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  1. MajGen_Wolfpyre_

    Wear what you want

    Like i said i didnt do the edit I just compiled it so it is easier for others to use on their exile servers
  2. MajGen_Wolfpyre_

    Wear what you want

    Awesome code @pierremgi sadly it needs tweaking to work with ExileMod though. credit for the tweaking in this goes to AeoG | El'Rabito to make it work for ExileMod but i compiled it for easy implementation. Confirmed to work with all RHS and CUP uniforms here is the link if interested. Wear What You Want.zip
  3. Hey guys I need some help finding this error please: File Mpmissions__cur_mp.altis\config.cpp, line 1693: Config: '"' encountered instead of '{' It is NOT on line 1693 in Notepad++ and for the life of me i cannot find the error here is my config.cpp file. I hope someone can help me find the errors because i have been looking for hours. Thanks in advance! My Config File: My Config.cpp