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    Teaming in solo encounters - Spectating!

    Agreed; the teaming in solo happens far too often, to the point I wont play during slow hours. I enjoy seeing where my enemy was when I die, but I dont need to spectate them further.
  2. goombz

    Where's it headed?

    I feel your pain; I ended my season at Level 20 which certainly does not make it feel worth buying the battle pass. Hopefully they improve the appeal to play the game for people with full time jobs.
  3. goombz

    Disappearing crates

    Happened once the other day and I thought I was nuts but today I killed the crate-carrier again and after returning to the shelter, No Crate!
  4. Often times I find myself unable to exit through a window due to a trash bag or similar small item of the environment skewing my height so that I am too tall or short to initiate use of the climb-through function. Is the character supposed to experience heavy breathing with a quarter of the inventory full and/or while laying prone? Unsure if its a bug or if the developers have reasoning behind it. Is the latest addition to the crown store a bundle of weapons or weapon camos or weapon plans, etc? It is not clear with only a picture. Some form or deterrent against teaming in solos; maybe about 1 out of 4 games someone attempts to invite me to their xbox party when playing Solo and though I have no intent on unfair teaming, its still discouraging to know others are commonly attempting this procedure. I'm no game designer so idk if its possible to disable basic xbox functions such as party chat during Solo matchmaking but please look into this issue above all my other feedback.
  5. goombz

    Battery Draug

    The Pond waypoint is also a great source of Fertilizer at the time of typing this
  6. goombz

    Stamina Draining

    Upon starting the encounter, my stamina cap begins to lower until halfway; similar to radiation damage with the zig-zag pattern.
  7. goombz

    Stamina Draining

    Thank you!
  8. goombz

    Sprint, tackle, knife

    They did just tweak how the on-hand inventory affects your stamina and speed in the 1.1 update!
  9. goombz

    Fix the damn bush

    I just seen a comment from a dev 4months ago acknowledging the bush problem, yet it still exists. Am I wasting my time here or are they legitimately gonna fix this particular issue? I'm hopping off tonight and for the rest of the week too. I'm waiting until I see a headline stating the bush glitch is fixed. The staff is too stagnant for this to have gone on for so long.
  10. While using some weapons, most recently but not limited to the Suomi KP/-31, during a skirmish of running in circles and on/off shooting at each other; at one point we ran close enough to each other to initiate a melee swing, after which the gun was unable to fire. Instead of displaying the remaining ammo in the clip, it was replaced with a hyphen. If I tried firing, it would sometimes make a click sound when ADS, melee swing as if an enemy was directly in front of me, and once or twice it momentarily fired while aiming from the hip. I tried switching to my other weapon and back as well as holstering both weapons however the problem persisted. My other weapon worked fine. Hope this helps!
  11. goombz

    Nerfed antenna.

    I find it discouraging, hopefully they make up for it in some way. There's nothing ever exciting in the store yet however it's still the same price for the boosters in the match. Big update is due out in october but they're gonna streamline this nerf in right now. Not to mention, the $:crown:value ratio is pretty low-ball towards the consumer.
  12. Exited match after approximately 14mins, I was alive, I did not have the crate, Batterie Draug, Western exit, as it began the 10 second countdown I started to take radiation damage, I had about full health upon the start of the exit countdown, the crate holder had exited the same exit some 30sec earlier, returned to shelter as normal but equipped load out was the same as prior to the match and I had none of my newly acquired loot. Hope this helps!
  13. I'm playing Solo, hit Quick Play and then in the pregame booster screen with all the players, I see two out of the ten fellow players have a blue plus icon in the corner of their picture. Later in game these two players killed me and I proceeded to spectate this duo kill others, scoop the crate, and both escape with their lives. I haven't been able to find any official rules or game descriptions to explain how two people teamed up in Solo; is this allowed or is it a glitch, etc etc?