding out what the actual direction of the formation was if the AI was in lead. That's where the clock indicator helped a lot, and that is also why I think a subtle formation direction indicator, that appears when a radio message with a direction comes in, would be a good idea. Just like the old clock.
  9. Did you consider reading my entire post before replying?
  10. Hello all, I think there've already been a couple of very good suggestions in this thread. I agree that "left" and "right" should be used in close distances, while compass directions should be used when the enemy is farther away. Many of you seem to dislike the more human "left" and "right" and favour the old system of OFP with the visual clock and a direction like "3 o'clock". I think that crawler made a good point though: Why not get the best of both games? Like we had the visual clock in OFP, we could simply add a little cursor indicating the current squad direction. Then determining where "left" is, relative to the squad direction, is absolutely no problem anymore.
  11. Imagine you buy a Lamborghini. You know that the model is one of the fastest cars around, its design the most beautiful, its sound the warmest sound a car has ever made! It's a warm summer day. The sun is gleaming, it's really hot outside. A perfect day for a ride! You get into the car and find out that you cannot adjust the seat, which leaves you in a very uncomfortable position. Ignoring this minor detail, you start the motor and off you go. It's getting hotter and hotter, but the window lifts don't work. Nor does the air conditioner, which heats the car instead of cooling it. Slightly irritated, you insert a CD, but the player cannot read it. A light flashes to inform you about running out of fuel, but you know that your tank is full! You turn on the GPS and it tells you to turn right on a long straight road with no crossing whatsoever. After this day, would you still be confident in your choice to buy the car because it's a Lamborghini, the fastest and most beautiful car out there? The details count. Releasing an unfinished product is unprofessional and not acceptable.
  12. Really?! Then, considering that ArmA II seems to be out in a few stores in Germany, where's the CWR release for it? :p
  13. hardrock

    ArmA II: The Vehicles

    What's the point of cross-posting that over and over again?
  14. hardrock

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    @Ptolemaios: The screens that you provided to compare the games are like comparing apples and bananas. CM's screens are edited, BIS' screens are not. CM's screens use anti-aliasing, BIS' screens do not. BIS screens are obviously ingame, but are CM's ingame as well? We can't tell. Comparing games by their look and by what the game developers tell or have shown in render videos is nonsense anyway. I'm no fan of either of the games and will buy those that are fun. But calling others "fanbois" without having any valid argument supporting your point is really weak.
  15. Sorry to hear that, Rock. You know, that's the great thing about creating open source software. No-one can steal what you have already given for free. But then again, the business model of open source companies is an entirely different one and cannot really be applied to 3D modelling. All the best!