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    Some Basic Game Mechanic Updates

    You would need a massive playerbase in order to implement a skill based matchmaking system. Since they already removed map selection because of the decreasing player numbers, it won't happen anytime. As for trading, no need to discuss HOW to implement trading since the devs clearly stated that they are not willing to add a trading system. I think the reason is that it would decrease the income from crown sales if players could trade for things they otherwise have to buy or grind for. In general i would not ask for any new features before all known bugs are fixed. Since there is obviously no playtesting before updates, new features would only bring more bugs to the game. Besides from that, the few devs working on vigor are very busy creating lots of useless cosmetic stuff for the next season battlepass, so taking player feedback into development has low priority.
  2. TuRb0235

    New Exploit

    Did one of them buy an insurance?
  3. TuRb0235

    What's up with Gewehr SG1?

    The whole system of having weapons doing more damage than others because they are purple instead of white makes no sense. A 5.56mm rifle bullet shot from a rifle length barrel does a certain amount of damage, no matter if its an M16 or an AUG. So why do we need 4 hits with M16 but only 3 from an AUG? Ofc the HBAR should do a bit more damage because of its longer barrel and therefor higher muzzle velocity. Btw, higher velocity does indeed cause more damage. Slow projectiles like .45 or 9mm leave a small hole behind them, no matter if they tumble or not, you can think of it like being stabbed (unless its a hollowpoint, but the don't go as far into the tissue), while a rifle projectile leaves a devastating wound cavity, ripping apart everything behind itself. Also the weapon classification is a bit ridiculous because the terms "rifle" and "assault rifle" are clearly defined. The G3 is clearly a rifle but classified as assault rifle, vice versa for the HBAR-T (which means Heavy Barrel Assault Rifle, with Telescopic sights). The definition of an assault rifle and even the meaning of this abbrevation being ignored is just laughable, putting G3 and G3 SG1 in different weapon classes even more. The G3 should be classified as rifle because it fires full power rifle cartridges (7.62x51 NATO) while assault rifles by definition fire intermediate cartridges (5.56x45 NATO or 7.62x39). In order to stick to definitions, G3 should be classified as "battle rifle", but that would require introduction of a new weapon class to set it apart from the SKS or Vz 52, which are semiauto only.
  4. TuRb0235

    Fix Challenges

    Guess what my challenges are today... right, its the exact same fkn sht as yesterday. 3, 5 and 10 glints. Feels like the game is showing me the middle finger. And its not going to be fixed since devs are busy finishing the next season content in time. Oh wait, you tought they extended season 2 for the players to finish their levels? Cmon...
  5. TuRb0235

    Bring back map select

    Seriously devs, bring back map selection. Where is the point of having different outfits and weapon skins if you cant use them to adapt to your environment. I purchased weapon skins worth hundrets of crowns which are now completely useless. This again feels like a slap in the face of players that support the game with hard currency. And as far as i noticed, it doesn't help avoiding teams in solo encounters.
  6. TuRb0235

    Fix Challenges

    Today i had "Use 3 fake glints", "Use 5 fake glints" and "Use 10 fake glints". Instantly removed all 3 of them because the rewards are crap. White crate for 10 fake glints, cmon thats ridiculous. 10 glints would cost me 21k materials and i already have 50% discount on consumables. Where in the world does a white crate make up for 21k or even 42k materials? Purple crate would be okay, maybe green crate for 5 glints and white crate for 3 glints. In addition to crappy rewards, a week ago i had the same set of glint challenges for 4 consecutive days which makes me afraid of getting this shit again tomorrow.
  7. TuRb0235

    Changelog 2.2

    Bring back map selection. Random map does NOT reduce teams in solo and it does NOT reduce wait times. Waiting times will become longer because people stop playing. Also if i choose to play a certain map, i know that it takes longer and i am fine with that. Don't take my right to choose for myself.
  8. TuRb0235

    Are gun skins permanent?

    Once unlocked, you can use them forever. You don't lose it if you lose the weapon.
  9. TuRb0235

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    It was announced that vigor will support mnk in the future, and thats why i got into playing vigor in first place. I am currently not playing, only collecting my resouces every other day because i am waiting for mnk support. I am coming from PC gaming and never got used to playing a shooter with controller and propably never will, so i think that long term controller players have an advantage over me. If they separate lobbies between mnk and controller users, i am fine with that. But i don't think it is "cheating" to use mnk. If you think mnk users have an advantage go ahead and get youself a mouse and a keyboard. Its only 30 or 40 bucks for a wireless mnk set that will do the job, i bet that's only a fraction of what many of us alredy threw at vigor. At this time everyone can possibly use mnk for vigor altough it is not implemented yet, you simply need an adapter and i am sure some people are using mnk in vigor. In other games your account can get banned if the game detects an mnk adapter, but that won't happen in vigor since the devs don't even care about solo teaming, which i, opposed to playing mnk, consider cheating. Again, mnk support was announced for vigor, and if they don't implement it, it's another slap in the face of the players that put tons of cash into that game.
  10. TuRb0235

