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  1. Glad if I helped,for the good measure I just launched the Unsung and the issue still came up.And it happens with the NVA T-54 too.
  2. Thank you,its a great mod I've encountered a rather a bug with M48. Tank spawns in with its crewed "opened hatch" position and does not turn in the vehicle even though they are in combat.
  3. F-4 with Firewills missile platforms and I'm done (yes I know Devas TAF has F-4 but that one is weird to fly,not that its bad)
  4. Colonel Jason

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Howdy,good progress on everything so far,I have one question,can you guys make current BDU's without US flag? (Especially Early M81) They would be great assets to use as some countries used Early M81s as their main camouflage pattern. Cheers and again keep up the good work.
  5. Colonel Jason

    F5-E Tiger 2

    Looking good! I have one advice and one request you can probably agree with. First of all,make the plane start with historical armament,as far as I can tell its going to be 70s or 80s plane so it should have either AIM-9P or Ls.Current F-5 on Iran mod has AIM-9X's pretty inaccurate,also make the pylons compatible with weapons from other mods such as Firewill,SOG PF (not a DLC but it has unique weapons) and lastly SABs. And lastly request,Turkey used F-5s heavily. First one with grey camo https://www.the-northrop-f-5-enthusiast-page.info/Pictures/Turkey/3067.jpg Turkish Air Force initially operated F-5s with grey camo pattern but due to NATO's standart camouflage pattern it got changed into multi camo (ish) pattern https://www.the-northrop-f-5-enthusiast-page.info/Pictures/Turkey/5-199Eindhoven.jpg Looking forward to this mod as F-5s are great planes and historical pieces which Arma must have.