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    People using Duplication Glitch

    Last day, I killed El mascardor doing this, and I took a screenshoot. Nothing happened while I reported it. People are getting paid on Ebay to duplicate their weapons, easy money...
  2. Hi ! Just a simple suggestion, could it be possible to had the ability to build consumables in lots of 10, or 100 ? While beeing in instant crafting, it occures A LOT of disconnections when you craft too much things (every time I craft more than 20 desinfectant for example...) A simple way to improve it, should be to give the ability to built them as same as the ammo. It won't be unfair, if it's limited to players that already can instant craft the consumables. Another suggestion, is that maybe, it could be thought about instant crafting the weapons with something to improve in the shelter. Thanks for reading 😉
  3. gwenchlan

    Instant crafting and lots

    Maybe one time, two maybe, but I'm confident they couldn't play it every time, far from it. Have you ever killed someone carying 30 signal detectors ? 😂 This game is funny, because you can't plan the result of any expedition. Even after a year playing like a best, I can be wipped to death by a newbie with 3 kills on his stats. Mortar used to be the best, because it was able to slash campers in houses. It has been changed without any intel to players. If Vigor had proposed to cycle them for 100% resources, I'm pretty sure they would all be cycled.
  4. gwenchlan

    Golden box

    What about a pizza, and a buck with it ?
  5. gwenchlan

    Instant crafting and lots

    Well, I already have millions of materials, and sometimes I take an hour to craft mortars / signal detectors etc... I don't believe that it will change anything to the gameplay. I already have 250 mortars. Do I use them to spam the map ? No, because the mortar is too bad. Signal detectors are already spamming everywhere, I kill often people that cares more than 5 of them... Only change that will come with this, is less disconections, and help people to waste their materials. If you already have 4 or 5 millions materials in your shelter, it means that the game is finished for you. yet, there are no air strike... Hope there will not be.
  6. gwenchlan

    locked extractions?!

    Playing on Sawmill, I looted everything i could, and killed 5 guys , taking a radioactive drop, I died on the southern exit 'cause I had only 4 gas in place of 5 .. Pretty twisted, if it wasn't made to force players to loot... Maybe if there was more loot will it be fair
  7. gwenchlan

    One loot and no campers!!!!!

    Playing on Xbox one S, I NEVER had that many crashes than now ...
  8. gwenchlan

    Bugs bugs bugs

    18 - While running, if you loot "too fast", you can't run / jump anymore To solve it, you have to loot something else. 19- Many rocks have physical problems. You can fire on them, it will shoot the guy near it (especialy on Fjellkanten)
  9. gwenchlan

    Devs please explain

    Running Man !
  10. gwenchlan

    Devs please explain

    Bet 5 bucks to have 1 chance on 5 to get the container. And if you're not the first one to the container, you'll enjoy 3 glass, 2 wire, and half a dozen of players angry for loot 🤓
  11. gwenchlan

    Season 7 killing vigor

    En fait, on a tout les désavantages de COD, sans aucun avantage. A moins que les déconnexions ne soit vus comme une avancée 😄 Je pense aussi que ce serra ma dernière saison. Ce jeu n'avance de rien, voir régresse. Où en sont les améliorations de shelter ? Rien depuis les envois de nourriture. Aucune nouvelle map, ils sont a peine capables de réparer Fiske Fabric en.... 60 Jours. J'aurais voulus avoir un monde ouvert, et des expéditions pour le colis. Mais cela semble trop ambitieux pour Vigor. Ils préfrèrent diversifier leurs plateformes pour rincer les gogos, plutot que d'améliorer le jeu. Une stratégie très court-termiste. J'ai une petite pensée pour les naifs qui vont booster a hauteur de 5 euros, pour avoir la chance de ramasser quelques clous... et de se faire ramasser par une dizaine de joueurs qui n'ont aucun loot, et donc rien a perdre As far I'm concerned, this season will be my last. I'm pretty much tired seeing this game sinking every new season coming. For almost a year I was able to accept multiple bugs. Those ones were acceptable, thinking that this game was new. But after a year, everyone can see that nothing is getting solved. Always less loot, making this game really hard for newbies. And nothing new for old players. This season as become ridiculous. No new map, it tooks over 60 days to repair Fiske fabrik, that's all. Same thing about "new changes". Taking away the bart house as made this game a poor copy of Call of duty. Taking all the disavantages of this game, without any of his avantages. Do you even know that there is a free Call of Duty ? People are not playing Vigor to have a poor copy : They'll take the real one. So far, I don't trust anymore Bohemia to create a real open world. This game will die every season, according to the fact that BOhemia prefer to be avaiable on other plateformes rather than going deeper in the game developement. Disapointoing, disrespectful, Bohemia should apologize for this season
  12. gwenchlan

    Consistent Bug(s)

    Hi ! It's a well know bug. It already happened on grontheim, for safes in the hangar... Have to wait and update
  13. gwenchlan

    Concerns for Season 7 and Beyond

    Come on, go take a look into the stats of "big players". Most of them doesn't play anymore yet. Haven't played for months this year, I'm still in the top 300 for the airdrops taken... I'm not even sure that there are still more than a thousand players on Xbox. NO ONE asked for those changes. We all want some new things in the shelter just the way PHVNTOMLORD said. I suggested that we could had some sort of cofee machine in the shelter, to have some cafeine. But nothing comes up... It's the same thing for crowns. I have 3500 crowns, and I don't have any idea on how use them. Should I buy a skin for a weapon, while I have dozens of them that I never use ?! And to go further, the only person of bohemia that we have here, is Forsythya. I've never seen a dev coming here to ask some questions. I'm not even sure that anyone reads our suggestions, except forsythia. She's friendly, but probably disarmed in front of the Dev's teams.
  14. gwenchlan

