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  1. Hello f0Rsythiaa, Considering that PS4 players will be exclusively together, does XBOX Switch players would have the possibility to turn off the crossplay ? Thanks a lot for your precision 😉
  2. Reikens

    Updated Switch

    hello ! est-ce que ta console est à jour ? est-ce que tu vois la nouvelle tuile du jeu Vigor ? Tu peux tenter d'utiliser la fonction "Redémarrer" sur la console pour vider le cache.
  3. Reikens

    Vigor Communities

    Disons qu'on se ballade pour choper les points chauds, coffres, largage, caches mais qu'on tire quand ça bouge 🙂 Tout dépend si on a des débutants avec nous, sinon personnellement j'aime les deux, sans chercher à tuer toute la map ^^ Et toi ?
  4. Reikens

    Vigor Communities

    Bonjour ! Je passe en français pour que mes compatriotes se joignent à nous ! Vous parlez français et vous aimez Vigor ? Ajoutez moi sur Discord et je vous parlerais de notre Team avec plaisir 🙂 Reikens#1864
  5. Hello ! This game definitely looks like a casino in the palm of our hands... At the same time boosting the games is very exciting and the reward is much bigger. What if every day the players get 1 free boost per day ? This would allow each player to boost one game and train the other players to give theirs. Have you ever noticed that when someone boosts a game, other players naturally follow? I think there's this mentality of "someone is making an effort, come on, why not me"?
  6. Reikens


    Hello Naeris, Vigor isn't an easy game.. after your first 10 encounters you're putted in the middle of the jungler ! With strong players. But I strongly recommand you to add other players in the lobby, with official Discord and this topic : Playing with a team is, for me, the best way to explore and progress 🙂
  7. Reikens

    Vigor Zombies

    Hey, I really don't think that's the spirit of Vigor. Maybe I'm wrong but this game aspire to be realistic, with real guns, real landscapes... it's kind of immersive. But I also love Zombies ! I recommand you COD IWW Zombie in spaceland if you like that 😉
  8. I think the same ! Hope this will be corrected with the new season !
  9. Reikens

    awaiting the game on PS4

    Hello, I also hope that CrossPlay option will be added in order to play just with Switch players. Of course the difference between consoles performances is not fair. The developers said that the matchmaking time would be increased if this option was added. But I think it's time...
  10. Reikens

    Founder's Pack code on switch

    Hello Aland, If I understand you bought a code ? Normally, the Founder pack was only available before the F2P opening. Maybe you can contact the support team with your code to get some help. Have a good game !
  11. Reikens

    Graphics patch

    Hello, Here is a video showing that big problem :
  12. Hey everyone, I'm sure you lived that moment when an epic move happens and you clic the record button like "Woah, this just happened ?". Share that moment below 😛 Looting a purple troll just after a mortal explosion : https://twitter.com/ReikensEOLYS/status/1287489304567009281
  13. Reikens

    Do not download until f2p.

    I see. I thought about a Pro Controller too. Does it really help ? Add me if you want to play some games 😉
  14. Hello ! It's happening to other players, you're not alone. Just check that "error report" is activate on your parameters. The report is automatic.
  15. Reikens

    Founders Baseball Cap but in real life.

    The Vigor staff wear the t-shirt, it's cool ! A cap would be really cool with a #Outlander written back ? 🙂