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  1. mescot

    Bug in the crown mission

    I had such a bug too. Try to Kill people in close range. That worked for me.
  2. mescot

    Team matchmaking!!

    Never had trouble wirh matchmaking duos
  3. mescot

    Bring back map select

    Waiting Times increased for me since the latest Update. Also for Reasons of Weapon Choice and Clothing it would be good to habe a Choice of which Map u are going to play. Another Reason is that each Map has its own Playstyle. They have done such a great Job with Map Design and now they are destroying the Game more and more. And Teaming is still possible via Quick Play. U cant avoid this completely. As others here said before Players got forced to make friends out there. Please dont make this Game too casual just because there are whining Players out there. I also dont like the BP Level Icon in Lobby. I loved the Thrill not to know how experienced a Player is.
  4. mescot

    Changelog 2.2

    First Round on Snow Batterie and i got killed by a 3 Man Team. I also dont like that i now have to play the large Maps.
  5. mescot

    Ranked lobbies

  6. mescot

    Dying at the same time..

    I totally agree. It happens way too often.
  7. After you got killed by an Enemy you've been shown his Avatar and it's going to do a Gesture. Which one exactly is that? The last one the Player used? Or the one which is equipped on top in the Gesture Menu?? Or is it a Random One of those u equipped? Does anyone know the Answer?
  8. mescot

    Team challenge

    That's not unusual. Especially on Batterie Draug. Mostly its like this: Team1-Heavy Armed Team2-Normal to Low Armed Team3-Nothing or just a Knive Team3 is then going to Boost the Lobby like Hell and go for the Crate. Team2 is going to Spam the Signals Detector and then Loot the Safe and the Cache. Team1 Kills the other Players in the Lobby with Help from Team 2. Seen this so often and it sucks. Sometimes u can Kill a few of them, but never managed to whipe them all of.
  9. mescot

    Shooting range.

    Is there really a Game Mechanic like this? Going to test this.
  10. mescot

    VZ 58 and AKM need nerfing

    I see it this Way: Players with good Aim are Dangerous even with the common Weapons. Players with bad Aim are no Danger even with an Adr. There is definitely a Difference between the common and the Epic Guns. Even when it is a Scope, which is Gold in many Situations. I personally do like the Akm but i feel a big Difference when i play for example with an Aur A1. Also, thats my personal Opinion, in many Gun-Fights it doesnt count what Weapon u got. Win or Lose depends often on knowing where u are, where the Enemy is and waitin for best Timing to shoot. Spray and Pray also works but this is not the shooting i want in this Game.
  11. mescot

    Portable signal detector

    I think its okay the way it works. In Duo's u got your Partners Eyes and Ears to spot Enemys. But in Solo's this thing is really helpful and there the Way it operates is fine.
  12. mescot

    Just my 2 Cents

    Im pretty fresh to the game, just started to play in December 19, but i like it really hard. Many Players complain about the Game, sayim it doesnt Reward you good enough etc. Yes, it has Bugs. Yes, it isnt perfect. But for a FREE Game its still pretty awesome. Battlepass Season 1 was hard to Deal with if u arent a very good Player with much Time to play. But the actual Battlepass is really fun to grind. I like the new XP-System, good improvement. Took me to Battlepass Level 32 in just a few Days. And I am not the best Player and dont have more than 1-2hours/Day to play. And i also like that i didnt had to pay a single Cent to get the Premium Pass in Season 2. Just collected my Crowns out of the Antenna, the Daily Challenges and Crates collected in the Game and ta daa after a while i got my 900 Crowns. Im really looking forward to Future Improvements and new Content that we will get. Just to remind: For Free! Just my 2 Cents.
  13. There are 7/50 empty Levels in the free Battlepass. I think thats pretty okay for the free Version. Especially because u can Level up real quick.
  14. It just happened again. https://ibb.co/G9LQ8Nh