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  1. Reikens

    [FORUM]Guide section

    Hello ! I'm a French player and I would really like to share my experience about the game to others by writing guides. What about a special section on the forum ? It would be great for new/advanced players to contribute about strategy and tips. As long as the game is growing, the forum can become more attractive 🙂 Have a good game !
  2. Hello ! Every climbing animation is terribly buggy, especially scale. The white screen is a big problem too but never happened during an encounter for me. Don't forget to activate the crash report on your switch to give them the elements to solve this issue. For the motion control, devs said that it would be upgraded. Personally I can't play with this. The game is much better docked. Have a good game !
  3. Reikens

    Vigor is out now for the Nintendo Switch! 🍅

    Yeahhhhh ! To be honest it was a bit difficult to understand what contains the Founder Pack. On the Nintendo Switch Store there are not informations about the content of this pack. Earlier you released a pic which showed what's inside, it was great ! Have a good game 😉
  4. Reikens

    Split Screen/ Co-op

    Hello, The Switch is definitely the console you want to play with your friends sitting next to you with a controller. I would like to play the game with them and share some pizza 😛 But the only thing we can do is playing online with Discord. By the way, regarding the low FPS and some "laggy" animations and render... maybe not for tomorrow. Have a good game !
  5. Reikens

    Toggle cross platform play.

    Hello ! I totally agree with you, it's a bit disappointed to see level 50 coming with big tools and weapons destroying your game. Even the controller is not the same (it counts !!), I'm much better on XBOX but I definitively prefer to play on Nintendo Switch. Please add the possibility to just play between switch players. There is a system helping new players by just matchmaking them together between lower levels. But it's disappear fast and you fall into the jungle. That's Vigor, but it feels really hard for a new player ;) Have a good game !
  6. Hello ! Sometimes there is this problem inside of buildings especially : animation showed but the chests can't be opened. Here is a video : https://youtu.be/_LyaJTMWvDE Thanks for your work ! Have a good dev 😉
  7. Reikens

    Still possible to register for beta?

    Nintendo Switch Beta is now close. The game will be free 2 play but a starting pack will be available for the launch of the game 😉 Cross-play will be possible between Switch and Xbox ! Have a good game !
  8. Reikens

    Changelog - Update 3.1

    Hello, Sounds a good update but I'm a little bit confused about the survey. First questions : annual income, number of people living with me.... is that an insurance survey or a game feedback ? 🤔 I don't want to give any feedback with these useless questions so there is my impressions : About the phone duel, that's funny. Maybe It could give a boost if you use it with your duo ? Badges are interesting to know a bit more about the dangerousness of other players. Are they valid for the entire game or just during seasons ? Where can we see all the list ? Markers are really useful with an other player. But the possibilité to click 3 times to place a star-marker would be great. Great work and a pleasure to discover it in game 🙂 Have a good game !