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  1. Hello everyone: I need help deciphering what I am doing wrong when setting up my new balaclava. I already made several new textures for the vanilla arma3 balaclavas previously without problems. class CfgPatches { class TCGM_BanBal01 { units[]={}; weapons[]= { "TCGM_BalaclavaTI_JapR", "TCGM_BalaclavaTI_Skul", "TCGM_BalaclavaTI_SkulArdiDig" }; requiredVersion=0.1; requiredAddons[]={"A3_Characters_F"}; author="TCGM"; }; }; class CfgGlasses { class None; class TCGM_BalaclavaTI_JapR: None { author="TCGM"; _generalMacro="TCGM_BalaclavaTI_JapR"; scope=2; scopeCurator=2; scopeArsenal=2; displayName="$STR_TCGM_BB1SBHanRed"; faction="TCGM_SF"; model="\A3\Characters_F_Exp\BLUFOR\G_Balaclava_TI_F.p3d"; picture="\TCGM_BanBal01\Textures\ui\TCGM_icon_G_Balaclava_TI_M_blk_F_ca.paa"; hiddenSelections[]= { "camo" }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "\TCGM_BanBal01\Textures\BtiTCGM\TCGM_Balaclava_TI_JapR_co.paa" }; identityTypes[]={}; mass=6; }; class TCGM_BalaclavaTI_Skul: TCGM_BalaclavaTI_JapR { author="TCGM"; _generalMacro="TCGM_BalaclavaTI_Skul"; displayName="$STR_TCGM_BB1SBSkBlk"; faction="TCGM_SF"; picture="\TCGM_BanBal01\Textures\ui\TCGM_icon_G_Balaclava_TI_M_blk_F_ca.paa"; hiddenSelections[]= { "camo" }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "\TCGM_BanBal01\Textures\BtiTCGM\TCGM_Balaclava_TI_Skul_co.paa" }; }; class TCGM_BalaclavaTI_SkulArdiDig: TCGM_BalaclavaTI_JapR { author="TCGM"; _generalMacro="TCGM_BalaclavaTI_SkulAridDig"; displayName="$STR_TCGM_BB1SBSkDigAr"; faction="TCGM_SF"; picture="\TCGM_BanBal01\Textures\ui\TCGM_icon_G_Balaclava_TI_M_hex_F_ca.paa"; hiddenSelections[]= { "camo" }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "\TCGM_BanBal01\Textures\BtiTCGM\TCGM_Balaclava_TI_SkulHex_co.paa" }; }; }; Now I am starting to make my own models and have been successful in virtually the entire process... I have the new balaclava in the game working properly, with the default texture that I have embedded in the model. But I could not add a second texture as I did with vanilla balaclavas before. A second balaclava appears in the game but with the same texture as the first. class CfgPatches { class TCGM_BanBal02 { units[]={}; weapons[]= { "TCGM_Balaclava_Blk_Scrp" "TCGM_Balaclava_Blk_NoMask", }; requiredVersion=0.1; requiredAddons[]={"A3_Characters_F"}; author="TCGM"; }; }; class CfgGlasses { class None; class TCGM_Balaclava_Blk_Scrp: None { author="TCGM"; _generalMacro="TCGM_Balaclava_Blk_Scrp"; scope=2; scopeCurator=2; scopeArsenal=2; displayName="$STR_TCGM_BB1SBBlkScrp"; model="\TCGM_BanBal01\Models\TCGM_Balaclava_Blk_Scrp.p3d"; picture="\TCGM_BanBal01\Textures\ui\TCGM_icon_G_Balaclava_TI_M_blk_F_ca.paa"; hiddenSelections[]= { "camo" }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "\TCGM_BanBal01\Textures\BalTCGM\TCGM_Balaclava_Blk_Scrp_co.paa" }; identityTypes[]={}; mass = 7; faction="TCGM_SF"; }; class TCGM_Balaclava_Blk_NoMask: TCGM_Balaclava_Blk_Scrp { author="TCGM"; _generalMacro="TCGM_Balaclava_Blk_NoMask"; displayName="$STR_TCGM_BB1SBBlk"; picture="\TCGM_BanBal01\Textures\ui\TCGM_icon_G_Balaclava_TI_M_blk_F_ca.paa"; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "\TCGM_BanBal01\Textures\BalTCGM\TCGM_Balaclava_Blk_co.paa" }; identityTypes[]={}; mass = 7; }; }; I made my