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  1. rdme

    BMR Insurgency

    @Normal Norm there is a mission parameter you can change for this, 'Enemy AI Spawn Trigger Distance' which is under ::Opposing Forces Spawn Settings:: @bodybaq Jig is working on a Livonia version, should be out any day now.
  2. no new files for me as yet, shows successfully updated but no GM folder. update not pushed to steam yet? I suspect the client mod will work on there but, don't really want to be uploading ~20gb to the server from client
  3. rdme

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Have had this issue on several servers both vanilla and modded. Vanilla Servers: A fresh install, following troubleshooting tips listed above, using A3BRANCH=233780 -beta has eliminated any further Session Lost errors. Modded Servers: as above plus removing mods that have a shared bikey, if the client or server loads with two mods that share a bikey = Session Lost. This worked for me and the modsets that our group uses, your results may vary.
  4. @Tankbuster is this a modification of phronk's script or something different you have put together? either way i'd like to have a look if you're willing to share, always keen on comparing scripts and weighing up efficiency vs effect.