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  1. I'm actually pretty neutral, emotionally wise, I couldn't really give a fuck if this mod is released tomorrow in in three years. My argument is just that it is stupid to throw such a hissy fit when people are inevitably disappointed when you get their hopes up for a release. Obviously when you give yourself a public deadline and then miss it, people are going to be disappointed because you got them excited for it. It's a little ridiculous to put all of the blame on the supporters that are disappointed. Just because the mod you are making is going to be released for free doesn't mean you are entitled to praise and it shouldn't mean that you can't be accountable for making a mistake that disappoints your supporters. As I said before, that is a good way to alienate your supporters and make an apathetic community. Part of the risk of releasing your content to the public is being criticized and risking disappointing your supporters, especially when you set self imposed deadlines. It's not so much about the emotions, I just think its stupid to put all of the blame on a handful of disappointed supporters and call them entitled when you are literally saying the developer is entitled to your praise just because what they are doing is for free. It's not only hypocritical but a pretty strawman argument to make. Hopefully you can understand my argument a little better. It's more about pointing out the hypocrisy of that specific tactic used to shut down so many "debates" on the forums and in other places and less about the actual release of specific mods.
  2. The only way you can ever achieve this would either be through totalitarian, 1984-esque, moderation on the forums where no one is allowed to display their emotion and you get punished for wrong think. Or if no one becomes excited or emotionally invested in any mods in the first place. It's ridiculous to think that you can have the good without the bad and that negative actions don't have negative consequences. Why would you even want that to begin with? If you suppress people for being disappointed eventually you are just going to get a community full of apathetic people that don't have any opinions and aren't supportive or excited towards mods since being excited opens you up for disappointment and since its not okay to be disappointed why would you even get excited and open yourself up to that? Yes it sucks to disappoint people and miss deadlines after working your ass off on a hobby project. People are going to respect you a lot more as a person and as a mod developer if you accept that as part of the risk of putting your work out to the public rather than trying to suppress peoples disappointment because they deem it as "rude and detrimental". I'd rather risk getting shit on by the community than not be respectable because I can't take criticism and disappointed supporters.
  3. First off, that's not self-entitlement. Being disappointed by a mod missing a release date for like the 3rd time after its been hyped up by the developer is not being self-entitled. I worded what I said very specifically and do not support people that just beg for mods to be released. Don't try to twist my words to suit your own arguments please. I never said that they aren't disappointed by missing a release date. I am sure that they are when so much of their free time gets put into it. Why does that mean the supporters should be faulted for being disappointed as well? Again why does this mean supporters can't be disappointed by a mod missing a release date? Why should mod developers be entitled to everyone's praise even when they repeatedly fail to make deadlines they set? As I said before, just because its free doesn't mean you are a saint or that you are entitled to peoples praise. Just because you are making something for free doesn't mean people can't be disappointed when you miss a self imposed deadline. People have emotion and supporters get invested into projects as well and to get pissed at disappointed supporters after the developer messed up a deadline is just dumb. How is this a bad thing? People see the quality work and effort that is put into a released project and they want to see their dream vehicle, gear, weapon, etc. done by that person since they believe it will have the same quality as the already released mod. Sure it might be annoying having to answer that all the time but to make it out to be a bad thing is just silly. Why would you not feel some sense of flattery that people respect your work enough that they want to see you do their dream mod? I don't think anyone here is arguing that its good to harp on mod devs to release something. If you believe that was what my argument was about then you need to re-read what I said. I was very carful with my words and I do not think its good to push a mod developer to release something. My entire argument is that its stupid to argue that supporters of a project can't be disappointed by a missed release date just because something is free and that its stupid to argue that because a project is free the developer is entitled to praise even after messing up.
  4. Because it shows you can't take their word? I've never understood why people use that as a way to shut down argument. Obviously free mods are just a hobby for everyone but even still, if its not done or close to being done why say it is and get all of your supporters hopes up? Just makes everything else you say after that have less weight. And why are we faulting people for being rightfully disappointed? Just because its a hobby doesn't mean you get a pass for missing self imposed deadlines and getting people's hopes up.
  5. LJH_1

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    It probably sticks out in that picture so bad because of the pretty extreme depth of field...
  6. LJH_1

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    My $20 in wardens wallet are assured of this
  7. If that is true then what he said right here is a blatant contradiction to that theory. No matter what way you slice it the mod was public and his statement saying it was a private mod when those pictures were posted is just factually wrong. This is false, as the reason you are not allowed to post is not that "your mod thread here is locked", but rather due to the in already in private discussed rule violations and the current investigation as described above.
  8. I don't really have a dog in this fight but this statement is just blatantly wrong. Like that's not even trying to be factually correct. They had a very public release on their subreddit several days before the false DMCA and even with the DMCA there was still a public download link on the USP subreddit that was very highly advertised on their reddit at the time the pictures were taken down. I don't mean to start shit but if you truly want people to not be confused about these rules it may be beneficial to do your research and fact check everything before enforcing these policies you have and also making public posts as to why you enforced a certain rule because when you give your reason as to why you enforced X rule and that reason turns out to be incorrect then it furthers the confusion and breaks the trust between the moderation on these forums and the community.
  9. That's not from this mod bud, that's from one of Yura's MH-60's in his mod.
  10. 2/5 SFG(A) is a relatively small unit that emulates US Army Special Forces, currently comprising of one ODA. In addition, we have a small detachment of rotary-wing Aviators from the 160th SOAR. Our unit is a very tight-knit group that takes operations seriously, however fun is our number one priority. Outside of game our forums and Teamspeak are very relaxed, and people are often on Teamspeak hanging out and playing other games. We have some milsim aspects however you are not required to call others by rank, call attention for officers, or anything like that. Our Operations are on Sundays at 1900 CST. We use mods like RHS, SMA, and ACE3, in addition to other mods compiled in a custom modpack. 2/5 SFG(A) is the right unit for you if you're looking to play with a small, tight-knit, dedicated group of guys whose number one priority in the game is to have fun in story driven operations. Teamspeak Info: IP: Password: 25ru Website: http://2-5sfg.net/index.php If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to message me here, make an account on our forums, or hop on our Teamspeak!
  11. A good 20x20 terrain depicting RC East Afghanistan. Sensible spots for villages with detailed FOB's and COP's and impressive mountain ranges that are not just the normal bare sand hills. Basically Lythium 2.woah but based on RC East rather than RC West.
  12. LJH_1

    Ace3 revive doesn’t work

    You have to turn AI unconsciousness on for AI not to die instantly.