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  1. Chase Maks

    Come on man

    It's not our fault the adr is a more accurate gun maybe they should make them all more accurate and people would actually use different weapons a fucking tommy gun shouldn't b more powerful than a p90 no matter what if they didn't want people using the adr like they r then they shouldn't have put it in the game
  2. Chase Maks


    Pay to play gotta love it
  3. Chase Maks


    3rd persons the issue
  4. Chase Maks


    Not really just issues that are a real thing if I'm already aiming and go to walk thru a door way I should b able to shoot especially if I see my cross hairs with no red x that means nothing obstructing my guy sorry I dont camp in bushes like y'all and i actually fight people
  5. Chase Maks


    Shooting through closed windows also highly inaccurate what's the point on allowing it when 90 percent of your shots dont hit
  6. Chase Maks


    Oh let's not forget about the constant server connection issue and how it lags every time u go near barn or safe but let's add a bunch of crap instead of making the game run smoother smh money vultures I swear
  7. Chase Maks


    I love the game has great potential but have ran across many issues from random spots in the map u can get stuck on and not get free to not b able to shoot when u should ...for instance if your in a house and some one is let's say camping the safe upstairs if u were to try and pop the door way to shoot at him there is a big delay b4 u can shoot initially allowing the other person To play u out without any issue also have had problems of getting to close to someone and not letting me shoot and he is still able to so if I cant shoot u, u shouldn't b able to shoot me basically...I also find some guns with common rounds are mu h stronger than those with purple rounds that's shouldn't b the case since it takes longer to acquire said guns ...I'm mainly referring to the adr it is accurate but the power behind it is god awful ...i try to go to other guns but the recoil on them are also god awful u cant aim down sights what so ever or your guns going all over the place..there's also issues with distance shooting when your only 20 feet away your gun should not b that inaccurate regardless of down sights or over the shoulder since technically it's the same damn thing your character still shoulders the weapon I've had issues where I shoot at a guy and the room 2 feet away and my bullets go everywhere but him and no I'm not a bad shot I'm actually one of the better players that can wipe a map single handedly but it seems lately I been getting lucky headshotted more than dying by a real gun fight ...I cant count the amount of times if riddled a person just to have them turn and get 1 to 3 shots of and I'm dead or catch me on the run through the trees but when I actually try to aim for the head I seem to miss everything even though my cross hairs are dead on just certain mechanics in this games I horrendous..for now these are my main issues there should also b more upgrades for your cabin especially for your weapons who wants to wait 6 hours for a damn gun that's ridiculous it's bad enough the game is pay to play if u ever actually wanna do anything worth doing but yet the game would rather give u crafting time reduction for consumables that u dont even need to craft cause people bring them in like crazy so it's really a pointless upgrade at least until the started adding other stuff that really dont help u in the game at all
  8. Chase Maks

    ADR / P90 Nerf . Here me out

    Adr is hella weak compared to most guns I've tagged a guy 10 times I could tend each hit market also my buddy got a couple on him as well and there is no way he was able to get heal off I've also am a victim to lighting someone up getting lots of hits just to have then snap into a 180 faster than I can turn myself and I have high sensitivity and just one tap me like there is no way and hell that's possible
  9. Chase Maks

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    If mnk becomes a think I'll b done with the game for good I agree with someone else who stayed how people just seem to have a bit like skills and mnk would definitely have a big advantage over everyone I've literally shot a dude 6times just to have it 180 me n the head off a lucky spray kinda pisses u off
  10. Chase Maks

    Game crashes

    I'm in the us and it usually always gets me when I do really well and am about to get or have gotten. The drop it does it more so when I spend crowns and have a chance for a gold or better chest then it just straight up boots me and I usually lose out my gun and my crown that spent my hard earned money on just to have the game take it right back without a care in the world I've probably lost out on at least 50 bucks worth of crowns due to this game and never not once been compicated if they are going to make a pay to play game u should make sure shit like this doesnt happen
  11. Chase Maks

    Game crashes

    So if game crashes are gonna b a thing again since y'all wanna mess with the game instead of fixing bugs I'd like to b compensated for wasting 20 mins of my time and losing one my guns that take way to long to craft ...that would b great just glad I didn't waste crowns this time around not fun missing out on 1000s of xp cause u cant make a simple game run smooth enough to stay in ...rant over
  12. Chase Maks


    Re read the comment I meant water distillation but I wasnt on the game at the time and didn't know what it was called none the less it doenst even work properly I've been upgrading it and my guns still take the same time to craft
  13. Chase Maks


    So my crafting table that reduces crafting time is lol 10 my buddies is lvl 5 so why does his guns take just as long as mine do to craft my should b way down compared to his ..
  14. Chase Maks

    Back pack bug

    When laying down your back pack will float upwards making it easier to b spotted in shrubs
  15. Chase Maks

    cant loot people i kill

    U can it's just really hard to find the sweet spot since its have to b right over the box haven't had an issue lately