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  1. I just realized that this is actually worse on the Female architype model. On the male model its partially blocked.
  2. Often, I craft many different guns using parts I have collected over time. When I do this the menu will often jump down to the existing stock of a weapon further down the list after crafting it. I then have to scroll all the way to the top again just to get a new weapon crafted. I have to do this around 5 - 10 times each time I want to craft my collection. Pretty annoying having the menu jump around and scrolling a bunch just to get to the next crafting item.
  3. When equipping the Leather Jacket outfit and using some iron sights rifles such as the SKS and M2 Carbine the view will be completely or partially obstructed depending on the stance of the character when aiming down iron sights. Standing Aim - Total obstruction Crouch Aim - Partial obstruction Prone Aim - Partial obstruction This may occur on other weapons but as this is low tier gear so its unfortunate the my only jacket doesn't work with my only craft able guns. Plz Fix...