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    My one and only issue

    No thanks I'll take a hardcore mode with no HUD or emblem over my team mate any day. This forces people to actually communicate and play as a solid team which I believe so many if not almost all games suffer no a days. You don't have your mates in war running around with blue flags on their head lol.
  2. Steve Massey

    Character Reset at Launch

    Why should our characters be reset if we're paying for founders? You pay to play to help then make more content unless we are compensated in some way a reset when it goes f2p would be a little bs in my opinion
  3. So I picked up this game a few days ago and instantly fell in love with the heart pumping aspect of having to get out alive and hope someone is camping the exit. And I know this game is still in preview but hell that's why I'm about to mention things that would make this game set itself apart from any others! At least imo. First things first. As a survival game I believe there should be a an actual survival experience. Have the radiation as a game mode but also a long weather varient game mode. What I mean by this is that I would personally like to see craftable equips to survive harsh weather. That being said this would only apply to let's just say "survive the storm" game mode. This mode would include bears, wolfs, eagles that fly over head above dead bodies so you can watch them flock to where players have been killed. During the match all exits are closed for 15 minutes. For the first ten minutes weather is normal, giving time to collect resources and having the ability to chop wood to make fires. The rest of the game the weather will violently change starting from a light rain that can soak gear making it important to wear waterproof gear. The rain will then change to snow. Then a blizzard. During this blizzard wolfs are more likely to hunt in packs. Visibility is small and you must stay warm. Houses can be taken as a safe haven but the only way to craft fires is via fireplaces while indoors. The smoke given from the fireplace would show up on the map only for about 15 seconds per minute. This would give the opportunity to have others sneak to others safe haven while also possibly getting lost in the blizzard, freezing or making themselfs heard by fending off wolfs. Radiation would only set in after 45 minutes. The longer you last the better chance of rare loot. You have one flare gun to call in a chopper to imediate evac of items in inv to be able to take them out. (Only ten items). After this your inventory is all you get. Traps would also be a great addition to this game. The ability to catch someone in a trap while they suspend in air and have to cut themselfs down would be amazing or watching a grizzly be attracted to them also. Also. The ability to inflate or craft a small boat of some kind to get across water faster would be cool. Like I mentioned I know the game still has a way to go so I hope this game gets a great community with good ideas. Thanks