model in blender from scratch, configured the texture and materials there and exported the work to the p3d format. https://imgur.com/RjPv1Za In Object Builder I added some LOD (level of detail) layers, like "Geometry" and I add the property "autocenter" with value "0" https://imgur.com/vfWnuKh I am sure there has to be a way to add a new balaclava using the same model with a new texture... Because I did it with the vanilla ones. Here is my file of model materials. TCGM_Balaclava_Blk_Scrp.rvmat class StageTI { texture="#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,0)"; }; ambient[]={1,1,1,1}; diffuse[]={1,1,1,1}; forcedDiffuse[]={0,0,0,0}; emmisive[]={0,0,0,1}; specular[]={0.1,0.1,0.1,1}; specularPower=20; PixelShaderID="Super"; VertexShaderID="Super"; class Stage1 { texture="TCGM_BanBal01\Textures\BalTCGM\TCGM_Balaclava_Blk_Scrp_nohq.paa"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={1,0,0}; up[]={0,1,0}; dir[]={0,0,0}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; class Stage2 { texture="#(argb,8,8,3)color(0.5,0.5,0.5,1,DT)"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={1,0,0}; up[]={0,1,0}; dir[]={0,0,0}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; class Stage3 { texture="#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,0,MC)"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={1,0,0}; up[]={0,1,0}; dir[]={0,0,0}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; class Stage4 { texture="TCGM_BanBal01\Textures\BalTCGM\TCGM_Balaclava_Blk_Scrp_as.paa"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={1,0,0}; up[]={0,1,0}; dir[]={0,0,0}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; class Stage5 { texture="TCGM_BanBal01\Textures\BalTCGM\TCGM_Balaclava_Blk_Scrp_smdi.paa"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={1,0,0}; up[]={0,1,0}; dir[]={0,0,0}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; class Stage6 { texture="#(ai,64,64,1)fresnel(2,0.5)"; uvSource="none"; }; class Stage7 { texture="a3\data_f\env_land_ca.paa"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={1,0,0}; up[]={0,1,0}; dir[]={0,0,0}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; Here is my "model.cfg" file class CfgSkeletons { class Default { isDiscrete = 1; skeletonInherit = ""; skeletonBones[] = {}; }; class OFP2_ManSkeleton { isDiscrete = 0; skeletonInherit = ""; skeletonBones[] = { "Pelvis","", "Spine","Pelvis", "Spine1","Spine", "Spine2","Spine1", "Spine3","Spine2", "Camera","Pelvis", "weapon","Spine1", "launcher","Spine1", // Head skeleton in hierarchy "neck","Spine3", "neck1","neck", "head","neck1", // New facial features "Face_Hub","head", "Face_Jawbone","Face_Hub", "Face_Jowl","Face_Jawbone", "Face_chopRight","Face_Jawbone", "Face_chopLeft","Face_Jawbone", "Face_LipLowerMiddle","Face_Jawbone", "Face_LipLowerLeft","Face_Jawbone", "Face_LipLowerRight","Face_Jawbone", "Face_Chin","Face_Jawbone", "Face_Tongue","Face_Jawbone", "Face_CornerRight","Face_Hub", "Face_CheekSideRight","Face_CornerRight", "Face_CornerLeft","Face_Hub", "Face_CheekSideLeft","Face_CornerLeft", "Face_CheekFrontRight","Face_Hub", "Face_CheekFrontLeft","Face_Hub", "Face_CheekUpperRight","Face_Hub", "Face_CheekUpperLeft","Face_Hub", "Face_LipUpperMiddle","Face_Hub", "Face_LipUpperRight","Face_Hub", "Face_LipUpperLeft","Face_Hub", "Face_NostrilRight","Face_Hub", "Face_NostrilLeft","Face_Hub", "Face_Forehead","Face_Hub", "Face_BrowFrontRight","Face_Forehead", "Face_BrowFrontLeft","Face_Forehead", "Face_BrowMiddle","Face_Forehead", "Face_BrowSideRight","Face_Forehead", "Face_BrowSideLeft","Face_Forehead", "Face_Eyelids","Face_Hub", "Face_EyelidUpperRight","Face_Hub", "Face_EyelidUpperLeft","Face_Hub", "Face_EyelidLowerRight","Face_Hub", "Face_EyelidLowerLeft","Face_Hub", "EyeLeft","Face_Hub", "EyeRight","Face_Hub", // Left