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  1. TheRealAscension

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Yeah it's totally busted. It's been barely functioning for a month now. Today I was especially pushy with it and finally got an actual message saying to email support@bistudio which I will do. I hope they actually fix it eventually, if this goes on for another month i'm actually going to be upset.
  2. As we all already know, zeus is able to manually use the Arsenal functionality in-game to give specific infantry units specific equipment and kits, which is good. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the zeus is unable to modify any values on vehicles. Many vehicles have a lot of variations with equipment like slat cages, or different Camo patterns. I am requesting that the "Zeus" mode in public servers gains an ingrained ability to go into the "Virtual Garage" when the zeus uses either the Arsenal module on a vehicle or a new type of module designed for vehicles. A lot of these assets are in the game but go completely unused, and it would allow for more creativity and game play value in-game.
  3. TheRealAscension

    Revert the arsenal "fix"!

    Yeah I'm down for that idea. I also understand why it was done, but unfortunately it was taken way too far in one direction, making it useless in pub zeus. Though I heard somewhere they heard our complaints and may offer some kind of fix in the near future.
  4. TheRealAscension

    Revert the arsenal "fix"!

    The newest addition to the Arma 3 Arsenal system has actually made it worse for a lot of people! I can't even load kits that have faction-only equipment. Arsenals and being able to load equipment form them in the form of load outs have become a rather essential part of any public zeus server. Please revert the changes you made to them, they are not benefiting the community at large.
  5. There are a few known issues with Public, Official Zeus servers (And also the overall zeus interface), that I hope can be addressed by developers: 1. (Semi-Significant, brought up a lot) The USS Liberty, or any static DLC Ship is impossible to spawn through the Zeus interface. This negatively impacts gameplay as an Official Zeus cannot expand upon the usage of DLC content. 2. (Significant) Server stability is extremely bad, with every server needing a full restart once every 3-4 hours or endure terrible performance and possible crashes. Nothing the Zeus does can fix performance at this point, no matter what is deleted. 3. (Minor) After a vehicle has been used by a player, the Zeus is unable to rotate it. 4. (Semi-Significant) There is no way (at least from what I've gathered), of effectively rotating an object so that it remains even with other objects. An option to rotate by specific degree amounts would be much appreciated. 5. (Significant) Vote kick requirements are way too extreme. It can be nearly impossible to kick griefers or well-known trolls if a few members of the server do not understand how to vote kick properly. Another solution that I propose is to have a better indicator of how to participate in the vote kick when it is started. 6. (Significant) There is no way for an admin to at least temporarily ban a certain player from rejoining the game. This means that especially determined griefers can continuously rejoin the game over and over in order to take up time from the game. A temporary ban option (from that specific server) would be highly appreciated. That's all I've got for now, there's more, but I cannot recall it all at this time. I will be making additional posts as more issues are discovered.