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  1. xIronWolfx

    Title Solo Teaming

    Haha, I think the "wife's job list" is a list for him.
  2. xIronWolfx

    Changelog - Update 3.1

    Dude. Firstly, cursing and calling people names is just rude, and is going to make everyone disregard your comments. Even if you bring up good points. Also, just being a jerk to this degree, then having the gall to demand that the devs make you an alpha tester?? I mean come on man, that's comedy gold. To address your main insult, just because people don't want to treat the game like every other shooter doesn't mean they're wrong, let alone idiots. It's 100 to 1 the amount of games that prioritize killing and K/D over other aspects. If you want that experience, there are plenty of amazing options to choose from (which, I'm sure many Vigor players own and play too), don't harass people on the forums of a unique game for finding something that scratches a unique/uncommon niche. I mean for crying out loud, they even implemented a free-for-all mode for guys like you (and others wanting to practice gunfights), besides the slight trend toward encouraging people to kill/pvp more anyway. The main thing this game has going for it is that it's a very toned-down, slower "BR" style of PvP game. No huge lobbies, no insane action sequences, no craziness. It also has a cool "persistent loot" mechanic that rewards players for playing, winning, and surviving on top of it all. While some people might complain that it's harder to get much loot without running into "kill focused" players, none of them want the game to be literally just looting with zero risk/threats. They're just talking about the balance of those elements, in this game that is very clearly NOT your typical shooter...which you seem to want it to be so badly for some reason. (Also, it's exactly the people who loot more than kill that would notice things like glitched boxes and barred houses.) You have some decent points, like expanding leaderboards. And I agree that certain suggestions for possible Challenges are not good ideas, like "X number of doors opened." But again, quit being a jerk. Simply put, it's just annoying, and you guarantee people will ignore you. You can do better. But anyway, hopefully you see the problem with your approach. If you don't like the style and vibe of this game, I'm sorry, but maybe focus on Shootout or even another game to get your "kill" fix. Then you can pop in and have a unique experience in this one.
  3. xIronWolfx

    Some Basic Game Mechanic Updates

    I (and many agree) trading in some formal way would be nice, but even with the nice idea of dropping things in the form of crates, there still is an issue, particularly (I assume) because of the sheer quantity of items in the game, technically. For example, a person can have literally hundreds of individual Resources and Ammo, and if they allowed people to drop items one-at-a-time, you can see a problem with there being dozens/hundreds of additional crates on the ground, especially if they are 3D objects for character models to move over/around. Imagine getting literally "boxed in" to a building you were defending haha. My possible solution to this would be for them to allow a very simple trading screen between players in Team mode. Something similar to old Runescape for anyone who may have played that in the past, where you start seeing a simple screen with two halves (showing what each person wants to trade), you each confirm, which sends you to an identical looking "Confirmation Screen" showing what will be traded. (And this allows for one person to not give anything, allowing for one-way trades.) I can see them using already-in-game menu UI like there is in the individual equipment menu in the Shelter, when you're arming yourself for another Encounter. Just a thought. As for your comments about "how things are registered" and "fluid aiming and motion" I agree with you. It's hard to say exactly what/how, but the core "mechanics" of playing sometimes feel off or inaccurate, or just not good, particularly when you die in a way that felt completely out of your control., like when you get a 'red x in box' where your crosshair should be RIGHT when you needed to shoot at someone, where it didn't make sense for your aim to be blocked at all. I also agree, and hope, that this type of thing should try to be addressed seriously, and then continue to be a primary focus perpetually. I see what you're saying about these new things they add, but maybe the tutorial does this (seeing as they're really only things for new players)? I can't say myself as it's been ages since I've done the tutorial, but then again even I wonder about specifics on some things. Such as, when I hear the 'coin inserted into telephone' sound effect, does that mean someone nearby to me has just activated a phone, or is this just a global/map-wide sound effect that "the phone interaction has been activated"? While I've pretty much worked out how all the other added things, like Buried Cache (what you call "holes in the ground in this cave" work and function, I can see it being frustrating, and a deterrence to further play, for new players having no real guidance on how things operate.
  4. xIronWolfx

    Done with the game till next season

    I see. I didn't know The Signals Detector was a post-launch addition. Was the pre-game lobby (showing number of initial players and their loadouts) a post launch addition as well? Anyway, I can respect feeling bummed at a favorite game changing on you. If the drive for the direction of changes is in fact to keep them game afloat/pay developers to be able to keep supporting it (it being a free game, at the end of the day), then perhaps it's a necessary evil to keep the game going? At least it still is notably different in whole than others like Apex Legends or the like, right? I mean, at the end of the day, it still provides a unique "battle royal-esque" experience, mostly similar to how it was at inception? I think the most pressing issue they need to address is general mechanics/bugs, as I think those types of issues are what hurt/kill games in the long run, regardless of genre. Specifically, things like gunfights feeling sometimes more random than skillful (both in and against one's favor), and the imperfect "transitioning" between 3rd and 1st person not lining up, like when you're trying to shoot back at someone from right next to cover, etc. At least theoretically, things like game-length, radiation speed/damage, etc. can be changed quickly and easily, while the issues I think should take priority are a more intrinsic and ingrained problem, needing more time and therefore attention. But anyway, best of luck to ya.
  5. xIronWolfx

    Title Solo Teaming

    Alrighty, will do!
  6. xIronWolfx

    Two Game-Hurting Bugs

    That's exactly where I was this most recent time, both were in a barn.
  7. xIronWolfx

    Laying on back while prone

    Ya, this got changed recently, when they did a sort of overhaul of shoulder swapping and stuff. Definitely a bummer for me too, I like the ability to roll over a lot (also to have a higher-up camera position in 3rd person.)
  8. xIronWolfx

    Title Solo Teaming

    I've played quite a bit, and have never felt like I experienced "teaming" in Solo. Honestly, I feel like people blow this issue up to be bigger than it is.
  9. xIronWolfx

    If comfirmation was ever required!

