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  1. Sorry only just read you had an issue with Exad. Would have been able to help as we use it, glad you got it sorted though.
  2. Little tip, add mods and scripts one by one and test after each is added. That way you can pin point the one that is causing the issues, if you add lots at the same time it makes it harder. Glad it's sorted now anyway.
  3. What was the last scripts and mods you added to make it do this, the database looks like it loads ok from the rpt. Occupation is heavily logged in the rpt.
  4. No that's the one, where did you get the coordinates from for the buildings?
  5. Have you added those buildings classnames to the loot buildings file?
  6. I have a forked version taken from the original creator (Kuplion) https://github.com/Rampage77/Exile-Custom-Difficulty
  7. Razor1977

    Banned infistar,why?

    Did you delete the ban list in the profile folder, I think infistar puts one in there now and not the one that you see in the config area if you are renting a server. Also if you have anybody with Infistar who can get on the server there is a unban feature in the main menu.
  8. Razor1977

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Hi, I'm after a bit of advice, please. I am wondering if this addon would work on exile multiplayer servers as, I would like it to control the mission and roaming AI. If so how would I go about adding it to the server, is it just add to the server mod line and away we go? If it is as easy as that then my next question would be about changing any settings etc. I do run CBA and read it can be changed via CBA settings but im not sure how to add the settings to the menu or how to access these while in game. Sorry for the number questions. Thanks in advance.
  9. Razor1977

    Recruit AI

    Thanks @Thomas TKO will take a look, cheers
  10. Hi all I am looking for the recruit ai script that was on the original forums, wanting to add it to my servers. I cant find it at the moment, not sure if I remember correctly but does it basically use the deploy vehicle exad app? I am using that at the moment and looking at making it deploy a soldier too. Thanks in advance.
  11. The script posted above will work without exad, as the contributor suggested. Try that one. 👍
  12. Razor1977

    Arma 1.96 bugs in Exile

    Oh maybe then, my mistake. I read earlier that it was staying but perhaps not now by going on the hot fix notes.
  13. Razor1977

    Arma 1.96 bugs in Exile

    Think its here to stay so I have read.
  14. Razor1977

    Arma 1.96 bugs in Exile

    Where abouts are you putting the line in the description.txt, tried it and still no trader guys. Thanks
  15. Razor1977

    Arma 1.96 bugs in Exile

    Anybody got any issues with chernarus map at all.