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  1. Maybe check your MP missions cache? Short of that, write a script to dump object/model positions, and port over the scripts from known WL missions.
  2. Would it be possible to port the Spectrum Device class and its antennas, and maybe some of the most absolute bare-bones, minimum-necessary for the most absolute basic scripting systems, and let the community work out our own Contact-independent systems for our own specific needs until y'all can find an approach that untangles some of the mess and allows it to be fully integrated into Enoch? I'd rather spend some time hashing out my own alternatives for a few months rather than not have it until it's 100% Enoch-user friendly, if it ever will be. Hell, even if we just get the model ported to Enoch, I'd love to at least have it as a story prop or set-dressing in co-op operations with non-Contact owners.
  3. Our classic favorite: Trial and error! And yeah, I really wish there was an alternate icon for platform update items. Having all the DLC means I can't check what is and isn't available to free players when working on a mission, which is rather annoying.