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  1. Vlad Ignatenko

    [SP/CO - 4] "SILVER WIND"

    HazBo made very nice video showcase of scenario. Check it out:
  2. Vlad Ignatenko

    [SP/CO - 4] "SILVER WIND"

  3. Vlad Ignatenko

    Nassau 1715

    Any progress on this mod? And what is future plans?
  4. Vlad Ignatenko

    [SP/CO - 4] "SILVER WIND"

    I always thought that missions should be made with minimal use of mods, or even better with no mods at all. If someone wants to play with mods or ace, he easily could use them any time. But there also should be possibility to play without them for those who want. Thankfully, vanilla arma already have more then enough different assets for implementation.
  5. Vlad Ignatenko

    [SP/CO - 4] "SILVER WIND"

    SILVER WIND SP / COOP-4 scenario What was seemed like objective for routine reconaissance patrol, appeared to be horrifying global conspiracy... Making this scenario was inspired by classic british SAS reconaissance missions in desert by small motorised patrols. Like it was described in books such as "Bravo-2-0" and "The Real Bravo Two Zero". Also a bit of influence was gained from "Arma 3 Dunes" campaign and Ghost Recon series. You will play as 4 man team leader and carry out remote patrol to recon suspiciious CSAT activity in Central Africa. Secret chemical or bacteriological research complex was discovered in the middle of the desert and your job is to investigate it and find out it's real purpose. Scenario can be completed several ways, depending on play style. Choose your own approach. You can have lots of action and intence firefights. Or you can choose stealthy style with silent sentries elemination, or even don't engage at all and focus on just surveillance. The main goal was to create story and atmosphere of small patrol, left alone in the middle of hostile desert. Approx play time is 2-4 hours, depending on play style. No mods needed. Terrain - G.O.S. N'Djenahoud. Steam Workshop link
  6. Vlad Ignatenko

    [SP/CO - 15] Operation "Duck Hunt"

    Hey, thanks! Appreciate your feedback. TPW is actually a scripts which can be implemented into self made mission and you don't need CBA for this. CBA is needed to use TPW as mod for already completed missions without it. Civilians was set to minimum according to story of abandoned island and to avoid spamming. Also they are spawning with some delay, if you stay long enough in urban area. According to your help. Currently I'm working on a new much more elaborated and plot oriented scenario. Maybe I will need some spelling check or even voice acting if you have skill.
  7. OPERATION "DUCK HUNT" Singleplayer or coop (2-15) scenario. No mods required. After devastating civil war, Altian Respublic was de-facto destroyed. 80% of population left the island and it became no mans land. Although Altis is ruled by internationally recognised government, real power belongs to warlords and criminal organisations, which filled island after the war. For the last few years, we have whitnessed bloom of criminal activities, drugs and arms trafficking, illegal immigration and slave trade through Altis to Europe. Features: - Story driven linear campaign. 5 missions inside single scenario. - Can be played in SP or MP. (Host is main player, others are assistant players). - Playable units can be recruited to player's team as AI bots. - Missions execution is up to player. You just have task. Decide by yourself how to accomplish it. - Dedicated helicopter transport and drone positioning. - Adjustable difficulty. - AIS revive. - TPW modules (ambient cars, civs, furniture). Scenario not tested in MP or dedicated server. Please report any bug or mistake in comment section. Hope you enjoy it! Steam workshop link: [SP/CO - 15] Operation "Duck Hunt"
  8. Vlad Ignatenko


    Oh my god, thank you! Tales from nowhere, of course! ))
  9. Vlad Ignatenko


    Hello, @haleks Couple years ago I've played your mission for ravage mod. It was as I remember called "Into the zone" on Prei Khmaoch Luong. For now I can not find nether your original thread with this mission, nether steam workshop page with it. Even google can't help. I also seems like did not saved it on my local hdd. Is it still can be found somewhere? Maybe I'm kinda blind and can not see thread on BIS forums? Or maybe it was deleted? Can you please publish it again? It was so awesome and atmospheric! Still have superb memories and want to play it again with my friend. Please help!