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  1. A good 20x20 terrain depicting RC East Afghanistan. Sensible spots for villages with detailed FOB's and COP's and impressive mountain ranges that are not just the normal bare sand hills. Basically Lythium 2.woah but based on RC East rather than RC West.
  2. LJH_1

    Ace3 revive doesn’t work

    You have to turn AI unconsciousness on for AI not to die instantly.
  3. Weird flex but okay
  4. What's the plan if that protection is never created for mod developers? Kind of just spent a lot of time and money creating models for a private mod if it never gets released? Not trying to be disrespectful to this decision but from my point of view, the demand for these ripped models and such comes from a lack of them being present in both vanilla and in mod form and since the procedure for creating quality mods is so long and tedious for arma 3 people resort to ripping stuff. I feel like if there are quality mods that have been created that add much of the gear and features that ripped mods have the demand for those ripped mods is going to go down and not releasing quality mods, in my opinion, just adds to the problem you guys are trying to fight against.
  5. Sometimes you just need some tape. There are a lot of newer pics but this is an album I made like a year ago of opscores with 100mph tape. https://imgur.com/a/8iWw5MZ
  6. Are you guys planning on just pushing out the full mod first or are you gonna relace the full mod with the smaller "unit"-centric packs? Also a disturbing lack of AVS porn.
  7. LJH_1

    Sangin WIP

    Them walmart lines are no joke
  8. Will there be any villages or buildings on this map?