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  1. Dopeydopeman420


    These "invisibles" are syncronization errors that happen similar to black screen first round start eliminations. Restart the game to refresh connection i usually start seeing it after 5 elimination matches
  2. Dopeydopeman420

    Vigor destroying internal hard drive

    Keeps crashing video drivers on xbox ....this seems to be since they updated this for ps5. Just a matter of time till xx is added and no one else can play.
  3. Dopeydopeman420

    What about a mini battle royal ?

    Need to be more specific. Just sounds like shootout.
  4. Dopeydopeman420

    Why do duos have no choice to face trios?

    I mean if you are in dous and get trios against you send a party inv to another pair of duos or a solo
  5. Dopeydopeman420

    To devs

    You are risking potential income from this game by ruining possible longevity entertaining the half dozen short attention span sweats. Put in a k/d ratio divider for play spawns. This game is really unenjoyable for new people and you are making it worse. Funny thing is you are still spending money and time working on something that is losing fanbase.
  6. Dopeydopeman420

    Why do duos have no choice to face trios?

    I support teaming for many reasons. If you play this game you most definetly need friends. There are no k/d matchings so people who use m&k and aim bots are put in same lobbies as beginners and switch players who are terrible but just trying to get a rated m game in with thier parents thinking its not really possible on it. Ive played this on and off and i really liked picking a map over these rotations considering knowledge of layout of my favorite map dverg. These guys just really support the toxic nature of this game.
  7. Dopeydopeman420


    So since the vigor team wont divide player matchings by k/d ratios does that means we can team up on duos and trios on purpose to try to get an edge on these guys? Because this would be a simple fix for multiple issues across the board but it seems they like the toxicity factor. Since ive been reading through all these posts i keep seeing the same questions get the same answers so teaming on purpose is ok. The switch players are not good and keep getting forced in matches with xbox sweats now if k/d ranked matches were set the odds of anyone and not just one player leaving with items would be much greater. The players being a higher level is 100% a problem considering with house and creation table level and them having much more time to collect prints. the fact sweats can create any purple tier gun for consistent use rather then join pretty much empty handed while being hunted by people with trackers and the best guns is the point everyone tries to get across but vigor team ignores. So naturally we should ignore thier rules since this is what they want.
  8. Dopeydopeman420


    Since this game supports full toxicity from the official replys ive seen to peoples complaints and problems. i geuss i will get my own programs and shit to bot out wins since everyone else is. Not sure what else to do since these people are making the game super unenjoyable. Ill start recording everything i already have a few outrageous videos already. Tired of lock on luger headshots from across the map while everytime i aim with a teammate in view i end up accidentally killing them because for some reason my aim assist only works on teammates. And people silly banding back to full health after a firefight. THERE ARE NO MEDS IN ELIMINATION AND I CAN KEEP CANCELING YOUR BULSHIT ATTEMPTED EXPLANATIONS. This game was great until it was made clear there are no reprocussions from the vigor team on cheating. Now its rampant.
  9. Dopeydopeman420

    What is That Sound?

    Found that out staking hot zones
  10. Dopeydopeman420

    What is That Sound?

    Ive been looking into this and its someone doing the locks on supply crate and also the switches on timed safe
  11. Dopeydopeman420


    Im talking shootout and elimination where i could shoot someone point blank while they are shooting someone else have thier health go back up instantly 180 and head lock even as im trying to be evasive ...ive also played elimination matches where one guy used a pmk and got a instant headshot on whole team single handed off jump from across the map even with us spread out ...in shootout there is one guy who sits on the roof and head shots everyone as soon as they spawn or will run around auto locking spawns i do not have aim assist and other people clearly do ive noticed in elimination it works great on team in view when they are rushing other side but never lock on like that to enemies ....its been highly noticable in shootout since the crates dropped and im getting sick of it add me on xbox and ill give you my most enfuriating example of this constant bulshit cant seem to attach it here
  12. Dopeydopeman420


    Ive used all the guns and somehow the lmgs have a magic sense to them finding my head while i use it the same standing as others and cant hit the side of a house
  13. Dopeydopeman420


    ELIMINATION since when can you get a diferent primary and ive had my whole team wiped after a team kill match and one guy came out stood at the top of hill from spawn just hip fired and killed us all on other side of map im tired of this games bulshit
  14. Dopeydopeman420


    I suggest everyone boycott vigor until they fix it let the cheats wear themselfs out tired of silly band boys snapping back to full health after i almost have them dead
  15. Dopeydopeman420


    Guys are rubber banding around going back to full health after connected shots also people still running forward then snap back ten feet go back to full health and kill you