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  1. impressive works, devs and community !
  2. exact. did someone try to customize the SSAO hexacode profile for nvidia drivers ? i suspect nvidia integrated several profile for several game engine. maybe one of them works for arma2 ...
  3. gL33k

    Improving the Light Engine| What and How

    point light source and volumetric ambiant occlusion (or at least an approaching method). arma2 is great on topography, texturing, even geometry. even if , with DX11 gpu , they could think about tesselation ;) the only thing the engine lack at my POV , is better shadowing . actually, their SSAO post processing apply to grass clutter only . not building or unit . ---------- Post added at 06:41 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:29 PM ---------- yeah he is dreaming actually ... however, i tested a GI hacking shader with OBGE v3 mod for oblivion. it gave the look of 90's CGI demo ! was funny . in 10 years , the power of gpu will give ability to oversample that by 1024 by the law of moore , and then remove the grainy effect. i presume ...
  4. volumetric ambient occlusion... 'nuff said
  5. hi dudes ! any news about a working enbserie SSAO for arma2/CO ? i have an old one , 0.75 for GTA SA , but SSAO is not correct. it darkened all the screen. i tried several bugfix value without success... ps: is nvidia SSAO working with this game ? is it fast enough ? (screen please :D ) if so, i think i will change my GPU for a nv.
  6. a lot of dead unit were still on their foot, inanimate. they disappear like corps after a while. critical bug repro is not so easy. because i was playing warfar benny 2.0.70
  7. i'm absolutly SURE that my 1.59 behave better considering AI displacement. what you said is odd. because the way the trooper move , feel different. first this back warping didn't happen before. and second point , i see clearly soldiers running, but moving slower than their motion let you think . the soldiers "slow down" while the running motion is still in progress, they "slide" on the ground. and that make me think interpolation has something to do with it. in a nutshell, the average position error of units is worst than 1.59 considering suma answer : this is strange, because this regression is easily seen. i hope it's not a patent problem
  8. i seriously don't like the new interpolation stuff. soldiers warp back every seconds even with 40+ fps server and low bandwith (on LAN). it maybe has something to do with my personal basic.cfg settings, wich are :
  9. less but not far from 30% ... 30% probably due to bigger L3 cache
  10. gL33k

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    congrat's for this sound addon . it's gorgeous. but the M107 has several shot sound. is it intended ?
  11. going from i5 2400 (@stock frequency , unable to OC these one) to a fresh 2500k unlocked , set @4600mhz , IS a real upgrade. with a such GPU , he 's pretty sure to have a nice boost. go for it guy !
  12. gL33k


    physx + vertex deformation (on vehicle , metal door etc ) should be thinked .
  13. gL33k

    CRcti Proman

    hi. crcti revival ! this battlefield engine is great , i didn't play it on arma2. it's working far better than actual warfar 2.0.69. but there are problems with this mission. the most important IMO , is the city selection when you choose a small number of them. it's sparsed on the map. the AI need to walk or drive so much to reach objective. in warfar, the city selection is coherent.