upper side "LeftShoulder","Spine3", "LeftArm","LeftShoulder", "LeftArmRoll","LeftArm", "LeftForeArm","LeftArmRoll", "LeftForeArmRoll","LeftForeArm", "LeftHand","LeftForeArmRoll", "LeftHandRing","LeftHand", "LeftHandRing1","LeftHandRing", "LeftHandRing2","LeftHandRing1", "LeftHandRing3","LeftHandRing2", "LeftHandPinky1","LeftHandRing", "LeftHandPinky2","LeftHandPinky1", "LeftHandPinky3","LeftHandPinky2", "LeftHandMiddle1","LeftHand", "LeftHandMiddle2","LeftHandMiddle1", "LeftHandMiddle3","LeftHandMiddle2", "LeftHandIndex1","LeftHand", "LeftHandIndex2","LeftHandIndex1", "LeftHandIndex3","LeftHandIndex2", "LeftHandThumb1","LeftHand", "LeftHandThumb2","LeftHandThumb1", "LeftHandThumb3","LeftHandThumb2", // Right upper side "RightShoulder","Spine3", "RightArm","RightShoulder", "RightArmRoll","RightArm", "RightForeArm","RightArmRoll", "RightForeArmRoll","RightForeArm", "RightHand","RightForeArmRoll", "RightHandRing","RightHand", "RightHandRing1","RightHandRing", "RightHandRing2","RightHandRing1", "RightHandRing3","RightHandRing2", "RightHandPinky1","RightHandRing", "RightHandPinky2","RightHandPinky1", "RightHandPinky3","RightHandPinky2", "RightHandMiddle1","RightHand", "RightHandMiddle2","RightHandMiddle1", "RightHandMiddle3","RightHandMiddle2", "RightHandIndex1","RightHand", "RightHandIndex2","RightHandIndex1", "RightHandIndex3","RightHandIndex2", "RightHandThumb1","RightHand", "RightHandThumb2","RightHandThumb1", "RightHandThumb3","RightHandThumb2", // Left lower side "LeftUpLeg","Pelvis", "LeftUpLegRoll","LeftUpLeg", "LeftLeg","LeftUpLegRoll", "LeftLegRoll","LeftLeg", "LeftFoot","LeftLegRoll", "LeftToeBase","LeftFoot", // Right lower side "RightUpLeg","Pelvis", "RightUpLegRoll","RightUpLeg", "RightLeg","RightUpLegRoll", "RightLegRoll","RightLeg", "RightFoot","RightLegRoll", "RightToeBase","RightFoot" }; // location of pivot points (local axes) for hierarchical animation pivotsModel="A3\anims_f\data\skeleton\SkeletonPivots.p3d"; }; }; class CfgModels { class Default { sectionsInherit=""; sections[] = {}; skeletonName = ""; }; class ArmaMan: Default { htMin = 60; // Minimum half-cooling time (in seconds) htMax = 1800; // Maximum half-cooling time (in seconds) afMax = 30; // Maximum temperature in case the model is alive (in celsius) mfMax = 0; // Maximum temperature when the model is moving (in celsius) mFact = 1; // Metabolism factor - number from interval <0, 1> (0 - metabolism has no influence, 1 - metabolism has full influence (no other temperature source will be considered)). tBody = 37; // Metabolism temperature of the model (in celsius) sections[] = { "osobnost","Head_Injury","Body_Injury","l_leg_injury","l_arm_injury","r_arm_injury","r_leg_injury", "injury_body", "injury_legs", "injury_hands", "clan","clan_sign","Camo","CamoB","Camo1","Camo2","personality","hl", "injury_head", "insignia", "ghillie_hide" }; skeletonName = "OFP2_ManSkeleton"; }; class TCGM_Balaclava_Blk_Scrp: ArmaMan { sections[] = { "camo" }; }; }; Please Help me to find the solution. Thanks. https://imgur.com/bIXaasm
