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    Mortar shell and houses

    With the new season, there was no change log to know if it was an issue, or vigor actual policy. While using the mortar shells on houses, you can't hurt anymore people in. Despite the unrealistic aspect of this (that looks like a bug for me), no one as been told about the changes. I've been crafting mortars for the last two weeks (250...), and I am very upset with those changes. if it isn't a bug, vigor devs should announce those major changes to players, and why not ask people about it ? You have people who bought the plans, without knowing this...
  2. gwenchlan

    Mortar shell and houses

    Thank you for your answer ! I never noticed that we could find the full changelog. Pretty hard to find it. My question about the shelter was "When will there be new things to improve in the shelter ?" Mementos, and vinils are good ideas. Maybe new themes for the shelter, would make players more involved in it ? Good sunday to you !
  3. gwenchlan

    Mortar shell and houses

    Thank you for your answer. It is really annoying that so many changes happens, without any clear information to the players, while it could be really easy to make a questionnaire into the game, or an info tab with the news. I know many players that thought it was a bug, and are waiting for it to be solved to play again, while others are quitting the game (definitely...) due to that. You can easily understand the questions about consumables, that are asked to craft mortar shells... To be honest, since I started to play a year ago, Vigor communication policy has been realy an issue. We never know the change logs, there is nothing ingame to tell to the players what's new. I feel as if the community was only driven by devs vision. What about the shelter, for players who already finished it ? Best regards 😉
  4. gwenchlan

    Mortar shell and houses

    This is not exactly the sort of answers I was expecting. @fOrsythiaa
  5. gwenchlan

    M16 type single auto..

    Good point ! Adding a Car-15, that stands in the battlefield since the vietnam war could solve this issue.
  6. gwenchlan

    Vigor Communities

    Ok ! Personnellement, avec des amis, nous jouons de manière mixte, avec tentative systématique de prendre le largage. Si d'aventure j'ai un peu de temps, je verrais quant à vous passer le bonjour. Bon jeu a toi !
  7. gwenchlan

    Vigor Communities

    Quel genre de team ? Plutot offensif, où looteurs en puissance ?
  8. gwenchlan

    suggestion on loot versus kill

    Hunting wouldn't have the same flavor with this
  9. gwenchlan

    suggestion on loot versus kill

    And what about people who kills the other ? Should I see my victim, without grabbing his stuff ? ... And, as a manner of fact, a lot of people have become hunters, due to the lack of loot on the maps. Who could you pick up 8.000 chemicals by your own ? Easiest way is to kill other people and loot them.
  10. gwenchlan

    Most frustating game I've played

    Here in france, I have around 3 to 5mn searching for a game, 60 seconds for lobby, and 20% of my games are facing a game crash Which makes 5 to 7mn waiting for a game that could last for 15mn
  11. gwenchlan

    Traveller title query plus extra titles

    Hi ! Could you stop to spam the all from with your posts and topics ? No one read them, there are too many of them With all due respect, try to open a topic once a week, not more...
  12. gwenchlan

    Most frustating game I've played

    This point is the worst for Vigor... Same thing with connection lost, and the team bugs that makes you reload the game over and over... 40% of my gaming time on vigor is just waiting, and for nothing Constructions can not be queued to gain some time, and nothings new in the shelter. Which lets to the players too much time to think, and to fight, when they would like to improve their shelter.
  13. gwenchlan


    You are so right ... The survival aspect, is totaly vanishing from the game, on every update for the loot. It has become so hard to build up the shelter with shitty loots...
  14. gwenchlan

    Something weird

    this morning I had an example of what happened to you I used the signal dectector, and I was on my own , and when exiting, someone was waiting for me. That's a well known bug, the one that still makes people to thrill to the last second in game.
  15. gwenchlan

    Something weird

    Hi ! It's a regular bug, you can not always trust the signal detector... And now, with the signal jammer, doesn't looks that weird
  16. gwenchlan

    Crowns disapeared

    Hello ! While in a lobby, I just saw 100 crowns from my account to vanish. I did'nt use any booster, are whatever. I only use them for the battlepass. Where could I ask for some help ? My ingame name is : gwenchlan Just passed level 40, no purchase or booster used after that... and just less crowns...
  17. gwenchlan

    Crowns disapeared

    Thank you for your answer, I ve contacted them to see what happens... Have a good day !
  18. gwenchlan

    Deposit the crate

    Hello ! As many of us saw this last weeks, a lot of players are getting used to take the Airdrop, and to destroy the crates in the second they have them. According to this, I suggest that those crates could'nt be destroyed anymore, and could be deposit instead of destroying them. - Frightened players / noobies would be able to save their lives. - Regular players won't see there efforts be ruined - It will ad a new strategy , take the crate and deposit a little bit further.
  19. gwenchlan

    Get to know - Martin Gregor - Senior Scripter

    Welcome ! Hope your opinion on non shooting action will be succesful
  20. gwenchlan


    By adding new weapons for every season, they have to make the new weapons to be "attractive". That's how I understand the change of recoil, that happens on EVERY season now...
  21. gwenchlan

    Airdrop ping issues

    Hello ! Since the last update, I have many issues with the airdrop, while playing in duo. Every time my teammates takes one crate, the ping of the second crate vanish (green one). I tried with friends, to ensure that it wasn't teammates stealing them. Am I the only one, facing that issue ? It's a pretty bad thing, that this bug made me kill 4 teammates, while I was thinking they had stolen both crates... A second bug, is when someone takes the crate. The ping sometimes vanish for 5 or 10s, then appear far away
  22. gwenchlan

    remove team killing from 5v5 elimination

    I teamkilled 3 guys of my team, due to a bug.... The colored name did'nt appear.... And I think like you, teamkilling shouldn't be enabled in this mode
  23. gwenchlan

    Season Pass 4

    I just saw that battlepass 3 as been extended for a week .... I've played all day waiting for season 4 ... without collecting any XP -_- I guess that only a few were able to finish the battlepass, or that they had troubles while applying the new update...
  24. gwenchlan

    grabbed crate icons

    Maybe did they destroy the crates, and escaped by somewhere else , no ?
  25. gwenchlan

    Trolls and "red chest"

    Hi everyone ! I've been looking this last days, to pick up the trolls. But i've found none of them. Are they making the weird sounds we can hear ? As anyone a picture of them ? And what about the "red chest", the box that is the same as the drop. As anyone a picture too ? Is there one of them on each map ? Or is it a random gift on maps ?