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  1. Valenorious

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Ive been playing an Antistasi Community version 2.5.3 with 3CB BAF modset since around september 2021. I've been playing on and off and are not sure if there have been updates to 3CB BAF in the mean time. Last few days I notided I somehow included 3CB Factions in the modset and it started to complain about missing RHS SAF. After I fixed that (remove 3CB Factions from the mods to be loaded) and loaded the mission I got an error message of "Bad vehicle type UK3CB_CHC_C_B_MED" as I spawned in the world. Has that been a classname that was part of the mods in the past? As I can't find anything similar in the editor asset list. Judging by the naming it comes close to a Chinook model. But they have a different classname. Can anybody explain this?
  2. Valenorious

    TrackIR issues

    Have you tried to click the button Aktualisieren? Sometimes Arma 3 looses my TrackIR 5. Game view doesn't change direction. And leds on the sensor looks red/orange/greenish. Pressing the button fixes it and it shows up in the list again.
  3. Mission parameters can be described in the server config file: see https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg and https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Mission_Parameters
  4. Playing my Antistasi mission on my dedi I get only a basic binocular at the start. I keep wrecking my brain over what that notch halve way left on the horizontal crosshair line could mean. It would be great if this could somehow be used for ranging. It doesn't change with zoom applied so it does not seem like a mildot reference. Nor does the size of it seem to match it when I tested looking to Petros from 900 meters. Anyone have an idea?
  5. Valenorious

    Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    [EDIT: Disregard. Turns out it was a faulty keyboard/touchpad driver install issue after a Windows 10 update cycle. F7, F9 and F12 keys didn't work.] [EDIT 2: No, it's the TrackIR app using those Functionkeys which some how traps them. I didn't realize that SpeakEasy also expects other key-combo's for it.] I'm having issues selecting soldier #7 and above by speaking "seven" or "soldier 7". Only when I address it as "unit 7" will it be selected. I don't have C2 as mod installed, but as workaround that is the solution I have to take. Up to and including #6 everything works fine. For example, I can select #2, #4,#6 in one go like "2, 4, 6" or "Soldier 2, 4, 6" and assign them as a team color. But when doing the same for the uneven ones, #7 (and above if they are in my team) will not be selected. "3, 5, 7" or "Soldier 3, 5, 7" will only select 3 and 5. Voiceattack does recognize I speak 357 or "seven" according to the log. Any idea what might be happening here?