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    Shelter Customization Options

    After playing for a few games and upgrading my shelter, I thought to myself, what am I looting for?, I've already got enough stuff to upgrade everything, I'm just waiting hours for my upgrades to finish." Another addition would be sustaining your base. Fuel for generators, food and water to actually survive. If you run out of food/water at the shelter your character would go into games with decreased stamina/health, only having so much backpack space because your character is weak. Shaking hands because of dehydration/starvation. Give the game that survival aspect that is non existent at this stage. I'm not talking full on survival sim, but something for gamers who've reached a certain level still have something to play toward. Another addition would be the lootbox. The lootbox has the best stuff, but to get the best stuff, it needs to be upgraded before the match. But that takes coins, I've played maybe a handful of games where the box was blue, fewer still when it's purple of gold. Maybe instead of certain loot stuck in the gold box, make each tier present MORE loot. Keep the white a 3 piece but make the gold have like 7. OR have another way to upgrade the loot pre-match. Giving up resources that are in your stash to upgrade it before the match or even when your back at base, do kind of a sacrificial offering to have a chance of upgrading the loot.
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    people camping at exit spots

    I'll admit the first 5 games I played I spent the whole time wandering around the immediate area around the exit point getting my bearings. Didn't know anything about drops, locator or barred house. Short story long, first games I spent camping the exit waiting for the mouse to come to me rather than me chance the mouse. I've been on the receiving end of this strategy and I've found that if you just keep sprinting instead of fighting back, 90% of the time you'll be able to make it to the extraction zone successfully. Adapt and overcome.