    I believe they introduced weapon challenges to change the old cycle. If you just "skip" ones, I wonder if that just puts them "back in rotation" as opposed to them being marked "completed" behind the scenes. I agree they should perhaps make it more like 10 or 15 crowns for completion, but I'm ok with the added variety.
  10. xIronWolfx

    Done with the game till next season

    I feel like the game has always been intense or "sweaty." What has changed that makes you feel like the game has changed?
  11. xIronWolfx

    Having Proper Vigor Etiquette

    I think shooting first is ok, unless they "Hey!" at you. Then if they come out, and t-bag, then you can have a little "Hey!" party and be on your merry separate ways.
  12. xIronWolfx

    Bomb Warning!!!!

    I disagree. I have yet to spot a bomb prior to stepping on it like an oaf. I think it should stay as is (being hard to see in my experience) since it only does half health bar damage (50?), or, the damage should go up to 75, but be easier to spot. but I think it's mostly fine as is.
  13. xIronWolfx

    The end is Nigh

    Lol what? You have a GRANDson?? Besides, just because kids play something doesn't mean it isn't valuable or good. For example, I started playing halo when I was 8. So I mean, whatevs man.
  14. xIronWolfx

    Two Game-Hurting Bugs

    Assuming this is the best place to mention these... 1) For no discernible reason, I've lost the ability to go prone (once, not even able to crouch.) I tried moving to flat ground, sprinting around, jumping, holstering gun, nothing helps once this bug shows up, until I leave or die, and go back to shelter or into another encounter. Has happened 3 times to me, so not super common, but has gotten me killed once. Again, no idea what may be triggering this one. 2) Combination Lock Chests are unable to even be opened to try and put in combination. Again, this is not very common, but has happened to me several times. It lets me 'press and hold X,' the little circle goes around, but then nothing. Spamming 'holding X' does nothing. (in case it helps..) most recently, I had just unlocked and looted the safe, found 2 different combo chests, and both were able to even open the "combination screen." Let me know if these are already known about/being worked on, thanks!
  15. xIronWolfx

    Thoughts on 3.0

    PROS: Firstly, thanks for the new content, especially going as far as to add a free-for-all mode! Very appreciated! The new cosmetics are fun, and I appreciate the ability to further distinguish my guy from the rest. Titles are a fantastic idea as well, but it seems a bit buggy maybe? Not always showing up in lobby. Also, I'd change the placement of the title/icon to at the bottom of each player card in the pre-game lobby (between feet or so), and bigger to make players with it stand out more, especially for those who grind for that platinum! News guns are always a welcome addition, and the iodine and caffeine definitely open up the unique game style of Vigor even more complex and open to more variance, very nice! CONS: I appreciate the goal of always further polishing the UI and menus, but I think this current change was a step in the wrong direction. Frankly, the previous Shelter menu system was much more fluid. It literally take more steps/clicks/menu changes to do the same thing we could do before. Also some functionality seems to have been removed for some reason, like how when you used to hover over an ammo type/caliber, and it would list all the weapons that type was used for (obviously very helpful when determining what to bring/how much of something you may want to risk.) While the new changes might look nicer/cleaner, I think it's objectively worse. This was happening ~2 weeks prior to 3.0, but it seems to still be present: When I exit an Encounter, with several stacks of different ammo types, when I get back to the Shelter, sometimes some are missing completely. I'm not sure if they are just automatically being stored, or if they're being deleted, but it would be nice to know what's going on. I hope that either 1) this season is less grindy, or 2) you at least have 2-3 "double xp weekends" to make it feel better. I got what I thought was fairly high last season, only to realize the xp required was getting VERY progressively higher, and was getting more frustrating seeing the xp requirement go up, to, past, and then well beyond the 'level times 1,000' (for example, level 37 was like 43,000xp). And my feeling about this comes after playing a lot while ALSO having the "xp bonuses" from the paid, premium pass. Makes me feel like a fool for purchasing, thinking it was going to be a helpful, "faster" way to get through, as opposed to basically a clear necessity, if you want a chance at getting top level without going completely insane playing nothing but Vigor for 2 months. (This one is less major, but still worth bringing up) The highest title (platinum) looks very similar to the much lower gold one. And especially with the title/icon itself showing up very small to the public (pre-game lobbies), I think it's a bit of a let down for those who grind for level 50. I'd suggest changing it to have a much more obvious iridescent sheen to it, kind of like the rainbow skin for the John (but very clearly, to differentiate it well from gold.) Or maybe even add a slight animation to it, like a light glimmer/reflection that passes over it every 5 seconds or so. Just something to make it stand out above any others, rightfully so. (also side note, the addition of Titles opens up a LOT of potential to reward players for specific, difficult actions, like reaching max shelter rank, 500 total kills, owning 1,000,000 Materials at one time, etc. Though, if you added these, I'd say you'd have to make players allowed to select multiple Titles, so that their player card in a pre-game lobby can be sort of like a board for "badges" to show off.) Lastly, Id love to see a return to a prone stance more like before, where the camera was further back, and your character didn't spin around on his belly like a fool, and instead rolled over on his back fluidly/naturally to look behind. I like that style and feel a LOT better. Anyway, those are my thoughts so far, keep up the good work. I hope to hear something back about these! Thanks!