  2. I have created a new model with Blender and I have been able to successfully convert it into an Arma3 object that can be selected from the virtual arsenal without any problem in the "Facewear" section (a cosplay accessory). I also made a new face skin that can be selected from the full arsenal in the "Face" section. The two objects are configured correctly one in the "class CfgGlasses" section and the other in the "class CfgFaces" section. All of that works fine. But what I need is that when I select in the "Virtual Arsenal" the object I made in the "Facewear" section, the character's face automatically changes and the skin I made becomes active. Can someone think of how to do this, without creating a new head on Blender from scratch? Perhaps some script that when registering that _player is wearing class "my_facewear" activates the class "my_face" with the skin I made on the face. I think it's probably something obvious what I say. But I don't have any clue as to where to start with this. Please, I need someone to help me with this idea. Thank you.
  3. Hello Bohemia Interactive friends. I've been making a new uniform, some heads and other accessories for female characters in Blender. My idea is to make them as similar to the ones that already exist in the game so that differences with the other soldiers are not seen at first glance. A fundamental part of this has been linking my model to the vanilla textures in the game, as they are not included in my mod and I do not intend to claim any copyright on the textures of the uniforms. Of course I'll clarify that in the Steam workshop post. I am interested to know if this methodology is allowed by you or if it is mandatory that I make my own textures from scratch. Thank you. TCGM_Girls Steam Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2261045061
  4. Any Vertex group you have configured on your model... for example one called "MyCamoSelection1" or "camo" (like is by default), linked with the rvmat "a3\weapons_f_beta\launchers\titan\data\mirror.rvmat" will have crome texture on it.
  5. Thanks... Thank you so much gentleman @Mr H.. That was exactly what I was missing. Now I can add as many additional textures as I want.... You have given me the final piece of the puzzle. And Mr @EO You give me another important piece too. This is SOLVED!!!
  6. Maybe not... Do you see all the pictures on the links I post? If the Arma 3 plug-in for Blender did not do so automatically at some time. Then I don't have it. Do you know how to do it? Or should it be done with the Object Builder?
  7. Can you helpme with that?? I add my "model.cfg" file on the post... And I add the "camo" on "sections" Then I test it again but I still see two balaclavas with the same texture on the game. What should I add? What am i missing?
  8. The problem of incompatibility with the MRH Satellite mod only happens when I am not using the ACE3. With the interaction menu of the ACE3 everything works fine.
  9. The problem of incompatibility with the Dagger Sniper Mod only happens when I am not using the ACE3. With the interaction menu of the ACE3 everything works fine.