    Concerns for Season 7 and Beyond

    Big players are not really concerned with those new changes. These changes are going to dig deep the new players. This game is already hard to understand for newbies, and yes, they often hide in the bushes trying to save their poor loots. Which already compensated with the portable signal detector. "big players" often takes 3 to 10 of them , quite enought to prevent kills with camper noobs. The real big deal, is that there is nothing new in the shelter... Some players finished it a year ago. With a finished shelter, vigor become a sensless game, letting to you only hunting people on maps to have any goal. If there is nothing new in the next season, I'll consider that this game is done.
  15. gwenchlan

    Game is Broken

    It's fine now Reboot your xbox, and it will be good
  16. gwenchlan

    New update no playable server?

    It's a free game, don't push it too far. And we are in Friday, guess they have families , and maybe some issues with the disease situation. Hope they will fix it fast, maybe a golden drop for players ? 😆
  17. gwenchlan


    While I'm hunting in duos/trios , it's with no anger, and with respect for unarmed people. Just a way to have some fun, when shelter is at max, and that we have no other objective in this game. A year ago, when I started to play vigor, it was already the same thing. With people hunting other peoples (Bodies are full of loot 😉 ). Loot was twice what it is now, and I didn't stay more than 3 minutes in a game, trying to save my ass and my poor loot. Since loot has been reduced, "big" players have no choice than hunting to get an interesting loot ( 6 players scavenging , is a big loot if you kill them). While for the others, it's juste a "poor way to play", but the only they have. Deathmatch are not interesting when you have finished your shelter, and most of us are tired of looting for 3 glass after a year. Good luck to you 😉
  18. gwenchlan

    Season 7

    God dammit, I didn't noticed it ... The way to take in count the extra Xp made after level 50 seems to the be weird to me, too.
  19. gwenchlan

    Season 7

    Hi there ! Has anyone any intel about the season coming ? I've found nothing yet, and would like to know what's next on the grid 😄 I was wondering if it was going to be delayed, due to the disease situation.. Hope for the best !
  20. gwenchlan

    Season 7

    An unexpected addition to the current battlepass, that was made 24 hours before the new battlepass should have been coming. Hope that the Devs could comfortably work on bugs during this month ... This new delay won't give an other chance to vigor, delaying the new season 24 hours before the new, has terribly hurt the reliability of this game. And I stopped counting my friends, who stopped playing till this season.
  21. gwenchlan

    xp after level 50

    Sorry, I misunderstood your post. I thought you were complaining. Well yeah , a lot of players are not able to go to level 50 , do they even want it ? There is to have a fair adjustement between hardcore players, and really occasional players. Most of the time, the friends of mine who don't get the level 50 are players who plays 01/02h on saturday after work, and who doesn't pay for the battlepass. And when I see some people in game... last day, I shot a guy who stayed hidden 15mn on batterie (I was the last survivor with him and didn't hunt him) He stayed hidden, with 25 food looted in 15mn.... you can't give the battlepass to noobs like it ^^'
  22. gwenchlan

    xp after level 50

    Vigor is a free game based on microtransactions, and to be honest, based on players that agrees to play non stop, or so. Occasional players like me, are not the primary focus of Bohemia, someone has to pay for our game. I agree that it may be frustrating to lose XP (I finished my pass 20 days ago) , but this is part of the game, and I accept it. That's why, every season... I keep unopened as much boxes as I can, to be sure to finish my pass. Do you get the battlepass, or do you play it for free ?
  23. gwenchlan

    Season 7

    For info, I play in duo/trios, and all my mates are addicted to consumables, even if it makes each encounter to cost 50/60.OOO materials. As you know, people can be very violent in life, and whe are still in game. Loot as bit constantly decreased this year, it partialy explains why so many players became "hunters", and not mentioning the huge amount of people, who finished their shelters. I'll finish my shelter this month with my ressource crates... what next ? Am I supposed to collect materials for fun, and to stay a gentle man armed with a tooth brush, while I have a thousand weapons in my shelter? Same thing happens for all looters. When you arrive to a certain development of your shelter, you can't just play "loot and hide" : Looting dead outlanders becomes necessary. That's why I think, that we need new game mods. Game mods closed to people with less than 500 kills for example. A sort of reward for those who are waiting for new stuffs in the shelter
  24. gwenchlan

    xp after level 50

    Some players grinded this season in 5 days... And with the boxes in your shelter, you can go even faster you know... Many players complains that the battlepass is too long. Would be interesting to have the statistics, to know how long that last players to get level 50
  25. gwenchlan

    Season 7

    To be honest, most of the suggestions are shitty, but this one is not. Why would anyone help an unknown outlander ? I tried to don't shoot unarmed outlanders, they always tried to kill me when they finally founded a weapon... Having factions OR, a REAL clan , may be a good suggestion. With all due respect, in my experience, skilled players uses a lot of consumables. In every encounter, I bring 1 mortar, 3 signal detectors, an armor plate, 3 desinfectant, the green "med", and an antibiotic. Sometimes, I bring bombs and alarms, but just for fun. I don't use the booby traps as a strategy.