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  1. AshleyMosey

    Arma 3 & MySql HELP

    This looks spot on thank you so much only think is can think is can it incert west east and Independent instead of cop med and civil? I'll test out with my friend and get back to you, also will this update if the player changes sides on the fly too
  2. AshleyMosey

    Arma 3 & MySql HELP

    Those wouldn't work I dont think, I need to get more info from my friend but I think what the bot dose is assign channel permissions/rolls depending on if your opfor, blufor or independent and it would need to be updated when the player backs out and swaps sides as this would not be a full disconnect just a side change so he said the easiest way for him would be to just have the side field be populated with the side the player is on and change it if the player swaps sides
  3. AshleyMosey

    Arma 3 & MySql HELP

    Ok so im helping a friend with an Altis life server he's using the AsYetUntitled Framework for his missions. This SQL Table with the added field of Side at the bottom looks like this: https://pastebin.com/DGKXdn0N iv got a script ready to detect the side the player is on but I don't know how to write the relevant extDB3 stuff to write it to the DB so for now just post hints the reason we need this info on the SQL is for a discord bot
  4. Im just wanting to save the _side of a player into a database when they join the server on Altis life, so if the join independents opfor or blufor I want to be able to write this data to the side field, if already added the side field into the altis life table so it's ready to go on that end I just dont know how to script it so it save the data needed, any help would be amazing thanks
  5. AshleyMosey

    Description.ext & Advanced Hints

    wtf how did i not see those are they hidden I'm guessing ?? I ended up Opting for hintC instead although iv got some unusual side effects from this the Hint works out perfectly but now if I enable my mission with AI it completely brakes the Warlords modules and I don't know why here's my code below Also I cant seem to get rid of the bullet point that the hintC is auto inserting but its no big deal if it isn't possible Welcomehint.sqf initPlayerLocal.sqf The Result being this:
  6. So im trying to add an Advanced Hint to my mission so that I can have it pop up when players join my server im still in the testing phase but if I put the below into my Description.ext I get '.c':' ' encountered instead of '=' and I cant figure out why iv even put it into its own file hintscfg.hpp & done #include "hintscfg.hpp" but I still get the same error Description.ext hintscfg.hpp Any help with this or even a full example on how to do what I'm trying to do would help massively
  7. wouldn't normally be an issue but given lockdown internet in my area is being hammered I'm getting half the speed I would normally and there are the occasional cutout that last for like 15 to 30 seconds not even enough to stop Netflix from streaming but will make the discord bot have a fit and quit out
  8. Any way to stop the bot having a heart attack and closing down the server and quitting out if the internet signal drops out briefly Be nice if it could recognise the internet is down and maybe wait to see if it come back up rather than closing Arma server exe and quitting out of the npm is this possible
  9. Anyone have a good guide on how to use this iv never done GUIs before I'm just wanting to do a simple welcome GUI with server rules a link to discord and 2 buttons one to close it one to open the discord link
  10. So after configuring my TP-Link Router everything now works so if you want to run the Server & BOT on the same PC you need a router that supports NAT Loopback I have the TP-Link Archer Vr400 and that dose support NAT loopback the HUB 3 supplied by my ISP Virgin Media dose not support NAT loopback
  11. i have dose some research and iv still to do some configuration of a new router and test thing out but it looks like the Router supplied by my ISP doesn't have a function called NAT Loopback I have a decent TP-Link Router that dose and the TP-link router also allows me to set up a manual loopback to link an External IP to An Internal One so ill get all this setup and let you know if that was it at least then if anyone has the same issue down the line there a good answer for it
  12. mmm strange iv dropped the dev of gamedig a message see if I get a response iv a feeling it something to do with gamedig and not your bot
  13. okay so are the bot and the Arma 3 servers running on the same machine together like mine too ?
  14. Im betting its because the Public IP its trying to Ping is inside the same network the bot is running on so its unable to see the public address and that's also why using my Local IP works
  15. With Local IP Set the command shows there server to be Online and displays the usual