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  1. The following code can only be used on the server. Do not write it in the task file. It is recommended that you create a separate mod mount to avoid revealing RedIS information Connect to redIS server first after server initialization (connection can only fail once and can be failed multiple times) Parameters: [IP, port, password] Redis has a password: "ArmaMapsExt_x64" callExtension ["connectRedis",["","6379","123456"]] Redis password free: "ArmaMapsExt_x64" callExtension ["connectRedis",["","6379"]] Store a string to the RedIS cache server Parameters: [key, value] Cache indefinitely: "ArmaMapsExt" callExtension ["sendMsg",["usename","abc"]] Cache expiration (in seconds): "ArmaMapsExt" callExtension ["sendMsg",["usename","abc","60"]] Gets a cached string from the key parameters:[key] _data = "ArmaMapsExt" callExtension ["getMsg",["username"]] Returns the value if the cache is hit, otherwise returns an empty string Note: the whole process can only be executed on the server! Modules can also only be mounted on the server If you are using client test, please close battleye first, otherwise it will block the load! link: workshop