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  1. Tony Blond

    Weapon damage

    If these weapon stats are correct then why does it takes 5 bullets to the chest to take out scarecrow with vz 58 instead of 4 bullets with A-KM with same bullets and damage?
  2. Tony Blond

    Repeating same challenges

    This is just broken now. Since these same challenges came back fifth time I just stopped playing with my friend. No point buyin season pass any More cause you can't get proper xp any More From challenges or shelter improvements and thay even decreased it on crates you obtain 🙄
  3. Tony Blond

    Crates worth less

    And now you don't gain any xp uograding your shelter too... 🙄
  4. Tony Blond

    Repeating same challenges

    What kind of bullshit is this? Third time In a row I get the same two new challenges after deleting them. First it was 0/3 and 0/5 fakee glints then these two again and now 0/3 and 0/10 fakee glints. I don't have these and I don't have any plans for it. It can't be that there isn't any More challenges To offer me 😵
  5. Tony Blond

    For the 2nd time now, not receiving my food crates

    Today I lost 10 000 food that I had donated that was over old boxes valua 😔
  6. Tony Blond

    All the food gone

    Today when I was claiming all the boxes From donating food I lost over 10 000 food that I have donated over those old demands. This is just too much bug for me!!!
  7. Tony Blond

    Changelog 1.2.1

    Am I dreaming or have you guys improved graphics or resoluution also?
  8. Tony Blond

    Changelog 1.2.48851

    tool challenge update doesn't work. I got challenge for transmitter but I don't have a plan for it.
  9. Tony Blond

    Amount of loot since update.

    Well there is definety harder To find food now, but otherwise I think it's better game now. More intense and No More that endless camping on air drops....
  10. Tony Blond

    Changelog Update 1.2: Preppers

    I don't know why so many people are complaining. I have played this game a lot and these are great changes! Still some crafting bugs when trying to craft healing potions too fast, but there is so much more action now on the field! I love it when people can't camp on airdrop too long and now the danger is present at all time. Great fighting. Leveling system is also great! I play on Xox One X.