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  1. You can add MODID/ urls from the workshop, HTML exported from the launcher, IDS copied from the clip, local modules and so on to identify and download (using Steamcmd). Automatically configure the BE anti-cheat basic rules, configure the basic BE rules about create, kill, teleport, etc. Automatically configure the RCON password and port Provides BattlEye RCon V2 protocol based integrated management, T people B people and other full series of functions. You can manage multiple servers at the same time. You do not need to copy the server directory to another server directory to start the service. Support server query, automatically query all servers and update the list Have a plugin marketplace where you can subscribe to a variety of utility plug-ins for your server, such as Unlimited Endurance (in development). Chart statistics, provide record server data, server performance, memory monitoring, CPU monitoring, as well as the number of monitoring report statistics (under development). Automatic restart (hard restart Quartz CRON)+ Script restart + fixed-point restart. Cover ARAM3 server basic Settings, security Settings, network Settings, task Settings, module Settings, difficulty Settings, performance Settings, log Settings. UI layout ADAPTS automatically, which is suitable for managing the small screen when the mobile phone connects to the server. Powerful prompt to inform you of the function of each parameter option Install the tutorial Ensure that.NET CORE,.NET Framework 4.8, and DirectX have been installed Run Arma3ServerTools. Exe RCON Download address: Download notice: This version is a development beta, there may be a lot of bugs, if you find bugs, please submit here: https://gitee.com/elstp_1_elstpserver/DestinyArma3Tools/issues
  2. This is the entertainment-oriented directing mission that mimics counter-Strike OL's biochemical mode and Battle Royale Biochemical mode and Battle Royale mode have been implemented, do not need MOD, pure SQF implementation The opening must be 2, otherwise in the waiting stage! Mission mode: The biochemical model Battle royale https://youtu.be/VB3p9jvJfI4 Gameplay: The biochemical mode is to countdown when the mission is about to start and randomly select a player to turn into a zombie. The zombie will infect all humans and win. Otherwise, the human will win if the waiting time expires and the human still exists! The battle Royale mode requires the player to stay behind and control the zombies while the rest of the player quickly breaks through obstacles and escapes! Required MOD: No Note: This mission is designed for dedicated servers, so it cannot be run in single-player mode! If you support this mission, please rate and comment on Steam. Enjoy! STEAM workshop
  3. The following code can only be used on the server. Do not write it in the task file. It is recommended that you create a separate mod mount to avoid revealing RedIS information Connect to redIS server first after server initialization (connection can only fail once and can be failed multiple times) Parameters: [IP, port, password] Redis has a password: "ArmaMapsExt_x64" callExtension ["connectRedis",["","6379","123456"]] Redis password free: "ArmaMapsExt_x64" callExtension ["connectRedis",["","6379"]] Store a string to the RedIS cache server Parameters: [key, value] Cache indefinitely: "ArmaMapsExt" callExtension ["sendMsg",["usename","abc"]] Cache expiration (in seconds): "ArmaMapsExt" callExtension ["sendMsg",["usename","abc","60"]] Gets a cached string from the key parameters:[key] _data = "ArmaMapsExt" callExtension ["getMsg",["username"]] Returns the value if the cache is hit, otherwise returns an empty string Note: the whole process can only be executed on the server! Modules can also only be mounted on the server If you are using client test, please close battleye first, otherwise it will block the load! link: workshop