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  1. DanteMccloud

    All kills show as suicide?

    Exile has built in kill notification for players dying and such so no need for extra scripts to show death causes. I found the route kinda, it’s not a script. It’s a conflict with Exile and ACE. With ACE added in there is a conflict and when anything kills a zombie or player it just registered that they died and notes themself as the killer instead of whoever killed it. Oddly enough Sarge-Ai works perfectly when they die lol.
  2. DanteMccloud

    All kills show as suicide?

    I don’t think that script would help unless the messages contain debug I formation. I already know that a object is being killed and the server is registering it as the object is being killed by itself. It’s showing in RPT logs and in the in game side chat the messages I showed above. I don’t have a script that is doing it, likely just a setting that was changed somewhere that is causing it. update: figured it out. It had to do with my ACE3 medical integration into Exile
  3. Hello so I have a strange issue and i don’t know how or what I did to mess this up haha. everytime a player on my server kills anything it always registers as that unit killed itself I shoot and kill a zombie... ”ZombieA killed by ZombieA a player shoots and killed me... “Player DanteMcclous Killed DanteMccloud” etc etc, I’m not sure how I managed to mess something like that up or how to even begin going about fixing it. I’ve been looking all around and can’t find any information. Has anyone else encountered this or know how to fix it? Or any suggestions on where to begin?
  4. DanteMccloud


    I'm working on a "Support Mod" that allows for some extra customization of Ravage Zombies. I'm having some trouble finding all the Zombie Class list. I was looking for something similar to the below but at this point I'm not finding anything. Not sure if I'm overlooking the Ravage Zombie Class or If I'm just looking in the wrong spots haha. Does anything have them already, or could someone point me in the right location? ["ZombieC_man_polo_6_F"], ["ZombieC_man_p_fugitive_F"], ["ZombieC_man_w_worker_F"], ["ZombieC_scientist_F"] EDIT: Nevermind I found them "zombie_walker" "zombie_bolter" "zombie_runner"
  5. DanteMccloud


    I've not played with Zeus often enough neat lol.
  6. DanteMccloud


    It does has a Hit EH idk is using the Hit EH would work or if I should just create a sqf and have it called via the Init EH within the Zombie that could maybe work too. If I'm reading this code right the current is _damageRecieved divided by 10? so they should have a ton of health and to adjust we just alter the 10 to a number we want like 3 or 4 maybe.
  7. DanteMccloud


    if you run it from the initServer.sqf wouldn't it effect all DamageHandleing though an not just that of Zombies/Ai? I think to do it properly you'd have to run it from the Unit's Init file specifically, if you are wanting to keep it unit specific that is. (like only handleing zombie damage or Ai damage) could be wrong.
  8. DanteMccloud


    Yeah I’d be down to join. the mission we host on our server is definitely a custom coding project still in the works, with quite a few mods combined but the most notable is Exile + ACE3 (including medical) fully working + Ravage zombies + Dynamic missions and roaming Ai, combined with a few Quality of life things like Enhanced Movement (what zombie apocalypse is complete without some parkour haha), RHS packs, etc it’s pretty neat to see it all working in conjunction I’ll definitly post a link to the server when we are ready to open the doors to more testers. ^.^
  9. DanteMccloud


    I'll be sure to let you know when the mission is ready for further testing to the public so you can come play with us :D. Yes currently they die with 1 hit to the Torso. EDIT: Woo I got the Killed EH to work now to clean up the Zkilled script lol.
  10. DanteMccloud


    They are hosted on our Dedicated Server currently but since we don't have the finishing touches yet (still password locked for the testers and dev team) it's not ready for the public quite yet. Need to get Respect/Poptabs for Zombie kills still which is proving to be a pain, and deal with the easy to kill Zed/Ai problem :P haha. Once that is done I'm going to roll out the Class system so players can unlock Medic or Engineer class which will effect the way medical and auto repairs work for them. Everything for that is done just need to implement the last touches of that still. Which is a quick processes after the Reward step for zed is done. Looking at both opens Idk if either will work. Both adds items to the player which neither of these are items. I can possibly alter the script you linked to work for Exile respect and poptabs though.
  11. DanteMccloud


    I'm adding Respect and Poptabs. I've managed to get Exile+Ravage+ACE3 (and a few other neat mods) to work very fluidly together except for 2 major issues that is all that is left. Which is Increasing Zombie and AI HP a bit as 1 bullet to the torso kills them thanks to ACE3 which is an easy fix. The other being adding in Respect/Poptabs for kills. I have it working on the Ai just not on the Zombies. yet. I'll look at this and see if it will do what I need as it's not a co-op mission so I wanna make sure only the killer gets the reward not everyone that is online. thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I'll take a look at this and see if it will work thank you :)
  12. DanteMccloud


    hello I'm having some issues with the modules for this. I'm trying to add an eventHandler for the killed function and I notice in Editor the Module has the "Killed EH" section I'm just not sure what I need to put in there to make this work correctly. Basically I'm trying to have it call a separate SQF file that will add Score/Money to a player that killed a zombie. I have the below EventHandler which should work normally if I were to put it in the correct location within the PBO unfortunately I don't know which file exactly in the Ravage mod that would need this added or where in that file to drop it. At first I though fn_Zed_spawn but then looks like it actually would go in the init for the rvg_zed pbo .. any rate I gave up trying to figure out which file and where to put it and am trying to do it via the Killed EH in the editor. What would actually need to go into that Killed EH box in the Edit: Ambient Zombies Module to make it call a file upon the zombie being killed? Something similar to this I would think. _zombie addEventHandler ["Killed",{ [(_this select 0), (_this select 1)] execVM "zombie\ZKilled.sqf";}];
  13. DanteMccloud

    A3 Wounding System (AIS by Psycho)

    Anyone get this to work on Exile? I have followed the steps to implement it however no drag or stabilize or revive functions appear on downed Ai or players, and when players are downed they don't roll around in an injured state they simply flop. EDIT: NVM eventually got it working but decided to swap over to ACE3 instead