    I need a devs answer

    Which means the devs don't care about cheating. They even encourage cheating by letting players quickly open other players profiles in the pre encounter screen. Btw, devs do not answer questions. They simply don't care for us players, which is totally obvious by now.
  11. TuRb0235

    Over saturated Gun Economy

    Not to mention that every time a player with insurance gets killed and looted, his guns are duplicated. And people are using this in duo encounters.
  12. TuRb0235

    Mouse and Keyboard on Xbox

    Maybe you are used to contoller aiming, but everyone who ever played shooters on PC will tell you that mouse aiming works way better than conroller. Mouse aiming is much more intuitive than stick aiming. Edit: Explanation is that when aiming/looking with mouse, every mouse movement translates to a view movement which is true to scale, while stick aiming requires timing and much more eye-hand-coordination. Hope that makes sense although my english isn't that brilliant.
  13. Fortunately my workbench is at max level already. I used to go for chemicals on batterie draug. You can find 1 or 2 boxes of em around the ponds, one box is usually at the campfire east of the ponds, one bottle a bit south, between the campfire and the small wooden bridge with the log on it. Also the flak outpost next to the parking lot usually has a box and a bottle. Then there are usually up to 3 boxes around the radio mast house, 1 on the crate where the comm station is located sometimes, on on the right in front of the handrail/fence thing and one on the opposite site of the house behind the stack of firewood. Also there is a box at the west exit and some single bottles like in the outhouse near south east exit and to the left of the entrance of adolf cannon 1 or 2 (not sure). Happy looting!
  14. TuRb0235

    List of team killers

    I am fed up with team killers, so i will make a list of them in this post. I know they can change their gamer tag, but hopefully this list will at least make some potential team killers think twice. I will try to edit names from replies into this starting post every now and then so you dont need to read all replies. Please only post intentional team killers, as we know this can also happen accidentally. LittolSkitz
  15. TuRb0235

    Ammo Equip adding way too much!

    But if i want to take only 60 rounds of 5.56mm i have to press the button 60 times... therefor a 10x option would be very useful in addition to the 1x/stack toggle.
  16. TuRb0235

    Ammo Equip adding way too much!

    Maybe just add 10 to the 1/stack quantity toggle. And make toggle available for unequip.
  17. TuRb0235

    Auto fire bug

    Its nothing but ridiculous. No fix, no answer from devs...
  18. TuRb0235

    Broken crafting after update XBL

    Got me 😉 But it's kinda significant that you had to go back 4 months to find a devs post, isn't it?
  19. TuRb0235

    Broken crafting after update XBL

    Lol, you really think devs care about anything thats written here? Did any dev post a reply to any post? Not that i know of... prove me wrong.
  20. TuRb0235

    Reimbursement for games fault?

    Quote: "I am sorry to inform you that we do not replace lost equipment." This was the answer when i asked for compensation after the insurance didn't work.
  21. I played an encounter on batterie and bought the insurance. Had an ADR and was killed while opening the airdrop. After going back to shelter all the loot was there but my ADR with 51 cartridges of ammo was missing. I asked support for compensation but they told me that they do not replace lost equipment. Since another player already reported that his crate booster didn't work, i highly recommend everyone to think twice before buying boosters/insurance or purchasing crowns in first place. If Amazon would not ship purchased items, it would be considered as scam, but i am propably not allowed to use this term in this case...
  22. I like the accurate gun models of Vigor but i just discovered 2 minor flaws in the model of the grease gun. First, the safety guard of the magazine release button is missing (a piece of sheet metal wrapped around the button to prevent it from being pushed accidently), second, the grease gun is actually an M3 but the rear sight that was used is from an M3A1. The correct rear sight should be not as beefy, just a bent piece of sheet metal. I am referring to a video of the great youtube channel "Forgotten Weapons" where Ian McCollum ("gun jesus") shows both the M3 and M3A1 and all the differences between them. This channel is a great source of information about firearms.
  23. TuRb0235


    It is especially annoying if you lose ammo that you cannot craft yet. The problem here is that all weapons are unloaded as soon as you leave an encounter and go back to your shelter. The unloaded ammo is then put back to your inventory, but if your backpack is already full, that ammo is lost. A simple way to prevent this from happening is to free up enough space in your inventory for the ammo that is loaded in your guns before you leave the encounter. Although this should be adressed by the devs, for example by not havig guns unloaded when leaving the encounter but unoading them when they are put into stash instead.