  10. Wow!!! That looks Fantastic!!! I want to tryet too 🤩
  11. I have tried all rounds of flare and smoke of all colors and none works with any rifle as zipline. I only have your mod that I downloaded from Armaholic and CBA3. I Also have your ammunition on my backpack and still can't do the zipline thing. What am I doing wrong?😟
  12. Thanks for your answer ... I discovered your mod a few days ago and I am fascinated. The level of detail you have put in is very good. Congratulations. The small antenna and the other accessories are really good. I started creating missions to play with my friends and from now on our bases there is always a command center to control the satellite that you have brought to the game. Thank you. I read in a publication that some players have had problems and I think I understand that you are trying to correct them. So I would like to collaborate informing you about a conflict that I found with the mod called Dagger Sniper Mod (a beautiful mod full of ghillie suits, weapons, scopes, etc.). The problem is that when I reload the Dagger Sniper Mod in a mission that includes the control center, the console through which I communicate with the satellite, stops working. Surely something in your mod and Dagger's is in conflict. I already sent Dagger a message about this problem to see if any of you can solve it. I hope you find the time to see what happened. Thank you.
  13. First of all I must say that your Dagger Sniper Mod is amazing. The new ghillie options for uniforms and for weapons are beautiful and very useful. Thank you. Now I also put to your consideration a compatibility problem that I found with the MRH Satellite mod (a mod that is also very good and adds a satellite, a portable system to connect with it from any position and other objects that help with communication between users and the satellite). When I charge Dagger Sniper Mod in a mission that includes a control center for the satellite, the console through which contact is made with the satellite, stops working. Surely something in your mod and Mr. H are on conflict. I will take the trouble to also inform Mr H. of this problem to see if either of the two manages to solve it. Again thank you very much.
  14. Your Satelite mod disable map markers?
  15. This is the Rifle I use. (Weapon_arifle_TRG21_GL_F) As you can see here I cant use the [FOX] Zipline grenade Your mod works with Arma3 v1.80? Or only with the new one? 🤔 For test it I only use your mod "[FOX] Advanced Urban Zipline" and "Community Base addons A3" It seems that your ammunition is not related to the rifle at this momment
  16. Thanks for this fantastic mod. But for some reason I can not load the grenade into the rifle ... I have the grenade in my backpack and the rifle in my hands and it does not recharge.
  17. TCGM

    LIFTER for ArmA 3

    Thanks for continuing to update this fantastic mod.
  18. Hi guys. I am trying to add a new option to the mouse wheel menu, but I want it to be activated only if I have any handgun and if I do not have any the option does not shows at all. Everything works well, but I need it to only works if I have the handgun. This is what i have now: And of course at this moment works with or with out the handgun. player addaction ["<t color='#FF0000'>Shoot as Rich Texan</t>","AirShoot.sqf"]; Te script on "AirShoot.sqf" file works great. Please help. Thanks.
  19. @Grumpy Old Man: I think I already solved it ... I used the second code that you sent me and I simply removed a part. It seems that everything works exactly as I need it ... Thank you very much. player addAction ["<t color='#FF0000'>Shoot as Rich Texan</t>", "AirShoot.sqf", nil, 1.5, true, true, "", "objectParent _target isEqualTo objNull AND handgunWeapon _target !=''"];
  20. It would be perfect if the menu option could be activated only if the player is not in a vehicle and has a handgun but does not have it in his hand. Can have a rifle as current weapon because I can add a transition animation so he hang the rifle on his shoulder before my animation starts. Thanks again.
  21. Yes, the script executes an animation. Well guessed. Your script works perfectly, but only when the weapon is in my hand, since the animation starts with the sheathed weapon, could you help me activate the menu with the sheathed weapon? Thanks.
  22. Tested ... This is the error that appeared. '...ns\ShootAsRichTexan.VR\init.sqf" Player |#|addAction ["<t color='#FF0000'>Shoot as ...' Error Type Bool, Espected String File X:\XXXX\missions\ShootAsRichTexan.VR\init.sqf, line 1 Where init.sqf is the file with the addAction code that you sent me. Thank you. Next test?