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    Tente mudar a plataforma do Arma (de 64bits para 32) Try to change ARMA 3 plataform, from 64bits to 32bits
  2. I'm having a few problems with ARMA 3 (only arma 3), i have tried a lot of things but can't solve. 1° After a random time playing, the video freezes, or turns into a black screen, requiring hardreset. [FIXED: Changed the game to start at 32bit plataform] 2° The GPU is being used 100% all the time (even in Main menu) [FIXED: Enabling Vsync] 3° The temperature reaches about 83°C (only game that i play that reaches this temp) [FIXED: Reducing Sampling to 88%] 4° Sometimes the GPU uses more energy than the recommended (75w), the max it goes is 76.3 w, don't know if it is normal or not [FIXED: Reducing Sampling to 88%] My PC is quite new (4 months) and i have the recomended specs for ARMA 3. -Win10 -GTX 1650 4vram -I5 9400f (6 cores) -16gb ram *I also had a problem related to BSOD "genuineIntel.sys", but it was fixed, but the freezing still happening. (Reminding that these problems are only happening in ARMA 3)